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Sempiternal video stats as of 13th November 2016 [ i n s p ]

~ Oct. 5th ~

Today was a very productive day. I met with the admissions rep from University of Redlands this morning and have been on top of all of my AP Statistics HW these past few weeks. I have to study for a quiz on Tuesday next week but I’m feeling confident!

(also sososo sorry i haven’t posted anything in weeks, senior year has been stressful but i’m managing) :)

Beleaguered (Or, Not Everyone Enjoys The Same Relationship With Social Media)

      A sloppy attempt at Light Poetry (while breaking the rules, as usual, and hiding out in Free Verse 8-D)

 This is in absolutely no way meant to offend. I had a hilarious conversation with a multi-generational group of women, the other day. It made me laugh. Hopefully, the following will do the same for you:

She ofttimes said (with pride and glee), “Facebook is the Devil!”
Avoiding travels to the past —each reunion revel
Still, near-grown kids have a way of getting what they want
And, soon Old Mom had an account, ouvert par l'enfant.

Thumbs up, babies; click the kitties; sports teams on parade
Faces befogged with time gone by; offense, she would evade
Friend-ing, liking, stalking? Dodging lunch date invitations
Squabbles, real-time with her spouse ( —she planned no assignations)

Supper photos; gym stat updates; fundraising renewals;
Virtual farming; weather info; monsoons of shiny jewels;
Bikini selfies; thirsty comments (alarming in amounts);
Surveys; quizzes; politics; adverse bulletin accounts

Fly high Freak-Flag,” “Get up, Stand up!”* “Equality for all!”
“Hey, POTUS,”
Tea Cups blame SCOTUS, “Frugality will fall!”
“Punch the clock; riot for rights! Join in, show your support!”
“Block the Beltway! S'ciety slumps, don’t let women abort!”

A life cocooned –on purpose, arduously obstructed,
Comfort found inside her head where order was conducted
Deluged; bored; feeling harassed, traversing online —a chore,
She vowed, once her kid moved back to school —she’d Facebook NO MORE

*ref (Bob Marley

© kneipho 2015-17  (Revised to format and update artwork: 2017)

~Progress Photo~

Height: 5'10
Starting weight: 260 lbs
Current weight: 248 lbs.
Goal weight: 160 lbs.

Two weeks of cutting out soda, eating better, and exercising 4-5 times a week. I’ve noticed a big difference not only in my clothes fitting better/looser but my stamina has definitely improved. I don’t get so worn out at work anymore and I have so much more energy.

anonymous asked:

Lmao ok lets forget the dragons. What do you think of Emilias new hair cause I'm mixed on it.

Omg I just found out about it! I have the BIGGEST crush on Dany, literally anyone who knows me knows that! The Birthday I celebrated, my cake had a chocolate Iron throne sitting on it & “I will do what Queens do, I will rule” written on it instead of Happy Birthday.  I love this woman!  The last time I had it this bad for a female character was Xena, when I was a kid.  But the weird thing is, I’ve always found Emilia attractive in a very platonic way.  I have never been so confused as I was when I saw that picture, she dyed her hair silver blonde? Like Dany? What? Damn! Damn! Damn! Too hot, hot damn!  I need a photo shoot stat… Like this…

Originally posted by wavee

But can you imagine? For the first time, it won’t be a wig but her actual silver blonde hair being styled.. I’m excited! I’m super stoked! I might have died and come back to life after I found out hahaha

Ah this first photo. Wow. Haha.

First photo: 2012?? (I think) -110kgs (242lbs)
*just a guess as I didn’t weigh myself until I was about 106kgs a fair while after that photo was taken and I started my journey.
Second photo: Today (4/10/15) -74kgs (163lbs)

Almost the same outfit. The pants are just a different colour of the same style but I owned them both at the same time.
In the first photo I remember literally always wearing tank tops and those pants, never wore shorts, I was too big by that stage, which was depressing as I had always worn shorts in the past. But yeah now most of my wardrobe is too big which is cool to experience as I never thought it would happen to me in a million years that something would be too loose. I can’t describe the feeling I get when I try on something in a clothing store and have to go get it in a size smaller because it’s too big. I remember trying on a size 18 jumper in Kmart once when I was big and I cried because it didn’t fit, not even close. Now I’m a comfortable size 12 (Australian sizing)

They say that losing weight doesn’t make you happier, but I disagree. I’m so much more comfortable and healthy in my new body than I ever was when I was big. I still have a way to go. I have loose skin and extra belly fat that I don’t want and I would like to tone up a little bit, so I’m not stopping here. I’m going to keep going until I reach my goal!! :)

@battymarionette replied to your photo:

lol, your stats are still better than mine                    

*flexes intimidatingly* I think i was judging myself against the survey results on the site. i think it was a ‘hall of heroes’ or ‘hall of fame’ or smthn, lol. I wish to be stonk in both strength and constitution. I’ll have to work out more~

Ah! Here are the druid dice, btw. and some white chocolate truffles

They are green *_*

I’m such a fake dnd fan tho, lol. The group I wanted to join fell apart before we even made any progress. So sad. So suffer.

Bleach characters! Hitsugaya is a male model! Your reactions?

As requested by anon. :)


So! What’s interesting about this list is that it was requested *before* Hitsugaya made his transformation into adult hunk form. The list is set “now,”  but since most people don’t actually know about Hitsugaya’s transformation, there won’t be *too* many jokes about it! Anyway, Bleach characters, you just found out that Hitsugaya is a male model. Your reactions?

Yukio: Ha! Why would that weaselly little punk be a model? Who’d want to look at his face?

Riruka: Here is a recent picture of Hitsugaya.




Nanao: Captain Hitsugaya is a male mode?

Nanano: …


Nanao: We will make ALL the money.

Karin: Huh. Well I hope he models athletic wear. 

Yuzu: Yeah! ‘Cause then you’d see him in your magazines!


 I can’t believe the captain is a male model!

Matsumoto: And without me as his manager!

Hinamori: To think that that tiny, watermelon-eating child grew up to be a captain and a male model…

Aizen: I for one saw this coming. Hitsugaya is a prodigy not only in power, but also in highly symmetrical features.

Ikkaku: Plus he takes of his hair WAY too much for a captain!

Kenpachi: …

Ikkaku: N-not that there’s anything wrong with spending a long time on your hair, of course!

Ukitake: I just can’t believe he kept this a secret! To think of all of the photo-shoot gift baskets I never got to give him!

Kyoraku: Hitsugaya is ambitious to be sure. In a hundred years, he may be the greatest male model Soul Society has ever seen. 

 I just can’t believe it, though! Captain Hitsugaya? A male model?

Rukia: Isn’t it obvious, you fool?

Rukia: He’s following in the footsteps of his older brother, who is clearly a model!

Renji: Of course! That must be it!

(Older) Hitsugaya: Yes…I am so proud of…him.


Byakuya: Really?