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Valentine’s Day fluff masquerading as 12.11 coda fic. Enjoy!

3.8k, ao3

They stop in Salina on their way home from Eureka Springs. It’s still too far from the bunker to bother picking up groceries. Ice cream would be a lost cause by the time they got it into a freezer, but for the sheer sake of variety some of the big box stores in Salina offers both novelty and a conveniently timed pit stop in the seven hour drive home. The traumatic loss of and subsequent regaining of his memories over the last couple of days has left Dean feeling a little too shaky to drive straight through.

Not to mention he really needs to get a new phone. It sucks to keep borrowing Sam’s just to check in with Cas, who insisted on regular updates once Dean had finally told him what had happened. Just in case he suffered a relapse, or any other side effects of being both cursed and cured by witchcraft in the span of twenty-four hours. If he can’t be home already, replacing his phone feels like a good start. He hopes has hasn’t lost all the pictures on his crushed phone, the ones he hasn’t had a chance to back up on his laptop back at the bunker. He should really do that more often, he thinks. Losing his memories has given him an entirely new perspective on things like that.

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Ivan Mackerle (March 1942 - 3 January 2013) was a Czech Cryptozoologist that authored many books and magazine articles throughout his life. Mackerle investigated cryptozoological mysteries from all over the world including the thylacine, the Tatzelwurm, and the Loch Ness Monster. However, what he searched for with the most passion was the Mongolian Death Worm. Mackerle gathered enough data, photos and interviews about the Mongolian Death Worm that he was able to compile them into a documentary in 1993. It was aired on Czech public television and was titled The Sand Monster Mystery. He first brought the Worm to Western attention in 1994 in a World Explorer article. 

Hanna was given another turn in the game because she found out Lucas was Charlotte’s friend. 

This will buy Lucas some time to formulate a response for when Hanna starts asking questions.

The Game shuffled through all of their photos, analyzed the data, and picked Hanna because she’s the best strategic pick for A.D. at present time. 

I don’t think the Game is being remotely controlled by a human. Like Ali said, “it’s deciding.” It’s playing 3D chess. There really is an artificial intelligence design behind it. 

Lífter database

Hey guys, just thought you’d like to know that in addition to the lïfter lists that have been floating around recently, a few antis have compiled a “lïfter database.” It’s meant to include not only names but DATA TAKEN FROM PHOTOS, level of involvement, overall haul totals, etc.
It might be worth checking it out, particularly if they’ve posted the photo data they might have from you:

How To Not Be A Cop

After composing this series of tweets, a friend has asked me to put together a blog post on how to document a demonstration without incriminating its participants.

It is common knowledge that photos and videos of people’s faces may be used by agents of the state to identify, and thus implicate individuals in criminal investigations. To thwart this identification process, many protesters opt to wear masks, and many photographers and videographers take care not to include faces in their documentation. While a good first step, this is not sufficient to prevent law enforcement from using your photos and videos to identify, and thus prosecute, protesters.

Biometric identifiers, which are distinct characteristics/traits that may be used to distinguish (and thus identify) individuals, expand far beyond unmasked faces. Some other metrics by which people may be identified include their build, the shape of their eyes and/or ears, the size of their hands and/or feet, their posture, their gait, their voice, and their speech patterns. Additional identifiers may include a person’s attire (clothing, shoes, bags, etc.), piercings, visible tattoos, and scars.

Where this gets complicated is, even if you, personally, do not capture a single face, your camera is never the only camera present. If you capture a distinguishing feature of any kind in an image or video of windows being broken or walls being spray painted, that can be cross-referenced with other footage of the crowd, and used to single out and identify suspects.

A hand with a tattoo on it clutching a hammer as a window shatters, or a sneaker with a pink midsole being captured kicking a police car may be the only thing needed to poke through footage from security cameras as the crowd passed by, high-resolution wide-angle shots of the crowd taken by journalists, or any other source of data that may have captured bits of the action.

To this end, if you care about documentation without incrimination, it is generally best practice to make sure that you do not capture any human body parts in your documentation of bonfires, broken windows, spray-painted walls, or torched police cars. This includes people’s backs, miscellaneous limbs, and reflections caught in windows.

Additionally, if you DO capture human bits in your images or videos, it is a good idea to blur those details, using ObscuraCam or a similar tool, to the point of being indistinguishable before publication. Additionally, it is important to DELETE THE ORIGINAL, UNALTERED PHOTOS AND/OR FOOTAGE. Data stored is data that can later be subpoenaed in a court case, which would defeat the purpose of your editing process.

Finally, when taking photos or video of protestors, it is always a good idea to ask for consent first. Whether or not you condone potentially criminal behavior is irrelevant: it is unnecessary for us to do the work of the State and Police when at an event protesting their actions.

pokshi  asked:

mtl likely to drop their phone in the toilet/what'd they do after they dropped it

this was so fucking funny omg

  1. mingyu!!!!
  2. hansol
  3. seungkwan
  4. soonyoung
  5. seungcheol
  6. wonwoo
  7. jisoo
  8. seokmin
  9. chan
  10. jeonghan
  11. minghao
  12. jun
  13. jihoon

freak out and are like “i need to call 911!!!” but they cant!!! cuz their phone’s ruined!!!! the fact they cant properly have a mental breakdown would cause them more anxiety: seungkwan, chan, soonyoung

be upset/annoyed with themselves and try to fix it as soon as possible without anyone knowing about it (probs out of embarrassment.) mourn their lost photos, videos, and data for weeks: jihoon, minghao

find it fucking hilarious, go tell the other members to show them their v expensive iphone 7 jus ~chillin~ in the toilet: JUN, seokmin, seungcheol

be pretty calm, sad they lost their data & have to get a new phone but handle it fairly well. they tell the members abt it like 3 days later when they notice his phone is missing “oh yeah i didnt tell u guys??? i told manager-nim. i dropped it in the toilet a couple days ago”: jisoo, hansol

literally start screaming/laughing. the other boys think some exorcist shit is going down in the bathroom?? but when they go to check up on him, he’s just hovering over the toilet bowl, half fake crying half laughing. a tad embarrassed but find it hysterical for the most part: mingyu, jeonghan, wonwoo

- diamond

yesterday is gone
all that’s left is this photo
not even that’s for sure

I was running out of space on my hard drive so I decided to transfer my iPhoto library onto a dedicated external drive so I could clear up space on my main computer. It worked perfectly at first, but then something got corrupted, and when I went to open iPhoto none of my photos were showing up. I thought I had lost about seven years of photos, and since I stupidly don’t back up my data on an external server I thought those photos were toast. These were not just plant photos, but personal photos of my friends, travels, wedding, etc. Long tedious story short, over the course of a few days I was able to recover most of the photos, but they are all out of order and lacking all the tags and tracking data I had input over the years. 

I had thought I lost these photos forever, and since it is just data to begin with, these things didn’t even really exist in the first place. What would I do if all the photos I have placed so much time and faith into the past few years suddenly disappeared? Why am I so attached to these ephemeral data constructs anyway? What is it that makes our photos so important to us? Is it that my memory is shot and all I have left is this picture? What will be left when the photo is taken away?

I had to take care of my disk space situation, photos are a lot of data. So no new pics today, but most certainly tomorrow :) I hope everybody is enjoying the weekend! Go outside, look at birdies!

I’m trying to design some Appmon, which is actually more difficult than designing straight up Digimon because a lot of apps have been taken already… so you have to go a bit outside the box.

Skimon, at the top, is a Cameramon variant based on the Epic ski app that my family used in Breckenridge to calculate our ski stats for the day. I classified him as Social because the app was really about sharing your photos and ski data with other people. He’s blue like Cameramon’s sprite in Cyber Arena.

Sportamon has design influences from Hackmon, Dokamon and regular Digimon Extyrannomon. He’s an Entertainment type app for streaming sports videos, like an ESPN app. I wanted him to look like a sport’s team mascot - and also like Digimon’s mascot, Agumon (wink wink) - so he’s got a big mascot head and foam finger hands. I chose a basketball shoes because the NCAA tournament final game is tonight and it was on my mind.

I’m trying to think of more Appmon to make, so if I make more I’ll post them here.


Wanderers is a vision of humanity’s expansion into the Solar System, based on scientific ideas and concepts of what our future in space might look like, if it ever happens. The locations depicted in the film are digital recreations of actual places in the Solar System, built from real photos and map data where available.
Without any apparent story, other than what you may fill in by yourself, the idea of the film is primarily to show a glimpse of the fantastic and beautiful nature that surrounds us on our neighboring worlds - and above all, how it might appear to us if we were there.

Carl Sagan’s voice does a great job of bringing each scene together


“Exploration is in our nature. We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still. We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean. We are ready at last to set sail for the stars.” - Carl Sagan

Wanderers is a vision of humanity’s expansion into the Solar System, based on scientific ideas and concepts of what our future in space might look like, if it ever happens. The locations depicted in the film are digital recreations of actual places in the Solar System, built from real photos and map data where available. Watch the breathtaking short film on Vimeo.


Tourism Philippines kindly asked me to show off their country’s assets, particularly the islands of Palawan and Cebu. I’d heard rumours of the Philippines’ natural beauty, so I couldn’t refuse the offer. What followed was 7 days of island hopping in some of the most stunning natural surroundings I have ever experienced (and I’ve been to some beautiful places). I’ve been snorkelling, kayaking and swimming before, but I can assure you it’s more fun in the Philippines. Mother nature turned it on, up, and went all out. In that one unforgettable week I shot 10800 photos and videos (608GB of data) to make this edit, which combines slow motion, timelapse and aerials to capture the jaw-dropping beauty and unique sense of escapism on offer in the Philippines. Thanks so much for watching!