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White Collar aesthetics. 

Yes, I had weight loss surgery. Yes, I have loose skin. And yes, I’m happy with the decision I made for my health and I didn’t “cheat” in any way. It’s not a race nor is it a competition as to “who’s healthier”. I made the best decision for me 😊 SW 303lbs CW 138lbs 5'7"
(I have no idea how much I weighed when this before picture was taken, however I know it was a little after surgery) and btw just a PSA it takes hard work, even with surgery! If I chose to eat badly not only would I feel very sick but I would have stretched out my stomach and not lost the amount I did.


Baby woodpecker!

This young Great spotted woodpecker arrived at WAF recently after being found in a house unable to fly. It was rushed in to see our veterinary team but amazingly seemed to have escaped injury!

Woodpeckers are highly prone to stress, so it was moved into our quiet room for some much needed rest. It is now much more lively and will be returned to the wild when it is fully grown!

Interesting fact: I weigh less in the first photo. That was from the start of 2016, when I had lost weight by eating 1200-1300 calories, and doing zero exercise. Of course I gained it all back and then some.

In the second photo, I weigh a kg more because I have more muscle due to losing fat slowly over time, with a healthy 1500-1700 calorie diet and exercising almost daily. This time, it’s going to be a long term change, not a quick fix.


I was tagged by @badjujubes. I haven’t looked good in photos since I weighed 49 kilos so have some autoportraits instead.

Two selfies, ten facts about myself.

1) I’m not a fan of sweets, desserts etc. I used to have a huge sweet tooth but apparently it fell out somewhere along the way.
2) My dentists have all had a laugh about how it’s difficult to work in my mouth because it’s so small.
3) I have a useless BA in English language and literature.
4) I have trichotillomania and so my eyebrows are always patchy.
5) I really dislike coffee and black tea and I’m not a fan of energy drinks so I usually get my caffeine zzzzip from Coke Zero.
6) I have a really high voice, but I know how to speak sonorously. I’ve always wanted to take vocal coaching to be even more effective with my speech, but.. money.
7) I have three tomato plants growing on my balcony. One of them is getting as tall as me already.
8) I collect tiny silver salt cellars that are shaped like cauldrons.
9) I drink too much but I don’t want to quit.
19) I recently got a shot in my gums for a dental procedure. It ended up hitting a blood vessel, bruising my entire cheek, and I looked like a blue-green buldog for almost two weeks.

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Annalise Michel, believed to have been possessed by demons from 1968 to her death in 1976, ages sixteen to twenty-three. Raised in a religious family, she was diagnosed with epilepsy in her high school years, but continued studying to become a teacher despite the ineffectiveness of medication for her condition. Over time, she began having an aversion to religious objects and symbolism, and having hallucinations while saying her prayers. In 1975 her parents began to abandon medicine and look to the church to cure their daughter through excorcisms performed by Father Arnold Renz and Pastor Ernst Alt.
She claimed to be posessed by Judas, Nero, Hitler, Cain, Lucifer and others, and was reported to have spoken in languages Annalise herself didn’t know while controlled by these spirits. Her symptoms persisted through 67 exorcisms, and she exhibited strange behaviours like urinating on the floor and licking it up, hiding under tables and barking, and eating insects, before dying of malnutrition and dehydration, weighing 68lbs.
Photos of her during her ordeal, like the ones above, show her looking sickly and bruised, and in the audio recordings taken in 42 of her exorcisms she can be heard growling and hissing in a voice that is certainly not natural for a girl of her age.
Her parents and both of her exorcists were charged with negligent homicide upon her death, as whether truly possessed or not, the court decided she should’ve been cared for better.


30 pounds lost as of yesterday. The first set of photos anyone will see. On the left of each photo I weigh around 212 pounds and that was during February of 2017. On the right I weigh 181 pounds as of yesterday (May 29th, 2017).
I’ve decided to post here, because some things are rather hard to share with family and friends, but sometimes you just need to share with someone.

I don’t have the exact date, but this month marks 1 year of me working out (almost consistently). Yes, I did miss a few days because I was lazy or sick, but no one is perfect. I used a workout plan my wonderful boyfriend, Andrew, spent 3 hours making. He did his research on Crohn’s and arthritis and helped develop a plan that would be safe on my body but still push me.

My workout journey wasn’t about weight loss, in fact in was about weight gain. With Crohn’s I lose weight very easily. In the 2016 photos I weight about 100 pounds, in the 2017 photos I weighed 109 which is a big deal for me. It’s important to remember that gaining weight is good and that it doesn’t mean fat, it can mean muscle since muscle is more dense and takes up less space on the body. My journey was about getting healthy and taking care of the body I had. I’ve talked about my body dysmorphia in the past and how I’ve struggled to love my body because of Crohn’s. Working out really helped me connect with my body, feel better physically and mentally, and help me get to a more comfortable place where I felt like my body was mine.

Working out was also a victory for me. I’ve been in a hospital basically my entire life and when I wasn’t, I was essentially bed ridden. When playing sports I was always the last person to finish anything. I thought with my Crohn’s disease and chronic body pain that I’d never be able to be someone who ever really loved fitness (I was incredibly wrong). I’m so blessed I have the energy now, that working out has increased, that I can care for this body that I’m in.

There are contributing factors to my body change such as cutting out meat and processed foods, increasing my water intake, eating healthier foods even though I hated them (looking at you quinoa) but I guess besides sharing this victory I just wanted to remind people of a few things whether you deal with chronic pain like I do or you struggle with body image: you can find that rhythm and a workout that works for you, you can push through the pain and feel better, GAINING WEIGHT IS NOT A BAD THING, your body will change and you can get to a place of peace with it.

I just wanted to celebrate that victory with you guys. Thanks again to everyone who’s supported me with eating right and working out and once again thank you to Andrew for really kickstarting all of this because he knew I wanted to make a change and be happier. Here’s to another year of kicking butt.

Today, I fucked up by calling a kid a waffle.

One of my classes is a black and white photography class. We were assigned to take a roll of film worth of pictures. Photo assignments are weighed heavily so I wanted to take awesome photos. Anyways, I was taking a picture of a friend and this dude purposely walks in front of my camera and ruins my picture! He snickers and walks off. I am pissed because it is not like I can just delete the photo! So, I yelled my favorite insult

“You are a rude waffle! A crusty pancake with square holes!”

He turned around and looked me in the eyes and retaliated with

“This is why nobody FUCKING loves you!”

He walks off again and I just stand in shock. I knew this kid. He would follow me around sometimes and was really creepy. I turned around to finish taking a picture and one of my teachers comes up and starts ranting.

“Don’t use that language! It is improper for a lady!”

I looked at her confused.

“I just called him a waffle! He is the one that cussed at me!”

“Well, two wrongs don’t make a right. I’m disappointed”

“He walked in front of my camera and ruined a picture for photography. I am getting graded on it!”

“He has a hard life. You don’t know what he has been through okay?”

“I know he went through my fucking picture! I have a hard life to but I’m not an asshole.”

She got really mad and sent me to the dean. I had to explain to my mom why I called a kid a crusty pancake. I have to write an apology note. My dad finds this hilarious though and we are making waffles for dinner.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.


THERE. *thud* THERE. *thud*

Baymax’s armored hand is not as plush as vinyl.

…..or the natural state of the Hiro Turtle.

Yeah I don’t even know. I mean, what would you do with a giant hand?

Myself as Hiro, Photos by eugeneration

Hey everyone, 

so i know i’ve been really slack lately about posting progress photos and IM SORRY but… I wanted my next photo to be under 80kg… and this one is!

I took the 2nd photo this morning after weighing in at 79.7kg

Also this is a 16 week (just under 4 month) progress shot

so between these photos i’ve:

Lost about 8 or 9 kilos

Gone from pressing (standing and pushing above my head) 3kg to 15kg

Gained a whole heap of confidence