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Can we have any Basil headcannons please

  • He has a very tender heart, and always finds himself stuttering and messing up his words when addressing a crush.
  • He remains a little old-fashioned, but he catches on quick to everything he learns- and that you’re willing to teach him since he wants to be involved in your hobbies.
  • There is so much respect in everything he says; Basil always calls you by loving names, pulls out your chair, and defends you when he should. 
  • He gets very nervous holding someone’s hand; don’t be fooled when he seems so composed. He’s hiding that very obvious stretch of red on his ears and face.
  • A relationship with him means staying almost forever young- not in the realistic sense, but in the way that you will be staying up late watching mysteries, having play fights in the sprinklers in the yard, and showing the world how close you are through endless photos and adventures.