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“Hey, Carl, I think I found something you’ll like.”

Carl the Animator: “Mmhmm?”

Ted the Animator: “Open up Photoshop, and load any random frame.”

Carl the Animator: “Gotcha.”

Ted the Animator: “…nice choice. Now, use the ‘quick selection’ tool to automatically grab most of the purple background.”

Carl the Animator: “Done.”

Ted the Animator: “Now, hit ‘delete’.”

Carl the Animator: “…it wants to use ‘Content-Aware’ fill. What’s that?”

Ted the Animator: “The funniest thing ever. Hit ‘ok’.”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, I was just–”

Carl the Animator: “…oh my gosh.”

Ted the Animator: “Told’ja.”

Carl the Animator: “That is… a masterpiece. The heck did it do?”

Ted the Animator: “Photoshop looked at the rest of the image, and tried to clone in a nice, natural background.”

Carl the Animator: “…which, I take it, doesn’t always work.”

Ted the Animator: “Yes indeedy. Try another.”

Carl the Animator: “Let’s see how it handles all the shapes in this one.”

Carl the Animator: “…freeeaaaky.’

Ted the Animator: “It looks like something you’d see in an ancient manuscript prophesying the end times.”

Carl the Animator: “What if we reverse it, and select a character instead?”

Ted the Animator: “Hm, smart.”

Carl the Animator: “…oh.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s like the creepiest invisibility cloak ever.”

Carl the Animator: “The selection tool likes to grab things weirdly, too… it just got Velma’s glasses while I dragged around her head.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, let’s see what happens.”

Carl the Animator: “…wow.”

Ted the Animator: “My favorite part is the elongated double face between Daphne and Fred.”

Carl the Animator: “Here, lemme grab one more from Aloha.”

Ted the Animator: “Should be a–… wait, Carl, you missed selecting one of the background guys’ fa–”


Ted the Animator: “Magnificent.”

Carl the Animator: “He looks so confused!”

Ted the Animator: “ ‘Um… hello? Anyone? How did I get inside this hair?’ “

Carl the Animator: “…can’t… breathe….”

Ted the Animator: “I’ll go put on another pot of coffee… it’s gonna be a looooong night of ‘shopping, I can feel it.”


You’ll need a building design planning app or program to use this method. Along with simple photo effects.

Step one: design your background with the app or program of your choice. I personally use Planner 5D. Position the picture where you want it and take a screenshot.

Step two: open the screenshot in a photo editor of your choice. I personally use the one that came with my samsung tablet in the gallery app. Choose effects.

In effects, you will find the Magic Pen effect. It will highlight all the outlines needed for a simple manga background.

Step three: Save that picture and then go back into effects. This time choose the Negative effect. It will revert the picture to a lighter tone while coloring in the outlines previously bordered.

Step four:  Save it and go back into effects. This time choose the Cartoon effect. This will thicken and darken those colored lines and shaded areas.

Step five: There will still be some leftover color, so save and go into the tone category this time. Remove all saturation from the picture.

Step seven: Save and crop any unwanted pieces out of the picture. Save once more and you’re done.

And there you have it! Now you can use this method for any design you choose and from any angle of your choice. Enjoy!

dedicated to freethepoets​ (check her out!)

Okay, this is basically compiled from maybe 20-30 different sources, so there’s a lot of info here. one hella big masterpost.  Even though there’s so many, I have personally checked each link to make sure it works, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Note: if marked with *, it’s digital/tablet art most likely. This is a really long post, so look under the cut. Follow for more master posts and references!

Tutorial for Beginning Photoshoppers
Photoshop help blog (2) (3)
Painting tutorial 
how to shift images using blur
brush stuff (2) (3) (4) (5)
glow in sai 
coloring art (2cloth)(hair)
how to draw clouds 
how to make stars
water fire snow light 
light sparkle 
mountains (2) moon ice
greyscale tutorial 
ps layers 
glitch effect 
download ps (2) (3) 
this tag (ps) (2)
this tag (sai) 

Other Graphic Stuff*
Make multi-page images 
Pixel art (2) (3 eyes)(hair)(fur)(4)
image types (jpeg,etc.)
pattern library 
lots of templates 

Gif to flipbook 
easy toon 
how to make one 
this tag

Google Fonts 
font out of your handwriting 
my tag 
this tag

Colors and Coloring
Color Basics
Color Blender *
Color Palette Generator
Great Color scheme designer 
Get info about a color by its hexcode * 
What colors pair well with others? 
A bunch of color groups/palettes (2)(3) (4)
how to make a color palette
coloring * 
adobe color wheel 
gradients *

Photo Editors/ mess around with art*
gimp (how to use it for shading)
more here and here 
online image editor 

Drawing People/Animals Tutorials/References

How to draw dreadlocks and other black hairstyles (poc)
How to draw wolf/dog ears 

body motion 
hands (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
feet (2) (3)
faces/ heads  (2) (3-lighting) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)(12)
kissing (2)
Dragons! (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)  
clawed hand                                  
 expressions (2) (3)
how to keep variation when drawing faces
comprehensive body refs/tutorials (2) (3) (4)(5) (6) (7 could be slightly nsfw)(8 nsfw-ish)(9) (10) (11) (12)  (13 nsfw)
body ref (you get to create the poses)
skin tone ref

hats on people (2) (hoods)
skin color palette (2 is skin in-depth tutorial) 
more skin helps (2) (3)
butts and thighs 
cool mutant human skeleton refs
male torso (2)
female body
creating creatures 
felines  (paws)
lion head
animals (general) (paws)(fur)(2)
how to draw penises (nsfw i guess)
sitting poses (2)
hair (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)(11) (12)(13)(14)(15) (braids) (more braids)(braids)
clothing (2) (jeans) (boots) (plaid)(lace) (armor)
horses (2) (3) (hooves)(legs + hooves)
dogs  (2) (3)
cats (big cats) (cats 2)
wolf paw (head) (body)
human wings (2) 
wings (2) (3)
pegasi (is that the plural?)
anime eyes (2)
eyes (2) (3) (4)
cool body visualizer 
ears (2) (3) (4 + noses)
noses (2)
mouth (2) (3) (4)
necks (2)
skull (2) 

Inanimate object Tutorials/References
How to draw trees (2) *
Awesome water ref 
clouds * (2)
rose (2) bush*
grass in sai/ps * (2) (3) 
rain * 
water *
3d rooms how to
gun ref (2)
chain how to 
how to draw gems 
gold coins 
how to draw an apple 

Make a comic strip 
Digital sculpting *
Silk art 
art prompt generator (2)
clay figurines 
how to watercolor 
how to add dimensions to your art 
watercolor pencil technique (2)

Other Resources 
Hella tutorials here as well 
this blog 
this page 
art ref blog 
inking masterpost 
art youtube channel 
this site
fashion infographics  
these master posts 
ps blog (2) 
this post *
body ref blog 
master post of art resources 
this art tag (2)


AChoirofCritters’ Financial-Bind Editing

Hey guys, so a combination of an extremely high electric bill ($380) as well as being forced to miss a couple shifts due to winter weather resulting in a smaller paycheck means that I am quite broke right now. And I’ve had no dice selling my old Nikon D5300 just yet but I think I’ll make an updated post with better photographs, including all of the accessories and stuff soon.

So the massive jump in the bill just came at a really bad time, electric bill alone is going to take more than half my paycheck, and I could really use some extra funds to get us through the next two weeks.

So I’m going to be offering photo editing if anyone is interested~ $10 per photo for RAW files, $8 for mobile/JPEG images, more than willing to do discounts for multiples. You can inquire here or take it to my gmail midnightnephilim@gmail.com - that is totally up to you guys if you’re interested!

Shown above are some of my own recent before-and-afters from the snow photos I’d taken of the dogs. :)

Hit me up if you need some photos edited or just want to help a poor, broke girl out this time! :’D

connor232universe  asked:

Are you ever gonna do more content-aware fill stuff? I loved it

Carl the Animator: “Ooh ooh can we can we can we?!

Ted the Animator: “Gee, I don’t know, we covered it pretty well last time….”

Carl the Animator: “Pleeeeaaaase?

Ted the Animator: “…if I say no, I’ll feel like I’m telling a 7-year-old he can’t have the puppy in the window.”

Carl the Animator: “Ha! Another win for piteous begging.”

Ted the Animator: “What first, boss?”

Carl the Animator: “Let’s start with this awesome chicken from a while back.”

Ted the Animator: “Perfect. Chickens in Scooby-Doo always look like they’re mildly bemused by everything around them.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah, now do it do it do it!”

Ted the Animator: “Select around it in Photoshop… hit delete… approve content-aware fill… aaaaaaand…”


Ted the Animator: “That… wow. Instant modern art.”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, now my turn! Professor scientist dude from Cyber Chase!

Ted the Animator: “Not even those 12 cubic meters of hair can protect him from the all-consuming wrath…”

Carl the Animator: “WHA!”

Ted the Animator: “…of content-aware fill.”

Carl the Animator: “Y’know, it can’t be very relaxing to float in an ethereal void of your own mustaches.”

Ted the Animator: “Now for somethin’ classic.”

Carl the Animator:Ghoul-School-spider-hypnosis-headphones-Shaggy, comin’ up!”

Ted the Animator: “…oh dear.”

Carl the Animator: “Y’know, I’ve had dreams like that after eating Pad Thai.”

Ted the Animator: “I wanna see how it handles group scenes. Also, I’m selecting everything around them in chunks for science.”

Carl the Animator: For science!”

Ted the Animator: “…ah. I guess it handles them like that, then.”

Carl the Animator: “With utmost beauty.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, there’s no topping this one, I guess.”

Carl the Animator: “One more. I have an idea.”

Ted the Animator: “…you plus ideas is not a good combination.”

Carl the Animator: “Just trust me on this.”

Ted the Animator: “Wait, why are you selecting around his tongu–”

Ted the Animator: GAHHHHHHHH”

Carl the Animator: “It’s v–”

Ted the Animator: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?”

Carl the Animator: “Wonderful, wonderful things.”

Ted the Animator: “Scooby–… Scooby should not have a single eye in the middle of his forehead!

Carl the Animator: “Polyphemus Scooby thinks he’s beautiful just the way he is, thank you very much.”

Ted the Animator: “And Shaggy! And their skin! And that tongue! And… and… and….”

Carl the Animator: “Some people just don’t understand art.”