Vechnost Gelios Solnechny Triumf - “Sunny”

This dog gave me goosebumps like hardly any Afghan before and I couldn’t take my eyes of him. These are photos of him in the ring, but the next day I captured him being gorgeous on the beach as well. He lives in Russia. 

He has famous Am Multi Ch Pahlavi Puttin’ on the Ritz - “Taco” in his pedigree and even after so many generations you can still see the family resemblance 

This is Taco (photo from Darumas Afghans website): 

Free Time | Tiffany Fluff

Anon: can u do an snsd scenario where youre a model under sm and they want to date you but your schedule is too busy, but they’re persistent and they keep trying do be with you and you date them in the end. could this be with either tiffany, sooyoung, or yuri please

a/n: I’ve been having Tiffany feels lately so I picked her hehe. And I hope you enjoy this ~

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Tiffany is told every day that she’s beautiful, so much so that the words have lost their meaning. She’s learned to smile politely, to act modest as interviewers, management, staff and even her group mates compliment her looks. Of course, compliments are always flattering, no matter how many times you hear them, but they do loose their power. Her heart no longer stutters at those words and instead she finds herself thinking ‘I may be beautiful but not as beautiful as Y/N.’

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Took one of my favorite photos ever, made money, ate Taco Bell, confirmed a summer tour, saw pals, drank beer, ate a bagel, and drove around today. Not bad. 


Things that are making me happy today: a compilation of some of the tags with which people have responded to the photo of Oliver being a taco.