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10/13/2012 - Scott Kelby Photowalk - Tempe, AZ

taco-overlord replied to your photo

Is that from 83? It looks like her hair from 79, not the fluffy abomination from the Wrap Your Arms Around Me era. (Read: does god truly exist?)

Now that you mention it, yeah, her hair does look like the way it did in 1979, but it also looks like the way she had it in early 1980…

Here is the way she had it in 1983 while recording Wrap Your Arms Around Me. :P

Now I’m stumped as to what year the picture is from.  :P

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For some reason, this week has been just a dumpy week. I feel dumpy, work was dumpy, eating was meh, and workouts didn’t feel good. That’s okay! It’s Fly-Day for us consultants - if the weather holds up. It’s day’s like today where I just have to accept that I can’t win them all, and I just have to keep trying.

I have a very trying co-worker right now, she’s driving my patience and my nerves up the wall. Being condescending at all times of the day is just wearing down on my good moods. I didn’t sleep much or workout as hard as I wanted to this week, both are correlated of course. We’ve got the 4th of July weekend coming up though! Tomorrow will be the first day, in over a month, that I haven’t set an alarm to get up - including the weekends.

I figured to try to raise my spirit I would pack a good breakfast/lunch for today. Fresh fruit salad, grilled chicken breast and peppers with a fresh corn tortilla - tomatoes, lettuce and onion, home-made guac (recipe below), fresh green-beans and grapes! I have meals prepped for next week: Homemade Pesto Pasta with Tomatoes (Ready to bake!), Paleo Sloppy Joe leftovers with Zucchini Noodles for Monday, Chicken Jambalaya and lots of stuff for salads. I like being organized, in case you can’t tell, lists make me happy, my planner makes my heart sing, cleaning is like meditation.

Let’s kick off this Holiday Weekend with a big Bang Red White and Blue! I want to try making a Red, White and Blue Tart this weekend so I will hopefully have pictures for that later.

Papa P’s Guac Recipe (my father):

  • 3 - Avocados
  • ½ Chopped (not minced) White Onion (or red)
  • 1-2 Tomatoes chopped (about 2/3 C)
  • 1-2 Cloves Garlic minced (1 Large Clove or 2 smaller)
  • ½ Large Lime, juiced
  • Salt to Taste
  1. Mince Garlic and place into a small cup, add lime juice and salt - let this sit as you prep everything else.
  2. Chop all your veggies.
  3. Slide open avacodoes and cut into a grid before scooping into your bowl. Mash lightly with a fork.
  4. Add onion and tomatoes. Stir to incorporate. Add lime juice/garlic and stir through.
  5. ENJOY! EAT!

a-game and her now husband got married this weekend and wow was it fun. first and foremost, the ceremony was so heartfelt and sweet and perfect for the two of them. secondly, the whole san francisco crew was in town and we had the best time eating our way through town, singing karaoke, and getting generally ridiculous all weekend (t-bag stayed with us for a few nights and it was just so very lovely). and third, the wedding was as unique and thoughtful as the couple. they were lifted out of the ceremony on a red moon crane, there was a secret bourbon tent, gigantic swings hanging from the ceiling, the best photo booth ever (evidence above), tacos and tamales, late night pizza, nuns and bears and other various characters running around, drinks that were served from weird bike contraptions that had things rigged onto them that poured the champagne or wine or whatever directly into your glass as someone pedaled slowly, a brass band that played “the final countdown” as a-game and her husband ran victoriously through a heart (an anatomical one, that is) with their names on it, friend missions (you were given missions to find individual people and do something specific with them [i got shanked and was awarded the highly competitive unofficial official queen of honor fellowship prize; matt was asked to freestyle much like he did in middle school]), a compli-gram man (you could send anonymous compliments to people through him), and the list goes on. we closed out the night at the skylark and all woke up pretty hungover and exhausted and buzzing from all the fun. 

a-game and her man are headed out soon on a 4-6 week roadtrip/honeymoon. they will buy a small piece of land on a to-be-determined mountain and build (with their own hands) a tiny little home that will be a destination for them for the rest of their lives. the guestbook at the wedding was a beam of wood that will be in the foundation of their home. how’s that for a pretty kickass start to a marriage.