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Ellie Davies’ NASA-Inspired Photo Series Captures The Everyday Beauty of Starry Nights

Ellie Davies grew up in an ancient forest in England – the sort of place where fairy tales, both dark and whimsical, are set. So she understands firsthand that woodlands can exude a magical aura difficult to capture with the stark reality of a photograph.

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So About Haru...

Out of all the wonderful Free! characters

Haru is my personal favorite

And I think KyoAni deeply appreciates him too, 

otherwise they wouldn’t grace us with this

or this 

or this

and certainly not this.

But besides the fanservice, Haru is also such a symbol of strength.

He has his eccentricities,

like this

and this

and this

and of course, this.

But he still stands by his desires

demands his personal space

and does whatever the fuck he wants

no matter what other people think.

But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t struggle

and suffer either.

 But people admire him anyway

for his swimming

amongst other reasons…

But maybe it’s also because

 in more ways than one

Haru is


This set was a happy accident when Martin and I were shooting. At the last minute we saw this location, felt inspired, tousled my hair, and had tons of fun creating remarkable magic. 

Shooting with Martin is always an inspirational and lively experience. He’s unbelievably talented, extremely driven, and a pleasure to be around! 


Model: Michele Maturo

MUA: makeupbylucky

Photo set ‘Make like a tree’ snapped by martin-depict


‘Panoplies’ - models: Elizabeth Erm, Magdalena Frackowiak - photographer: Giampaolo Sgura - fashion editor: Claire Dhelens, Celia Azoulay - hair: Laurent Philippon - make-up: Lloyd Simmonds - Vogue Paris December/January 2014-2015 - designer: Dior Resort 2015

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Day 145 | “Blend”

I would always look upwards when I’m taking an elevator at a mall with roof windows, observing the beauty of nature slowly creeping into man made buildings.

Blending in and forming into a new scene, a new kind of beauty.

By the way, nothing much is going on other than the fact that I’m almost buried with Color Grading work.  Yay!