• Lance: I have something to say: I need to come clean and I'm afraid this may change the way you all think about me. Just so there are no secrets between us anymore, I can't straighten up...I'm bi.
  • The Team: ...
  • Keith: We're literally holding hands right now, I think they know.

“Radical Immobility” - 2016. Since I’m making peace with my disability, I decided to make the walker I’ve accepted into a tacky neon mess that’s still usable. If people are going to see my mobility aid instead of me, I don’t think they could tell the difference 💋

anonymous asked:

I'm sure otabek just turned 18 tho? Isn't he age Appropriate to be dating yuro ??

I suppose he did, i was looking at his profile earlier and i believe it said his bday was halloween. I’m not really sure what the criteria for appropriate age gaps is, but since by law it would still be an adult dating a child i’m, personally, still a bit iffy about it. 

Idk what the fuck is up rite now, but all the animal care blogs i follow (a lot of them tbh) are on a fucking vegan hunt

Like ‘feeding carnivorous animals a vegan diet is abuse!!! Vegans shouldnt have pets!!!’ Thats fuckin nice maybe stop paying to needlessly abuse and murder animals then maybe i can take you fucking seriously. Jesus christ can yall honestly shut the fuck up.