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Iconic Moments: Britney Spears performing, “I’m a Slave 4 U,” with a snake draped around her neck at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. Fifteen years later, Spears admitted that her iconic performance with the live python was “dumb.“

also, apparently “saved to your phone” is somewhat meaningless when you’ve got your photos synced over all your devices

good thing I’m largely a swamp goblin with no friends and nothing cool saved to his phone


#DearMuslims spread support for Muslims after NYC bombing — until it was stolen.

Terrell J. Star, a political correspondent at Fusion, launched #DearMuslims on Twitter to provide a stream of support for Muslims who are likely to face systemic racial profiling and Islamophobia after the bombs in NYC and NJ.

Starr offered tips to Muslims on how to safely handle racial profiling from police officers like making sure they have an ID at all times, syncing their photos to the cloud and more. And then came the disgusting response.

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Flickr, Now a Place Where All of Your Photos and Videos Can Live

By Tim A. Miller, Head of Engineering, Flickr

At Flickr, we’ve dreamed of creating a space where you can store and manage a lifetime’s worth of memories - imagine having half a million photos in one place! We’ve redesigned Flickr and now you can easily and effectively upload, view, organize, edit and share your lifetime of photos and videos across desktop and mobile. Today, we’re introducing a number of exciting tools, as well as a complete refresh to our mobile apps, that will help you take advantage of the 1,000 GB of free space we gave you in 2013.

What’s New?

New Uploadrs: Tap into what feels like unlimited storage with our new Uploadr for Mac and Windows. You can finally upload as many as half a million photos that would otherwise be scattered across your laptop, desktop, an external hard drive, iPhoto and more. Then, turn on Auto-Uploadr on your mobile device and free up valuable space on your phone. We’ll automatically sync the photos and videos across your devices as well as any new ones you capture. Don’t worry, anything uploaded will be marked private until you choose to share it and we’ll take care of any doubles.

A New Camera Roll in the Cloud: View your photos, videos and albums from anywhere - web or mobile - then browse through thousands of photos in seconds, easily navigating your entire catalog by date or by using the dynamic Magic View. Built with our advanced image recognition technology, the new Magic View will identify the content of your photos and organize them across more than 60 categories, such as landscapes, animals, screenshots, panoramas, black and white, symmetrical, and more. We’ve also made sharing your own photos and videos easier than ever. Simply swipe to select as few or as many as you’d like, click “Share” and then you can grab the link, share via email, Instagram, Facebook and more. If you want to download thousands of photos and videos at once, we’ve got you covered. For the first time, download them in zip format to share however you’d like.

Browse in seconds

Enjoy with Magic View 

Select & organize with ease

A New Search Experience: We’re also using our advanced image recognition technology to bring you innovative image search that is smarter, easier and faster than ever. Find photos of mountains or redwood trees in a flash! Filter images by color, size and orientation – discover some spectacular panoramic shots of the sky with blue and magenta hues or beautiful, minimalist, black and white images of cities. Next, look for photos of the London Eye to find the giant Ferris wheel and you’ll no longer find countless photos of eyes taken in London. Instead, our new advanced search algorithms understand your intent and bring you higher quality results time after time. Say you’re looking for a photo from your New Year’s Eve party - search by holiday, month, year or location. Now, in no time, you’ll uncover those special moments that you thought would be trapped in the archives forever.

Discover through search

New Mobile Apps: We’ve made the new Flickr consistent across devices and platforms so that you can enjoy the same amazing experience whether you’re looking at a lifetime of images or videos on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android, or on the web.

If you’re already a Flickr member, enjoy these updates by logging into your Yahoo account at and updating our app from the App Store or from the Play Store. The desktop Uploadr for Windows and Mac are available too. If you’re new to Flickr, we’d love to welcome you to our community today!