photo tours in iceland


Lots of orcas were present in Laki Tours’ most recent encounter!

Also some babies were spotted, at least two of them are just a few weeks old!

Among them:

SN111, SN237’s most recent calf
SN219, son of SN164 “Delusion”
A brand new baby for SN160 “Sakkara”!

Photos’ credit goes to Orca Guardians Iceland and Laki Tours


A beautiful encounter for Laki Tours on March 21st with three males!

Unlike in Residents community in the Pacific Northwest, males in Iceland tend to leave their maternal group as they reach sexual maturity. They usually start to travel alone joining occasionally small groups of females and juveniles.
In rare cases males can be seen traveling together for long periods,sometimes forever!

The adults spotted by Laki Tours were SN062 “Arrow” , SN060 “Thunderstorm” and SN064 “Philosopher”.
Humpy (SN063),usually seen with these individuals was not spotted that day and since he has a disability let’s hope he’s doing well!

Photo credit goes to Laki Tours/ Orca Guardians Iceland