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Sempiternal video stats as of 13th November 2016 [ i n s p ]

I got to hold the tiniest fluff of a puppy today and it was glorious. His name was Bear and I could probably support his body with one hand as he was 90% fluff and cuteness, 10% sleepy puppy.

Ah this first photo. Wow. Haha.

First photo: 2012?? (I think) -110kgs (242lbs)
*just a guess as I didn’t weigh myself until I was about 106kgs a fair while after that photo was taken and I started my journey.
Second photo: Today (4/10/15) -74kgs (163lbs)

Almost the same outfit. The pants are just a different colour of the same style but I owned them both at the same time.
In the first photo I remember literally always wearing tank tops and those pants, never wore shorts, I was too big by that stage, which was depressing as I had always worn shorts in the past. But yeah now most of my wardrobe is too big which is cool to experience as I never thought it would happen to me in a million years that something would be too loose. I can’t describe the feeling I get when I try on something in a clothing store and have to go get it in a size smaller because it’s too big. I remember trying on a size 18 jumper in Kmart once when I was big and I cried because it didn’t fit, not even close. Now I’m a comfortable size 12 (Australian sizing)

They say that losing weight doesn’t make you happier, but I disagree. I’m so much more comfortable and healthy in my new body than I ever was when I was big. I still have a way to go. I have loose skin and extra belly fat that I don’t want and I would like to tone up a little bit, so I’m not stopping here. I’m going to keep going until I reach my goal!! :)

Bleach characters! Hitsugaya is a male model! Your reactions?

As requested by anon. :)


So! What’s interesting about this list is that it was requested *before* Hitsugaya made his transformation into adult hunk form. The list is set “now,”  but since most people don’t actually know about Hitsugaya’s transformation, there won’t be *too* many jokes about it! Anyway, Bleach characters, you just found out that Hitsugaya is a male model. Your reactions?

Yukio: Ha! Why would that weaselly little punk be a model? Who’d want to look at his face?

Riruka: Here is a recent picture of Hitsugaya.




Nanao: Captain Hitsugaya is a male mode?

Nanano: …


Nanao: We will make ALL the money.

Karin: Huh. Well I hope he models athletic wear. 

Yuzu: Yeah! ‘Cause then you’d see him in your magazines!


 I can’t believe the captain is a male model!

Matsumoto: And without me as his manager!

Hinamori: To think that that tiny, watermelon-eating child grew up to be a captain and a male model…

Aizen: I for one saw this coming. Hitsugaya is a prodigy not only in power, but also in highly symmetrical features.

Ikkaku: Plus he takes of his hair WAY too much for a captain!

Kenpachi: …

Ikkaku: N-not that there’s anything wrong with spending a long time on your hair, of course!

Ukitake: I just can’t believe he kept this a secret! To think of all of the photo-shoot gift baskets I never got to give him!

Kyoraku: Hitsugaya is ambitious to be sure. In a hundred years, he may be the greatest male model Soul Society has ever seen. 

 I just can’t believe it, though! Captain Hitsugaya? A male model?

Rukia: Isn’t it obvious, you fool?

Rukia: He’s following in the footsteps of his older brother, who is clearly a model!

Renji: Of course! That must be it!

(Older) Hitsugaya: Yes…I am so proud of…him.


Byakuya: Really?

Fanfiction by the numbers -- An article from NY Magazine

You may recognise some of the lads in this March 2015 article from a NY Magazine issue.

On ‘Fanfiction’ and fandoms on the internet. (Spoiler: people really like One Direction):

Well this next bit certainly comes as a surprise. 

It’s almost like people genuinely seriously think Harry and Louis are in a relationship. 

How is this still a mystery to people? It’s been 5 years.

anonymous asked:

Show me the receipts of this Lexa's tongue that you speak of!!!

lmao OKAY i brightened, cropped, and slowed down part of a gif from this lovely gifset so you can see!

initially you see clarke’s tongue, but as lexa tilts her head more you can see hers. as i type this i realize it seems like a bit of a reach lol, but that movement isn’t clarke’s tongue or lexa’s lip!

okay here maybe this is a better view (edited from this gifset): you can see lexa’s tongue getting ready, then clarke’s tongue licks out, then lexa’s moves forward to meet clarke’s tongue and clarke’s lips close around it. 

this is either the best or the worst post i have ever made