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Can I get some bichie headcanons?

they’ve always had a secret handshake but now that they’re boyfriends, it’s just longer and more complex and none of the other losers can ever keep up

✿ the coolest freaking dates !! they bet on who’s gonna win air hockey in the arcade before they ever buy their movie tickets, whoever loses has to buy the snacks. they star gaze on bill’s roof and play with each other’s hair. they drag the sofa from bill’s living room to the garage so they can have movie marathons on the projector

photo booth boyfriends. richie uses a photo booth strip of bill and him kissing and smiling as a book mark. that was their first kiss!!! ever since they always make sure to stop and buy one, at the movies or the derry town fair

✿ one day bill bought his record player to richie’s house and they sat in his bed room with no other noise than the cure playing. richie’s window was open to let the smoke of the cigarette he was smoking blow outside. by the time the second to last song of the album started playing, the boys were hazey sleepy and their limbs were tangled together as they cuddled. bill sleepily said he loved richie and nuzzled his nose into his neck, richie thought about it for a second and came to the conclusion that, yeah he loved bill too

 speaking of which! bill can literally fall asleep anywhere so richie keeps a blanket in his old pick up truck and covers bill up whenever he slumps over and starts snoring in the passenger seat

✿ ALSO they love the cure and bill is okay at air guitar but richie is better and richie plays dashboard drums while he drives

 bill tries to help richie practice the yo-yo but they both agree that beverly is the yo-yo goddess. richie also jokes about the fact the two used to date and he does things like, “oh bill? our boyfriend? yeah he’s good thanks for asking!”

 they take georgie out trick or treating and richie stays on his best behavior but after wards they smash old rotten jack o lanterns and play ding dong ditch together

richie loves PDA and has to hold bill’s hand all the time or have his arm around his waist or something. bill didn’t know he liked PDA that much until he started dating richie and he likes it bc they’re always sweet subtle touches and nothing gross in public!

bill borrows ALL of richie’s clothes.. everyone thinks it’s the other way around because lots of richie’s shirts are over sized and don’t really fit him, but they are bill’s exact size and he steals all of his plaid shirts and leaves him with the floral hawaiian ones