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I'm sure enough Stacie and Katja showed each over baby photos so, show us a baby photo of Katja, Stacie, Frederick and Aiika. Let's see how similair they look xx

soo let’s take a look… Freddy is clearly a copy of Stacie and Aikka is Katja’s clone :”)

I thought a lot about this Con last night and I finally decided to post one of my Photo Ops to remind me of the great time I had. It’s probably the one I love most because of the story behind it.

It was on Sunday and out of three photos with Jensen, this is the only one where I was neither in shock nor tearing up while asking for the pose. When it was my turn, I walked up to them and I tried to not just stare at Jensen, so I looked at Tim first and said hi, before I looked up to Jensen and saw him smiling already with a super bright “Hey!” as if he recognized me from before. And tbh, this caught me off guard and I just stuttered a “Hi…I…can…hi.”, which made him smile a little bit brighter and me blush a little bit harder. “Can we both kiss your cheeks?” and he kinda wiggled his eyebrows and said “Sure.” and pulled me to his side (I don’t even remember that his hand left my waist for the photo, those things are over so fast!). 

So I tip-toed and right in that moment I heard Tim ask: “Wait, what are we doing?” and I panicked because I was afraid he didn’t get the pose. But the photographer was already about to take the pic, so I prayed that Tim would get it and pressed my lips to Jensen’s scruffy cheek and it was so soft and perfect and I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THIS but it’s on the photo, so it must be true, right??

And then Jensen’s hand was on my back again and I felt him facing me, but I couldn’t look up to him because he was still so close, like, only inches away, and I was shaking so much. So he just kind of whispered (purred??) a disgustingly cute “Thank you!” and I think I smiled or something, I don’t even remember, I was about to faint. 

But it was my last Photo Op with Jensen, so I somehow managed to ask if I could hug them and Tim pulled me close (and he’s not lying, his beard and hair are super soft indeed!) and I thanked him and while still hugging me he goes like: “Well, Jensen, here we are and I just had my lips on your face!” or something like that, which sounded pretty damn kinky. And he must’ve made a funny face or it was an inside joke between them but I heard how Jensen started laughing and when I turned to hug him, too, I literally froze. He did his FULL BODY LAUGH RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, like, with not even half a meter between us. He was throwing his head back and laughed and I just STARED at him and just…listened for a while. And he was so beautiful and seemed so comfortable and I teared up because it made me so, so happy to see him like this. 

But I didn’t want to start crying right in front of him, and I knew I would if I watched him any longer. So I just said something like “Ahh, stop laughing, hug me!” but I couldn’t get the dumb smile off my face or the tears out of my eyes. And Jensen looked at me, still laughing, and was like “Ohh, come here!!” and he hugged me super tight aND THEN HE LIFTED ME UP FOR A MOMENT?!! And I just felt his arms and his chest and heard him laugh and I was so surprised that I squeaked (and it was so embarrassing but I just couldn’t help making a noise, oh god). I didn’t expect him to do that but… it felt so familiar and it made me feel like he kind of liked me and it made me love him even more.

I think I mumbled a thank you but I wasn’t strong enough to look at him again, so I turned around and felt the tears streaming down my face, while I was grabbing my bag and leaving the room.