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minseok as a boyfriend

✿ kim minseok

✿ (´⌣`ʃƪ)

✿ another favorite boy

✿ a mature boy ™

✿ him singing you to sleep

✿ buys you thoughtful gifts

✿ a soft relationship

✿ hand holding,picnic dates,you name it

✿ the fluffiest side of him comes out around you and he loves it

✿ probably wants to cuddle all day everyday

✿ cute little pecks on the cheeks and the lips

✿ plays with your fingers when he sits with you

✿ or fiddles with the rips in your jeans

✿ probably fixes your hair and such for you

✿ like tucking that one strand behind your ear while you’re too focused doing something to fix it

✿ or tucking in your shirt a little tighter

✿ just grossly cute things he does to make sure you look amazing

✿ a shitload of aegyo

✿ taking tons of photos on your phone

✿ maybe it’s selcas

✿ or maybe it’s just 1000 photos of his foot

✿ “minseok,why did you take a billion photos of your foot on my phone?”

✿ “i had to get the right angle”

✿ sometimes makes you wonder whether he’s 27 or 3

✿ probably hella “i love you”s

✿ you have two boyfriends

✿ boyfriend a,minseok

✿ squishy,fluffy boyfriend

✿ mushes your cheeks and probably pinches your butt

✿ overall just a soft boy who wants to watch a movie for the next three hours just so you can cuddle for a while

✿ and boyfriend b,xiumin

✿ xiumin;hot,kinky,part time stripper

but we’ll talk more about xiumin later ಠ‿↼

✿ calls 24/7 asking if you’ve eaten yet

✿ and if not ,,,,

✿ get ready for a lecture

nsfw i guess ??

✿ back to xiumin

✿ he is a matured man by now,so at this point he’s like a fucking expert pun intended

✿ so many rounds

✿ probably a choking kink

✿ along with many other dominating kinks

✿ pound into you to the point that you’d honestly both have bruises on your legs

✿ but also soft sex with candles and sweet music

✿ hand holding


I made photo cards of Ethan and Sebastian for well, another local fan gathering!

What is a photo card then: It’s kinda transparent thin card, so you can play with them by taking photos of them with real background. like below!

(I’m super diligent to go out and take pictures so I took pictures of them with google images hhhhh)

It was much fun!

anonymous asked:

About the Chris' cousin's post. You mean the photo that she scrawled D. And I say D because I really believe it's him. At first she says it was C's boyfriend and then she says it's W after some girl ask if was him, and she also says she don't wanted exposing him but I don't believe bc we all know Will' face. He also is using hairgel for God sake.

There’s no question it was Darren. None.  No need to hide W. He’s very publicly the bf.  

I love that the people who ask me to post selfies are some of the most horrible people I’ve seen on Tumblr.

You don’t think I check out your blogs? I see what you comment on even the most beautiful women’s photos.

No way in hell would I subject myself to that, you idiots.

oh shit you know that photo in the end credits of sun and moon with you hau and lillie? well i was disappointed i didn’t see it here and instead there was a black screen, but in USUM, you have it in your own bedroom. like you cant see the photo directly but it’s obviously the same one. i found it now after i was returned to my house.

anonymous asked:

Hai can I ask you what kind of photo of yoongi that's apparently being going around and it's not him? You said you have reblogged it but I haven't seen it yet lol, anyways I'm sorry if it's a bother lol I'm just being the curious cat

yea sure! its this pic here going around from this post:

i deleted the post when it was confirmed but before reblogging i did think that his hair and shirt seemed weird but the ripped jeans and knees fooled me lol

anonymous asked:

Why is there a ring taped to you cell phone in the photo below?

It’s one of those phone holder things you attach to your phone. I can’t post a pic with my answer or I would!

Je crois qu'il est temps que je prenne un peu de temps pour vous remercier sincèrement, tous autant que vous êtes, pour votre présence à chaque fois que vous voyez une photo. Parfois, il s'agit même d'une des miennes et franchement ça me fait hyper plaisir de savoir que vous pris le temps de la regarder ! Du fond du cœur merci à tous !


I think it’s time for me to take some time to sincerely thank you, all of you for being here every time you see a photo. Sometimes it’s even one of my own, and frankly it makes me very happy to know that you took the time to look at it ! From my heart, thank you all ! Wish you the best !


Hey there everyone! I got a haircut yesterday and i thought that i would upload two photos i took of it. What do you think?

P.S. Hope you all have a good evening and that you sleep well ♡♡


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Going to Canada sale!

As long as this post is up, I’m doing half off prints - you choose the photo(s). Each order comes with a free 4x5″ print of a photo I’ve never posted online. United States and Canada only (sorry).