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Brendon Urie Photo Prints available in my store!

Photo Print: Theatre Café 🎭☕️


hey guys! I’ve recently opened an etsy shop for my photography!! it would really help if you checked it out; ofc you don’t have to but i’d appreciate it :D ❤️

Hello friends!

So i know i’m not a big popular blog or anything but i just wanted to put myself out there and express myself. And part of that experience for me is having the confidence to put my photos online and maybe even allowing people to purchase my photographs.

Not gonna lie, i’m kinda nervous to post this but i’ll give it a shot. @jennifersphotographs <— this is my photography blog and i really appreciate likes and reblogs (especially since it’s a new blog and hasn’t had much exposure) And if someone liked enough to buy it?! i’d write a cute lil note expressing my thanks when i mailed the photo print to them wow.

gosh this got long. thank you for taking the time to read this. i hope everyone is having a good day!