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The Columbus Zoo has been Jon’s holy grail since we started dating. 

It’s been his goal to go. 

We have, literally, tried to go three different times. And each time we tried to go something always happened. 

I got the flu. 

There was a torrential downpour. 

We ended up not having time. 

So this time Jon laid down the law a month before we left. We were going to the zoo. 

I hadn’t been in 7 or 8 years. It was just as fantastic as I remember. My parents also joined us, and it was so nice for them to have that one on one time with Bronson. 

Bronson’s favorite part were the chickens in the petting zoo. That and the “BIG Chicken!” aka the Bald Eagle. 

My favorite was the baby elephant that was frolicking in the water 8 feet away from me. It was amazing. We stood there for 20 minutes, just watching him. He was the cutest ever. 

Jon’s favorite were the polar bears. Who were pretty damn adorable. 

If you ever get the chance to go to the Columbus Zoo, go. Jack Hanna does not fuck around. 


And we went to a baseball game! 

Bronson passed out during the first inning and didn’t wake up until the bottom of the 6th. 

True story. When this kid is done, he is D-O-N-E. He can sleep pretty much anywhere. As long as he has a bink (p.s. bink is going bye bye at the end of this month. send wine. and xanax.) and his blanket he is good to go. It comes in pretty handy. 

We ended up leaving after the 7th inning because the Reds were playing like shit. After we left they rallied a come back in the 9th, tied it up, and won in extra innings. They only won because we left. Obviously we were a jinx. 

We had fantastic seats, and my parents got to go with us too. 

It was way too hot (like 90). But we had a great time. We might have to make it a tradition.