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Game Changer

May 21, 1987 – The Hyatt Regency atrium and its bubble elevators, conceived by architect-developer John Portman, revolutionized hotel design. Recently while being presented with the 2013 Pillar Award from the Council of Quality Growth, Portman said of the Hyatt, “It was a game changer born of Atlanta’s aspirations to become a world class international city.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Photographic Archive

Tomorrow is National Signing Day!

1918-Football team from a Georgia District Agricultural School either Eighth D.A.S. (Madison, Georgia) or the Eleventh D.A.S. (Douglas, Georgia).

Tomorrow is National Signing Day, a day when a high school senior can sign a binding letter of intent for college football. Go to to send your own signing day photos as well as get the latest updates on the day’s events.

Photo from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution archives

Sex Education in the 80’s

January 26, 1988 - Bobby Roberts, 11, 5th grader at Chapel Hill Elementary School holding a baby in a sex education class taught by Linda Lamb at Fernbank Science Center. “We try and use the scientific names so everybody knows what we are talking about,” Lamb said.

Photo by Michael Schwarz

#TBT Ponce de Leon Park: Mind the magnolia, you Crackers

Opened 1907; rebuilt 1924, demolished 1965 – Also known as Spiller Park or Spiller Field from 1924-32, Ponce de Leon Park was the home ballpark of the Southern League’s Atlanta Crackers from 1907-64. The Atlanta Black Crackers of the Negro American League shared the park with the white Crackers team but due to segregation at the time, were not allowed to play at the park when the Crackers had a home game. Flanked by Ponce de Leon Avenue to the south and the Southern Railway tracks to the east, the little ballpark (seating about 20,000) was truly nestled in downtown Atlanta. A magnolia tree in deep center field was its most distinguishing feature, with the tree being in play until 1947. The ballpark was torn down in 1965 when the Braves came to Atlanta. Today the Midtown Place mall is located where throngs of Atlanta baseball fans once cheered on the hometown teams.