photo to be posted soon

Greetings from Death Valley, California. aka Tatooine.

The native people, the Timbisha Shoshone, who have always lived here, prefer to call the land Timbisha.

Wildflower update: Ranger says that there isn’t much wildflower bloom in the park. Plenty of other beautiful things to see.

Will post more photos soon.


My bullet journal spread last week! I will post a full spread photo soon ^-^
This weekend is super busy for me because next week is packed with summatives. It’s going to be super stressful for me. 

・゚*  *。・ studygram


For the anon who wanted to see pictures of my room!! This isn’t everything (my room is really big), but I can’t take photos now because it’s too dark already! I will make a proper post soon so that you can see and appreciate everything :-)

This tumblr will go back to posting photos of gothy eye candy and cute animals very soon, because *I* need things that make me feel better, and I’m sure the rest of you do too.

With that said: what can we do now?

  • Stand with those at risk. Suport PoC, GLBTQ folks, women, folks with disabilities, anyone who is “other” and is going to be a target. 
  • VOTE IN THE 2018 MIDTERMS. 33 Senate houses will be up, and all 235 seats in the House. We need to flip those.
  • Donate, if you can. Time, money, energy. Planned Parenthood, local food banks, local shelters for at-risk folks. 
  • Take care of yourselves. 

I love you. 


My Boss, John Lasseter has the craziest offices I’ve ever seen  - here’s his Pixar office. I found most of these online. The top image is from a book that I hope gets printed by Greg Preston called The Artist Within vol. 2. Here’s a link to the first volume:

I’ll have to post some photos of his Disney Animation office soon!

an outfit I suppose! It’s really hard to find anything in my wardrobe that matches these tights since they’re colors I don’t normally use lol



Belated selfie spam, but we finally cosplayed RanPoe! Very excited to post photos soon ///

The authors Ranpo and Poe have a special place in our hearts because Maru and I studied them respectively. It’s like we’re wearing our literature nerds selves on the outside.

Edogawa Ranpo 江戸川乱歩くん: @princemaru

Karl カール: Karl