photo studio group


Work updates via Instagram! (@pixelsandpencils)

1. WDAS takes a studio group photo

2. We had a rather prickly visitor the other day

3. Frozen is now the 6th highest grossing film OF ALL TIME!

4. Mondo Tees did a gorgeous Frozen poster. Now Anna & Elsa can keep Ralph company on the wall of my office.

5. Big Hero 6 research. I get to read comic books at work. Tough life!

anonymous asked:

I love you. Your work is truly beautiful and unique. How is life treating you?

Thank you :)
Everythings been good recently, trying to keep busy and have been exploring a lot.  I think life always feels overwhelming to me and I’m getting more used to it.  I spent the weekend in a rural town with some friends and went into a mining cave and collected bones in a big bag at night. I’m settling in and looking into renting a photo studio and getting a group of people to model around here also