photo taken by someone who loves me and gets me

Red Dragon Con 2015 - Some Personal Highlights

I will try to keep this relatively short, but I can already tell that it won’t be so strap in. Or skip past now, I can’t tell you what to do. 

It’s been a few days since Red Dragon Con ended and I’m stuck in this weird limbo between being thrilled to tears that it happened, and saddened to tears that it’s over (what I’m saying is that I’m still really emotional ha ha). I really, really hope that they do another because this was without doubt the best weekend of my life thus far. It was incredible. I have never felt surrounded by so much love, enthusiasm and friendship before, so thank you all so much for making that happen. 

I met just a tonne of awesome fannibals, some of whom I’ve known online for a while, and it was awesome to put faces to names. I wish I could namedrop everyone, but my memory is awful and I don’t know everyone’s tumblr so I’m soooo sorry to everyone I’ve inevitably forgotten (I do love you all, I promise).

Anyway, I got to finally meet the gorgeous @dr-hanniballectermd who is awesome and beautiful and I love you, but you already know that <3 Met the fabulous @fearourfourthline who shed feathers all over our bathroom but was a perfectly lovely little ravenstag to room with, even if we fought about the proper pronunciation of tomato and when the correct time to eat a pancake is (you weird American). Hung out with @idontfindyouthatinteresting - it was really awesome to see you again darling, thank you for the cool free stuff and also for letting me drink your booze. Met the beautiful @whatkindofcrazy, super lovely and very funny, and someone else who was a real hoot and turned out to be @bansheegrahamtao - she did knock a glass of wine all over me, but I had just taken my shirt off, so it was entirely my fault.

And as for meeting the cast… Wow. I actually never thought I’d get to meet them so this was incredible for me, and they were all so friendly and funny, and so good to the fans. Getting photos with them and autographs was awesome, the panels were hilarious, the meet and greet was the most excited and nervous I’ve ever felt… Just amazing. Some highlights:

  • Kacey Rohl recognised me from the airport. She walked right past me while I was waiting at arrivals and I didn’t even spot her, whaaaaat?!
  • Aaron Abrams spotted my Hannibal tattoo at the meet and greet and got really excited about it.
  • Loretta Ramos showed up unexpectedly for the first night and was so lovely.
  • I gave Mads a postcard of my artwork at the meet and greet and he had to put on his glasses to look at it properly and pointed out all the characters on it and asked if I was a professional artist and said it was amazing (I’m dead now, RIP)
  • Met Katharine Isabelle and shook her hand, I’ve been a huge fan of hers even before Hannibal and she’s so funny and lovely <3
  • Scoott and Aaroon’s panels. Just everything about them. Pretending to jerk off Sean when he was introducing them, talking about Mads and Hugh snogging off camera, CopCop, take the diamond Rose, nobody puts Will in the corner… Amazing. These two should never be parted.
  • Mads constantly referring to himself as Hannibal during panels. And then trying to use the third person, but inevitably lapsing back to first person by the next question.
  • Can we talk about Mads signing autographs for almost 5 straight hours on Saturday, and still doing it with a smile on his face? He took time to speak to everyone and it was amazing of him. He is also really friendly and chilled out and seemed to make even the most nervous person relax, such a great guy.
  • I may have done a dumb thing when I went up for my autograph with him, and introduced him to the fandom joke that is the Chesapeake Stripper. I’ll let the picture he signed for me speak for itself… (I was wearing clothes, don’t worry, I’m not a psycho fan… A plaid corset and paisley tie under my prison clothes, it’s cool)

I think he found it funny. I don’t remember his reaction because I was too busy trying not to fall over from nerves.

Speaking of the dumb thing I did, I need to share with you Kacey’s reaction to the reveal of my costume because she was hilarious and her face made it 100% worth it:

(Thanks to @DrJLecter on Twitter for sending me this picture, shared with permission)

I do have some pictures of the costume itself but I’m hesitant to share them because I can already anticipate the shitty comments I’ll get. Apart from like one asshole, everyone there was really friendly about it ^-^ The Chesapeake Stripper shall return if we get another con, with more sequins.

I’m sad it’s over, but I had an amazing time and got some awesome stuff to remember it by:

Finally I wanted to share this picture I got with Mads. I was nervous and wasn’t sure what pose to ask for so I decided to keep it simple and get what most people seemed to be getting: ‘Could you put your arm around my shoulders?’

Mads somehow misunderstood this, bless him. He got behind me, put both his hands on me, put his face really close next to mine and said ‘Like this?’

I was so startled to have him so close that I think I gibbered something like ‘Yep, yep that’s just perfect’. Side note: he has very warm, soft hands. So yes, I am grinning like a lunatic in this picture, and I regret nothing.

To conclude, best weekend of my life thus far, it was amazing to meet you all, the cast is as lovely in real life as they look, @starfuryconventions did an incredible job, can’t wait until Red Dragon Con 2 (fingers crossed!), let’s make CopCop happen in the meantime, and also Hannibal season 4 obviously, see you next year hopefully, love you!
Experience: I am a Jedi
‘I have accepted that I will probably remain single for the rest of my life, but I refuse to change who I am’

When I first told friends and family that I was becoming a Jedi, they thought it was cool. But when I told them a year ago that I was going to wear the robes all the time and forsake all other clothes, a number found it strange. My girlfriend of six years left me, as she did not want to be seen in public with someone dressed like me. I had been happy with her, but I also had my faith to follow and if I lost that, I would no longer be who I am.

Some friends have stuck by me. One loves going out with me and we travel all over just so she can show me off. The reactions I get can be mixed, but children always ask if they can have their photo taken with me, and I’m happy to oblige. I find that the greatest reaction is from women over 50, who tell me they love the way I dress and the fact that I take great care with my appearance.

I have designed robes for different seasons, including warmer, waterproof ones for winter and cooler ones for summer. I choose to wear the robes as they reflect the origins of the Jedi, and I find them comfortable – they are less restrictive than jeans or a suit.

I recently went to my first science fiction convention and met fans and cosplayers who instantly accepted and understood me – although for me “cosplaying” would mean wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and not standing out. Sometimes I think that would be rather nice; I don’t do this for attention – it’s to keep me close to my faith.

“She lost him, but she found herself, and somehow that was everything.”

I lost someone who meant a lot to me. I lost someone who I never thought I would loose. I also lost part of myself, I felt like I would never truly be myself again. I went through a lot of rainstorms to get where I am today. I’m not fully clean, but I will get there. Thank you, Taylor. Thank you for giving me hope and the strength to move forward every day. With lots of love, Ry. 

PS: This photo was taken today. You liked my post the other night, and it made me really happy, so I’m smiling really big. 


So since today is the summer blackout day i thought i would take advantage of it.

Occasionally when i open tumblr i see photo challenges. Some include 6 selfies some include 6 fav albums others include 6 random objects. So last week i got this strange idea while medicating to take a photo of something i liked on my daily journey. So every morning when i left my house and went on with my day I would take a photo of something i liked.

 (All of these are taken with a phone)

I am by no means a photographer and struggle to even get a decent selfie but i am fully aware there is beauty all around us and for the most part you get used to seeing your surroundings everyday. But everyday i meet tourist or someone from overseas who loves where i live and for them it is a getaway where as for me it is something i want to get away from. So i changed my perspective and decided to snap a shot of objects i see on a daily basis.


Hey Taylor! I have been working on this book for about 5 months now and it is coming with me to the Manchester show for me to try and get it to someone who can give it to you.
It is full of letters and notes for you from people all over the world as well as photos and little pieces of artwork. I haven’t taken pictures of most of it because a lot of people’s letters are quite private but the last few pages are dedicated to Tumblr, I made a post and 802 people reblogged it to say how much they love you. I have written down all 802 URLs in the book!
I hope you get to read it one day!