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heyo guys :’) I may not be posting for a while because of a few!!!reasons:

a) my phone got stolen today so all my photos are gone atm,,,i’m so sad wow,,,,so yeah waiting for the police to get back to me or i’ll try and see if my photos were synced in the first place or just pray that i can get my phone back at some point 

b) school ain’t going /too/ well, and i’ll be studying for my exams for the next 1.5 month of so (for my mid-terms/SA1) so I might not have as much time!!!to post notes haha since they’d be incomplete and what not

c) overall 2017 has been a pretty bad year for this mochi over here so far at least so wew emo toll so yeah i’m trying to be more active!!!but this is just a disclaimer type thing :’)

hope yall understand or what not


#DearMuslims spread support for Muslims after NYC bombing — until it was stolen.

Terrell J. Star, a political correspondent at Fusion, launched #DearMuslims on Twitter to provide a stream of support for Muslims who are likely to face systemic racial profiling and Islamophobia after the bombs in NYC and NJ.

Starr offered tips to Muslims on how to safely handle racial profiling from police officers like making sure they have an ID at all times, syncing their photos to the cloud and more. And then came the disgusting response.

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Shih Tzu Upgrades to iOS 9, Immediately Regrets It

Puchi’s mobile devices were all working great. Her photos were synced. She loved using Instagram and Tumblr. And her weather app always notified her when it was time to stay in from the rain and snuggle.

That all changed on Wednesday when she got a little notification.

“It was nagging her to upgrade to iOS 9,” says Beth Malkoff, a friend of the connected pup. “I know she had been putting it off for a few weeks. But that notification wouldn’t go away.”

So she embarked on the upgrade. And it all went downhill from there.

“Suddenly, she couldn’t sync her photos with iCloud,” Malkoff tells The Fluffington Post. “Her phone was moving in slow motion, and she had all sorts of connectivity issues.”

The same was true for her iPad. After attempting a number of DIY fixes via Google, she eventually called in the big guns.

“I had to re-install the OS from scratch after backing up all her data,” says Winston Carlyle, an Apple Store employee who fixed Puchi’s devices at the Genius Bar. “I’m not sure what the issue was, but that did the trick.”

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Within a span of 48 hours back in November, Norman posted J Macias “Several Shades of Why” as well as a picture of a chick on a motorcycle. Then a NORMILY winter sync photo of a winter jacket and hat. Emily posted the infamous Daryl booty pic, the Polaroid with no nail polish where you can see her trailer floor, and then says “slowly starting to feel more alive”…

And… We also had the Bethfoot picture.

😁😁😁 gimmi Sunday already, and the next.