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A small compilation of Team Voltron ~💖💙❤️💜💛💚😁

Photos 1, 2, 8, 10 taken by Hayley!!
Photo 6 taken by Bono!!
Photos 3, 7, 9 taken by me!
Photos 4 & 5 taken by Deathcom Media!

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Good morning, everyone! ☉ It’s been over a week but I feel like my health is finally returning! I was having a chat with @averageyoungwoman about going out to hunt for Spellbinding Raven Queen and it occurred to me that I have had Royally Ever After Apple (her companion doll) for a couple of years now and I’ve never taken any photos of her! Disaster. Well, here are her shoes to start with. I’ll catch you all later!

Range day with a Suppressed Benelli M4 (M1014) in 12 Gauge with a SilencerCo Salvo 12
Capacity: 7+1 Cartridges
A badass autoloading shotgun that has been widely used across the world by both military and police with it being very reliable.
Manufacturer- @benelli_usa @silencerco
Photo taken by- @tacticalyogagirl

I don’t usually repost fan photos from Instagram etc unless they’re something special - but it’s been a while since we’ve heard about Mr C and it’s always nice to see he’s out and about. 

This photo was taken on 14th Jan 2017 and shared by instagram user  clholgate. She notes: “ran into him at the Matthew Morrison show we were both attending. He was there with Jamie Donnelly. It was awesome to meet him and chat for a few minutes.”


Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

In 1936, a photographer taking pictures of the 300-year-old Raynham Hall in Norfolk, U.K., captured an image of an apparition floating down the stairs. It’s one of the most famous ghost photos ever taken, although some experts believe it was caused by double exposure.

The manor, covering an area of 7,000 acres (2,833 hectares), has a long history of being haunted, and the BBC notes that the ghost may be of Lady Dorothy Townshend, the wife of the second viscount of the estate. She died in 1726, supposedly of smallpox, after having an affair, which her husband Lord Townshend had learned about before her death. She is said to still wander the manor dressed in brown. (Image Credit: Photo by Hubert Provand, published in Country Life Magazine in 1936, courtesy of Wikimedia)

Image Credit: Photo by Hubert Provand, published in Country Life Magazine in 1936, courtesy of Wikimedia


横山由依 - Twitter - Mon 16 Jan 2017

Since it’s the day of strawberries (Ichi-go) yesterday
I have made some strawberry daifuku with that thought
And Sakura is now eating them🍓

Since it’s still iPhone6’s phone case, this photo seems to be taken by a hidden camera…

Good morning.

#iPhone7のケース #そろそろ #買わないとなぁ
#iPhone7’s case #soon #I have to buy it

宮脇 咲良 - Twitter - Mon 16 Jan 2017

@Yui_yoko1208 セピア色…😭おばぁちゃん家感…😭
Sepia…😭 It feels like grandma’s home…😭

anonymous asked:

i just remembered the last photo he posted of the baby on ig and that was the last pap walk he's done and i think he was so done you know the photo was taken inside a car in the fucking parking lot and we saw in the pap walk how he took the warning selfie and omg it was all in a parking lot

nothing like father freddie son bonding in a parking lot


I was tagged for the bias selfie tag by @zeungkwan thank you cutie!! ^^

This photo was literally taken 3 minutes ago so don’t mind the no make up look 😂

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