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Warnings: VERY DARK! Mentions of violence, kidnapping, obsession. Darkest thing I have EVER written. 

Pairings: Yandere!T’Challa x fem!supermodel reader, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff. 

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As a model, you’d gotten lots of attention for as long as you could remember. You’d even gotten some obsessive, unwanted attention. You never knew that one of your admires would turn out to be the King of Wakanda. You also never believed you’d end up in a photo shoot with the Avengers. To say you were giddy was an understatement. You weren’t expecting that day to turn out the way it did.

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Here’s my pretty baby Smokey. From a .5 second photo shoot in my dark room while he was lying on my stomach. He’s part Main Coon and around 18-22 pounds. My neck died taking these photos on my phone instead of an actual camera and I’m rambling, sorry, I love him so much. He’s a good cat. And old. Around 9 I think. I’ll also submit photos of my dogs if I can get them to sit still long enough.

Funky. Looks like he’s at the club tbh. Party cat.



Impromptu Photo shoot in my living room. Photo by Jessica Perez objects-of-affection

OUTFIT : Hat- Vintage

             Denim chambray- H&M mens

            Striped Tank- American Apparel

            Black Skinny pants- GAP

            Boots- Vintage, American Vintage (store)


these r 6 selfies from my New York trip!!!! The first one was after my dad and I had ran over to little Italy to eat way too much pasta and cannolis and like the southern calfornians we r didn’t think about an umbrella, the 2nd is Willa and I in the middle of Times Square before getting yelled at for spinning into some lady, the 3rd is before heading to the photo shoot in my hotel room when I thought my skin looked good, the 4th is mid photo shoot w purple eye shadow and those little hair chippy things you always see on fashion tv, the 5th is on the plane back feeling v tired & not lookin 2 hot!!! these were all taken in under 24 hours


@flavntstreetwear he/him/his pins 👌🏼

Fun fact: I have this weird compulsion where I need to match the colors I’m wearing. So in order to take pictures of these awesome pins I had a lot of costume changes (complete with matching boxers) and I basically had a photo shoot alone in my room.

Fun fact: I’m a loser.

The Photo Shoot Part 1 (Dylan O'Brien AU)

I rush out of my dressing room with a blue toothbrush in my mouth, and my long light brown hair up in a side ponytail. I dance down the hallway with Move by Little Mix stuck on repeat inside my head. I throw open the doors to the shooting room and greet my manager Sophie after I set my tooth brush down in a cup on the counter, “Hey Soph! What we doin today?” I ask raising my eyebrows at the short, blonde adult with a personality sweet as honey, which is hard to come by in this business. Don’t get me wrong though, if you do something to wrong her or me she will go as crazy as Big Joe when he doesn’t get his doughnuts. Speaking of Big Joe, I swivel my head and eye the snack table and see Big Joe snagging some of the doughnuts, “Save some for me please!” I say waving over at him and receiving a blunt nod.

            “Adri! Good to see you’re already for your shoot!” Sophie says looking at my Mets baseball uniform; one of my biggest celebrity crushes is a huge Mets fan so I was happy when I saw my outfit! I wouldn’t consider my self to be a celebrity, I mean some people know me but most just see me as some pretty, tall brunette. I know what you’re thinking ‘Omg Adri you’re so conceited thinking your pretty’ but let me just stop you right there! It is not conceited to think you are pretty, don’t let anyone tell you different, its called self confidence and it’s a good thing! So ladies, and guys, keep your chins high and don’t let other people decide what you think about yourself!

            “Yup! Did you plan this cause you know Dylan O’Brien loves the Mets and that I love Dylan O’Brien?” I say poking her playfully. I see some strange emotion cross across her face but she covers it up with a smile.

            “Of course Hun!” She smiles giving me a warm smile, “Now go grab the baseball bat and cap and head to the cameras!” She says pushing me over to the rack where the items are. I pick up the hat and put it in a cute side position on my head and grab the bat, sashaying over to in front of the cameras. A few ladies come over and adjust my make up, reapplying my eyeliner making my blue eyes look brighter, drawing those black steaks on my defined cheek bones. I give them small thanks before they scurry back off into their cave of powders and lip sticks.

            I adjust my ponytail of curled hair so it’s showing to the camera. I pose the bat so it’s leaning against my shoulder as I pop one of my feet. A couple snaps go off and I hear the door to the studio open but I don’t give it any thought since random people come in and out all the time. I keep my eyes trained on the camera and switch my pose so I’m leaning on the bat with one elbow, my chin resting on my hand as my hand is posed on my hip. I hear a low whistle and my cheeks heat up knowing someone new is here since everyone else knows to never do that. I glance my eyes open and I think I’m having a dream because there in front of me was Tyler Posey, Daniel Sharman, and Dylan freaking O’Brien. Did you just hear the sound of an explosion in the distance? Because that was the sound of my mind, heart and feels exploding.

            My mouth drops open as my eyes look over the devilishly handsome boys who anger me with their good looks to no end. I see Dylan’s gorgeous hazel eyes roaming down me in my Mets jersey, his lips slightly parted. Tyler nudges him slightly and his gaze snaps back to mine a small blush on his cheeks. Sophie steps out from behind them a devious smile on her face as she walks over to me, my photo shoot now on pause in case you thought they would still be snapping pictures of my confusion. “Adri! I’d like you to meet your photo shoot partners for the Hearts for Paws organization!” She chirps happily. I give her a shocked look before trying to regain my composure, which is hard when I feel like I’m going to hyperventilate and have the urge to flee from the room. I turn to the boys giving them a sheepish smile, hey at least Tyler Hoechlin isn’t here so I have my Sterek feels under control.

            “Hi!” I say giving them a timid wave, “I’m Adri!” I say walking over to them and hold my hand out for Tyler to shake.

            “I’m a hugger!” He shouts gleefully pulling me into his arms and twirling me around, “Tyler!” He says setting me down. I quirk my lips to the side questioning if I should be cliché and say ‘I know!’ Or just smile on move on… lets just be cliché why not?

            “I know!” I say poking him playfully; I have a thing for poking people so don’t even question it! He gives me a smile showing off his dimples and I side step to Daniel who is standing next to him “Well I can’t just hug one of you and not the others right?” I say as an excuse to hug him and Dylan. I give him a big hug and step back again.

“Daniel.” He says and I nod showing him I know. The butterflies in my stomach increase as I once again side step like an awkward little kid and stand sheepishly in front of Dylan.

 He must’ve noticed my shyness because he steps up to me a goofy grin on his face as he wraps his arms around my waist. If anyone asks about how Adri Smith died you can all point your accusing fingers at Dylan O’Brien. Don’t tell my English teacher I told you point, she says that’s rude! I return the hug after a moment of shock and no I’m not going to explain to you how glorious he smelled… but seriously what kind of guy smells like vanilla and the beach did he just get frebreezed or something? Oops I may or may not have told you how he smelled just… just pretend that didn’t happen.

I pull away from the hug first worried if I didn’t let go I’d latch on forever. I give him a small smile and turn back to Sophie, “Hearts for Paws?” I ask tilting my head to the side slightly before a big grin crosses my face, “Does that mean we get to work with dogs?” I ask excitedly. I love dogs, dogs are the most adorable things on the earth no comparison… but cats are good too!

Tyler sarcastically puts a hand over his heart faking sadness, “Hey we aren’t dogs!” He jokes and I crinkle my nose at him.

“Yes indeed!” Sophie says ignoring Tyler’s comment. Indeed is such a proper word for Sophie, probably trying to be professional around the guys… I should probably do that too.

“So lets get this thing started!” Dylan says clapping his hands together as he glances between Sophie and I. Sophie nods and sends us all off this way and that to receive our wardrobe. I end up getting dressed up and a teal skirt, the ones that all the girls wear these days, and a black muscle tee that says puppy love in teal. When I come out of my dressing room I run straight into Dylan who smoothly catches me before I fall onto my butt. “You alright?” He says clearly trying not to laugh at my clumsiness, I mean what person almost gets knocked over by just running into someone.

“Yeah,” I say laughing at my self, “Thanks for um.. catching me!” I say as he sets me upright again. I look at his outfit and my heart speeds up again, I’m going to have a word with the costume designer for letting this boy wear black skinny jeans and a teal shirt that has a black paw print on it. Wait teal…corresponding outfits… That’s when what’s happening finally is clear in my mind, I’m about to be in a photo shoot with the one and only Dylan O’Brien.