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Woman’s aesthetic or reform dress and bodice in wool with a ribbed weave, Great Britain, 1892-1895. 

The dress is a pinafore style, worn over a matching chocolate-brown silk satin bodice with a high braided gilt collar. Photos © Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Mrs Herbert Roberts, Lady Clwyd, is seen wearing the dress, which was probably from her trousseau, in George Clausen’s 1894 portrait, now located at Walker Art Gallery, National Museums Liverpool (photo via BBC Your Paintings).


Woman jailed over watching Iran volleyball game released

BBC News: The family of Ghoncheh Ghavami, a British-Iranian woman who was jailed in June for watching a volleyball game in Iran, said Sunday that she has been freed on bail.

Ghavami staged hunger strikes during her detention, while hundreds of thousands signed petitions calling for her release.

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Young Somali students living in Kenya’s Dadaab camp, the world’s largest refugee camp, sent letters of encouragement to Syrian refugee children who also had to flee their homeland. They offered messages of solidarity, encouragement and advice. In their letters, they emphasized the importance of studying and gaining an education while in the camps. "Our beloved brothers and sisters, go and work hard in school, be the stars and the new presidents of Syria,“ Dahir Mohamed wrote in an inspirational letter.

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A 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia
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Photos by Asher Svidensky, Article by William Kremer

Kazakh boys in western Mongolia start learning how to use the huge birds to hunt for foxes and hares at the age of 13, when the eagles sit heavily on their undeveloped arms. Svidensky, a photographer and travel writer, shot five boys learning the skill - and he also photographed Ashol-Pan. “To see her with the eagle was amazing,” he recalls. She was a lot more comfortable with it, a lot more powerful with it and a lot more at ease with it.“… He describes Ashol-Pan as a smiling, sweet and shy girl. His photographs of her engaging in what has been a male activity for around 2,000 years say something about Mongolia in the 21st Century.

The eagles are not bred in captivity, but taken from nests at a young age. Female eaglets are chosen since they grow to a larger size - a large adult might be as heavy as seven kilos, with a wingspan of over 230cm. After years of service, on a spring morning, a hunter releases his mature eagle a final time, leaving a butchered sheep on the mountain as a farewell present.

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Reports: Armed men take over Ukrainian air base

BBC News: Troops, believed to be Russian, have taken over an air base in Sevastopol, Ukraine, in the Crimean region, according to multiple reports.

Armed men reportedly entered the base and took control, but no shots were fired.

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Funeral held for Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah

NBC: Saudi Arabia’s long-serving king died yesterday, with his funeral being held today in accordance with the Islamic laws and traditions the Saudi royal family lives by.

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Gas explosions hit Taiwan city, causing fatalities 

BBC News, APAt least 15 are dead and 228 injured after a series of explosions in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The explosions were reportedly caused by a gas leak.

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Somalia militant group claims responsibility for Kenya attack

BBC News: Somalia’s al-Shabab terrorist group claimed responsibility on Monday for a weekend attack at a coastal Kenyan town that left at least 48 dead.

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