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Hey noodles! I’m back with another masterpost! I’ve gotten a few asks about how I take photos, so I decided to condense all of this into one post.

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  • Shoot when it’s light out for best quality photos, because natural lighting is honestly your best friend. Taking them when it’s lighter out will also make it easier to edit them.
  • ** A lesser known tip that I’ve learned myself is to take photos in pure light. My room is pink, so unless I take pictured in the middle of my room at noon they turn out with an annoying purple tint. it’s hard to edit that out, so I sometimes go to other spots in my house to take photos.
  • EXTRA: If you’re taking photos with a screen turn down the brightness. High brightness gives the screen so much glare that you often can’t see anything other than a bright spot.

Taking the photos:

  • I’m using a colorful planner as an example, so I’m using a white background.
  • If your subject is plainer, you can use a brighter background. (I used a sweater)
  • You can also take a picture of your whole desk.
  • EXTRA: lots of pillowcases/sheets=lots of backgrounds!


  • I use Aviary and vsco, and I edit the brightness/exposure, contrast, saturation, warmth, and tint. On vsco I add either the filters A6 or OC and add on the following to fit.
  • Brightness/exposure: turn these up depending on how bright your original photos are
  • Contrast: turn this up for clarity
  • Saturation: turn the saturation up because photos will generally look washed out after you turn up the brightness (be careful that it doesn’t look unnatural)
  • Warmth: always turn this down, especially if you take pictures in artificial light.
  • Tint: this is what I use to correct the purple-y tint that a lot of my pictures cave because of the color of my walls (I turn it greener, but I imagine it’ll be opposite if you have a green/blue room).

Here are some more before and afters:

++look at this post for the individual photos

I took these around 5 PM, and you can definitely see the purple I was talking about above.

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An important point:

You don’t have to do this at all to be a good studyblr. Plenty of amazing studyblrs don’t jump through this many hoops every time they want to post. I would actually encourage you to not do all of this every time you want to post. I used to spend hours agonizing over my photos, and, believe it or not, my grades went down! Now I know how to balance the aesthetic and actual studying, but I was so caught up in how my notes looked that I wasn’t studying them. If you like to take pretty notes and photographs, then have fun with it, but definitely don’t feel pressured to do all of this if you don’t want to.

How can I study without sacrifice and blood?

Yes, we’ve all been there, where we thought maybe sacrificing some blood to the deities will help me pass this grade?. Fear not, for there is a cure for your problem!

1) When you’re lucky and you got time

Lets say, you have three months to prepare yourself to face the wrath of finals, here’s what you should do:

Month One : Make notes

  • Scan the textbooks for any potential information which you think is important, take help from teachers or friends if you need to. 
  • They do help. you can utilize multiple resources for ready made notes as well. 
  • For the whole month, make as many notes as you can - ensuring that you have covered every tiny spec of information in. 
  • Organize all papers and notes (including digital ones - also include ones you took in class even though they’re mere scribbles) neatly as you approach month two.

Month Two : Learning

  • Now this is the most difficult part - actual studying.
  • Refer to your notes thousands of times, rewrite them and revise them however you want to.
  • This is also the time when you use those highlighters you brought on impulse, just know how to do it correctly.
  • Read your textbooks thoroughly, chapter by chapter - better yet paragraphs by paragraphs.
  • Write down keywords on flashcards (i recommend Quizlet) even though hey are not vocabulary related, just don’t forget these terms!
  • Make cheat sheets as if you will be using them for finals, cram in as much information as you can.
  • Revise notes, memorize those sentences which are italicized or highlighted in bold in your textbook by heart.
  • Rote learning isn’t the best option, but when you’re desperate you gotta rely on that.
  • Take this time to solve all doubts either with teachers or by using he internet - like, have you used khan academy?
  • By the end of this month you must have thorough knowledge about your syllabus in detail.

Month Three : Practice

  • Now that you are ready with the basic idea of what your textbook is all about, it’s time to put that knowledge into use.
  • Start solving practice papers, worksheets or any other test material you can grab onto. 
  • There are certain books specially printed for providing potential question papers for an exam, invest in them you won’t regret it.
  • You can ask your teacher for some important questions, and if you have been a good student so far she’ll gladly help.
  • Once you know you have solved about millions of papers, make your own question papers.
  • Try to figure out what is important from a teacher’s point of view, and learn accordingly.

Voila - now you are 100% prepared for finals, walk into the exam hall like a boss and  leave like a boss!

2) When you fall short on time and finals are freaking close!

Okay, so you didn’t utilize those three months efficiently and now you are in deep shit, do not panic because you still can manage to do it.

  • Make a study schedule - a realistic one which you are pretty sure you will follow.
  • Go to your phone - settings - turn off notifications, trust me you will love me for suggesting that later.
  • Be prepared for all-nighters, gather snacks ( I don’t care if they are healthy or not - you can’t be perfect all the time), all study material and all resources.
  • Make the library your home for the time being.
  • You’re lucky if you got social skills, take help from that smart friend you managed to make six months ago.
  • If you are a bit shy (like yours truly), remember - teachers are your best friends!
  • Now you don’t have time to make notes, so use whatever you have at hand.
  • Start solving papers and as you go with the test clear your doubts simultaneously.
  • It helps to have a guide around when you re solving papers, they will help you out instantly.
  • Classify your textbook into two sections : damn important and semi important, go through that damn important parts first and when you are confident you can handle them move onto the semi important portion.
  • Make the most of each day, which means bidding farewell to Netflix and comfortable blankets and the sweet, sweet sleep, but make sure you make up for all the sleep in the form of short naps.
  • Even then if you can’t, skip some parts - what you can certainly not understand despite efforts, let it go.

Now you are prepared for finals, hopefully without tears and blood.

3) Some more advice.

Because it helped me.

  • If you have a bullet journal, try to maintain a study journal - note the amount of hours you study per session, the subject and topic you covered and whether you completely understood it or not.
  • If you cannot maintain the aesthetics, don’t - just write what you understand.
  • Teaching the material to your pet or a doll or a teddy bear helps a lot.
  • Speaking out loud when studying will help better memorization.
  • Take help from your mom (or anybody who stays with you 24 x 7 at home) when making your study schedule - she will point out the times which you can use productively better than you.
  • Stop looking for ‘How to study efficiently’ guides on the internet, because you won’t realize when you wasted three hours trying to learn the basics of studying.
  • For motivation, come straight to Tumblr because this site is a storehouse of studyinspo, follow (I’m sure you already do) some cool studyblrs like @studyign  
  •    @grangergrades





And so many more which I can’t think of at the moment, they are all very sweet and will help if you reach out.

 I hope this guide helped, please reblog to save a student and feel free to ask me for more tips!

Tulip twist

Netherlands: “I’m not too worried about Brexit, England’s still going to trade with me.”
England: “Well, actually… I started growing my own tulips now.”

Netherlands: “…this means war.

the dos and don’ts of taking a “good” photo

anon 1 asked:  so i really want to start posting original content on my studyblr (idek if i have any on it rn lmao) but my phone camera isn’t very good and I want my pictures to look nice. any suggestions?
anon 2 asked:  Do you have any tips for taking good studyblr photos? Ps I love your blog x
@sunlight-study asked hi!! my name is ellie, and I’m a new studyblr. I saw your masterpost for new studyblrs, and I was wondering if you had any tips or thoughts on actually taking the pictures you post?

hey! it’s your girl joce, here with a few basic tips on taking photos of stuff! these are only the bare bones of taking a good photo, and are supposed to only be basic guidelines to help! hope these dos and don’ts will help you guys!

01. Shadow

sooo basically, when you’re taking your photo with whatever camera it is, make sure you don’t have any shadows covering your content!!! if your hand or your camera’s shadow is visible in the photo, get it outta there asap!!! having a shadow over your stuff is kinda icky, so let’s just try to avoid that in general, shall we?

02. White vs Yellow

Your lighting matters a lot! When you’re taking photos, having a bright, white light source is always the best! Your first, free, super good light source is natural light! take a photo near a window in the morning or something for really good white, natural, bright light! If smh there’s no natural light, using light from a lightbulb that gives off white light is the best. 

White is always your best bet. If you use light sources that don’t give off white light, you might end up with wonky looking photo lighting!!

03. Angle: Angles 

There isn’t really any specific rule to this, and at what angle you choose to take your photo matters purely on your content / photo subject. but in general, you want to get a photo of  just your content. 

You can take a shot straight on, tilted, from a side angle, anything! just as long as you think it looks nice.

04. Angles: Whole vs Part

What you also wanna consider is when you take your shot, you want to get your content, but if it’s a notebook, do you take a picture of all of the notebook? do you want to take a partial shot and take lots of partials or do you want one full body shot? i rec. taking a photo that just covers the whole of your subject matter, but once again, it depends on what you think is good!

05. Angles: Extra Bits

so when you take your photo, like tip 04, try not to get unnecessary extra bits in your photo. for example, if you’re taking a photo of a lettering and you place it on a desk, clear your space. you don’t need tissues and eraser bits lying around your photo. Also, if you’re taking a picture, just get a picture of the lettering, no need to get the rest of your desk and the floor as well. those are extra bits we don’t need.

06. With or Without the Stuff You Used

So basically people usually take pictures of notes and stuff. In the photos, you often see pens or extra bits (maybe things that fit the color scheme of the photo, etc.). It’s totally up to you if you want to add pens or markers or whatever to your photo. just make sure that whatever you add contributes to the photo overall and doesn’t take attention away from the photo.

07. Background

So this is once again a matter of personal opinion, but your background is very important! You can have your photo have only your content (i.e. a notebook, the pic only has ur ntoebook paper shown in it, no desk space or anything), or it can have a background. Your background can be your desk, a white space (or any space with solid colors), your patterned bedsheets, anything goes, as long as it looks good to you!!!

so yeah! those are 7 quick tips to photo taking, hope they helped!! 

also, stay tuned for part two of the photo taking masterpost: photo editing. 

hope this helped!!! xoxo

coconut-studies  asked:

I hope that this wouldn't be of trouble, but how do I take 'good' pictures? Mine tend to come out blurry, and I have no sense of lighting. Any tips? Apps? Also, have a wonderful day!

hiii! i’m rly not the best person to pose this question to seeing as so little of my own content are photos, but there’s lots of tips out there! i rly don’t think there’s much more i need to cover since it’s already been said <: 

i myself (when i do take photos) usually do it w/ my canon EOS (this camera, if you’re interested) since my hands shake so much when i use my phone sldkjfsdf ;u; 

apps (**disclaimer: the only one i actually use is photoshop, but these are popular choices) —photoshop / vsco / lightroom / pixlr / snapseed (iOS + google play) / afterlight

just keep in mind this; hope this helps! ♡

As much as I don’t want to admit but I can’t live without my phone, not because of the ease of communication it offers but because I love documenting everything I see. Here I share the stuff I use to enhance the quality of my photo using only my phone - even take underwater picture and a lot more. Take not that all these are cheap and easy to buy!

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Thanks for the kind words!

So this is how I usually go about choosing my color variations.

I rely a lot on my experience of just observing environments and the different color shifts that occurs in nature. Plein air painting helped me in this because it forces you to observe the complexity of hue shifts in real life. In LA we have so much smog that we actually have a ton of different grays (mostly chalky white) to observer and after a little rain shower it’s like an over dose of vibrant colors.

If you can, avoid painting from photos. Painting from a photo can be a good exercise but ideally it should be a supplement to painting outdoors. Painting outdoors gives you a limited amount of time to problem solve and its forces you to design a simpler way to communicate what you are observing. With photos, the photographer generally alters their photo to meet their personal artistic needs and then you’re working from an already designed 2D space vs something that is far more challenging and complex.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use photos, simply look at it as a supplement to actual observation and painting.Investing in a good camera and lens is really important, even if you don’t plan on being a professional photographer. Creating your own photo reference will help you pull from your own experience.

hope this helps!

(side note) Here are a few examples of my digital plein air paintings that are painted on location and a few of my photos so you can get an idea what kind of photos I’m taking.


Creator Spotlight: Brendan Lynch

Can you tell us a little about yourself and describe your path to becoming a photographer?

Between my shifts as an ER nurse two things I loved to do was to be outdoors and go to music concerts. I started getting serious into photography because of my love for going to concerts. Going to so many that I even forgot some that I went to. So I started photographing the shows I went to. The camera became a “memory capturing device” for me hah.  Trying to take photos in a dimly lit venue is a technically challenging undertaking - so this definitely shortened my learning curve. Eventually, I started bringing my camera along with me on hikes in the northeast. This was about two years ago.

What feelings do you strive to capture in your photos?

My main goal when taking outdoor photos is to create a sense of being in my shoes / a sense of ambience and scale / a photogenic first person view if you will.

Was there an “aha” moment when you realized that photography was something you wanted to pursue?

I didn’t have a singular aha moment, but a string of moments. And those moments came after several hikes in New Hampshire. When I finally looked at the photos I was excited to share them in the hope that people would see them and then want to get outside and hike around the beautiful and underrated mountains of New Hampshire.

How do you choose those you follow?

I’m really strict when it comes to following others since I use Instagram as a frequent source for inspiration. People I follow are either close friends/family but the other 99% have to emote a feeling that I don’t usually feel from “all the other photos” out there. Visual storytelling is huge to me, and is one reason I love Tumblr and the ability to create photo series.

What’s your #1 photo tip?

Take. Your. Time. And “work” a scene, try different angles and perspectives.  If you’re feeling rushed by external forces - make a change (I.e. more in-depth realistic planning).

Follow Brendan Lynch on Instagram, here.

10 Photo taking tips.

1. Wag masyado sa pulbos. Baka pagkamalan kang member ng jabbowackezz.

2. Pag gusto mong gumanda at mapansin sa picture, tumabi ka sa mas panget sa'yo.

3. Pag panget ka, wag sumali sa serious pose shot. Baka magtaka sila, ikaw lang ang naka wacky face.

4. Pag mataba ka, wag kang pupwesto sa dulo. Magmumukha kayong BBQ.

5. Wag ka nang magpabango. Hindi yan maaamoy ng mga titingin ng pictures nyo.

6. Pag magpapa-picture ka sa artista, wag kang ngingiti. Para sya yung magmukhang feeling close sa'yo.

7. Pag madilim at maitim ka, ilabas mo ang mga ngipin mo pag ngingiti ka, para makita ka sa picture at kung maliwanag at puro maputi ang kasama mo, ipa-on mo yung flash, para magmukhang solo picture.

8. Wag magpost ng mga sobrang attention whore pics gaya ng paglalaslas, umiiyak tapos magseselfie etc. Baka i-post ni Lamok sa FB haha.

9. Pag payat ka, wag kang gigitna sa dalawang mataba. Magmumukha kayong Jolly Hotdog.

10. at higit sa lahat, iwasanag magdala ng cam. Magiging tiga picture ka lang at tiga upload.