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I was tagged by the lovely @marshmallowsourwolf for the 6 selfie challenge, but because I’m a reluctant selfie-taler, I couldn’t actually find 6 of them!

So instead, I’ll post one pic of myself, where I think I actually look pretty okay.

I won’t tag, because I’ve basically cheated at this game, but if anyone wants to do it go for it!


It’s finally done!! I haven’t exactly been making a lot of art this summer, so I was determined to make something great, in case it’s the only decent artwork I’m able to make  ┐(‘~`;)┌  but here it is!!

Inspired from the digital still life I had as an assignment from my Intro to Digital Design class I had last semester. I originally really wanted to bring in the skull jar you see above, but I completely forgot to bring in the props and had to use items I had on hand for the assignment (a galaxy bow, my Pikachu button, and my Yggdrasill pocket watch). It was really nice to work on this in my own software, with my own tablet, rather than working with the school’s tablet & software.

I worked really, really hard on this, I’m so happy it’s complete (✿ ♥‿♥)

I had once been asked by a friend, “How did life become so beautiful?” for her project. I answered:

For me, personally, life is composed of extraordinary and complicated things which completes the abstract that we know we live in. But, like in every art, it’s the smallest brushstrokes in every single detail that shows off and starts the complexity of the whole painting - life.

It’s the smallest things that make more meaning than the biggest picture. Simple things like the small breeze on my face, an ant carrying food n-times its weight, a small flower amidst a thousand other flowers in the garden, a bird chirping at the start of the morning, and other small forgetful things that makes life beautiful.

It reminds us that there is still innocence in the middle of a complicated and somehow eerily dark world society has made for itself.

Until now, I still look back to what I had answered because sometimes I need to be reminded of it as well. 

Hehehe! Bunny slippers!

I sat on mom’s foot today while I ate my kale. She loved it, took lots of photos. I’m still shedding, although now I don’t have patches where hair is missing, despite mom’s pulling all my shedding hair tufts out! She works on them in the morning and at night. I am quite annoyed by it. She says I don’t eat enough hay to be left alone… what a bunch of crap! Although I have slowed down on my hay 😮 the excitement over it has worn off and now I see it as just a snack. I still love to hop in my hay basket, though ;)

Love & hops,

Do you really want to test the rage of the Queen of Atlantis?

As much as I hated my Mera, I love this photo from @futurephotographybym3
I still have a newer design on the back burner.
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