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If it’s true that we photograph the things that we are afraid to lose, then it’s saddening to think that maybe this generation, the so-called selfie generation, aren’t really just a bunch of narcissitic fools and attention seeking people, but rather a bunch of individuals afraid to lose themselves. Isn’t it disheartening? That in this age of technology and fast communication gateways, there are more and more individuals that capture their own photos to preserve and have memories of who they are.
—  cynthia go // The things we are afraid to lose
Fathers Day

Happy fathers day to all my followers even if you don’t have a father! Happy fathers day for moms who don’t need a boyfriend/husband to sustain yourself or your children! You deserve the title of being both parents! <3

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Idea @nickiwinchester97 Had kindly given me. I switched it up a bit and it came out alright. <3

You didn’t like fathers day. A day rewarding fathers for all they’ve done and sacrificed for their children. For you it was another day reminding you that your father had long left this world before you even got to know him. Your brothers had pictures of the three of them together and you couldn’t help but feel jealous—Always telling yourself that your father didn’t love you and never wanted to do anything with you.

Those feelings came bursting out. You felt abandoned, vulnerable, lonely, and empty. You couldn’t help but feel unwanted.

“(Y/n)?” Sam walked into your shared bedroom with furrowed eyebrows and a deep frown.

“Did dad ever love me?” Croaking between your sobs you look at Sam with hopeful eyes.

“Of course he did.” He rushed to your side and scooped you into his arms in an effort to console you.

“Why aren’t there any pictures of us then? All I see is you, De, and dad. Never of me” Your voice was muffled as you spoke into his shirt, Tears staining the soft fabric.

“Dean? Can you come over here?” Sam called his older brother in hope that you would feel better.

“What? (Y/n) is everything okay?-” Dean began to speak after looking at your broken form.

“Bring that photo album.” Sam instructed, Knowing that his brother knew what he was talking about.

“Photo album?” Repeating his words curiously you fixed yourself in his lap to a more comfortable position, Sniffling quietly.

“Yeah. There’s something Sam and I want to show you” Dean’s voice gained your full attention.

Dean sat next to you, And now you were sandwiched between your brothers. He wiped dust off the album, Revealing in messy writing a title. 

Family Album

You looked at your brother for an answer, But they both motioned you to look at the album. Dean skipped the first pages and went into the last couple ones.

“Look” He pointed at a photo of a woman carrying a baby in her arms while your father had his gaze set on it.

“Who is that?” Questioning the weird photo you look at your brothers for an explanation.

“That’s you. You were just 6 months old.” Sam smiled, Looking down at the perfectly preserved photo.

“Me?! Is that dad?!” You exclaimed, Excited. Pointing at the photo you smile.

“Yeah. He didn’t even notice we took the photo” Sam smiles at the happy memory.

Dean points at another photo, This time it was your father carrying you on his shoulders while wearing a party hat.

“That was your first birthday. And this was the time you got your ears pierced. And that was the very first time you went to a zoo. The giraffe licked your hand and you started crying. That’s you at the park—You fell down the monkey bars and scraped your knees. You cried until dad kissed it better.” Dean pointed at different photos while explaining the story behind them.

“Wow.. But I don’t remember any of this..” You whisper, Taking in every detail of the photos.

“Well now you know about them.” Sam ruffled your hair with a bright smile.

“And this is a family portrait” Dean smiled softly.

The very last photo was you cradled in your fathers arms, Dean and Sam at his side smiling proudly.

“Dad loved you like you were his whole world (Y/n) There’s nothing that can change that” Dean closed the album and put it aside, Hoping that eased your feelings.

“Thank you so much guys” You jump up and hug them tightly, Kissing both of their cheeks in the process.

“No problem. No more crying alright?” Dean raised an eyebrow and waited for your response.

“No more crying. Happy fathers day guys. Even though dad is dead I’ve been blessed with two other wonderful brothers in my life. I love you guys so much”

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What would fun at a Fair be without a good Puppet Show? Well, in this set piece a Puppet Show is being led by Harry Rabbit and his juggling son Jack Rabbit. Harry is seen puppeteering a puppet of a Gypsy and Russian dancer. Other puppets seen on the rack are inspired by the likes of a Roaring 20s gal, a cowboy, a clown, an artist, a Keystone Cop and a Latin dancer. His son Jack on the other hand is seen juggling balls under the blacklight environment. This entire scene was elaborate under blacklight and was aided by a Calliope of the famed Knott’s Bear-y Tales song! Photo Courtesy Knott’s Preserved

Jumin: V, I need you to come over immediately. It’s an emergency 

V: I’m on my way, what happened?

Jumin: MC fell asleep on my chest and can’t get a proper picture of her. I need a photo to preserve this moment.

V: … Jumin…are..are you asking me to come over to take a photo of your sleeping girlfriend?

Jumin: Yes.

V: Jumin, no I’m not doing that.

Jumin: Does our friendship mean nothing to you.


Bentley S2, 1960. Owned by the rhythm guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for The Kinks, Sir Ray Davies, will go under the hammer at Silverstone Auctions’ May Sale, taking place at Silverstone on May 13. Sir Ray wrote the single Apeman in the back of the car and it was used in a photo shoot for the Preservation album. The Bentley has been in long-term storage since 1991 and requires restoration work. It is offered for auction direct from the ownership of Sir Ray, estimated at between £25,000 and £30,000

Cameras are the only way to safely see a caribou – also known as a reindeer – this close! More than half a million caribou migrate in summer and winter through the Central Brooks Range, which crosses Alaska’s Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. As they travel, caribou bring gifts to the land and those who depend on it, shaping plant communities by grazing and providing food for people and other wildlife like bears and wolverines. Looks like this reindeer is resting up for the big ride tonight. Photo by Zak Richter, National Park Service.


Our new home in Texas has a fig tree in the backyard.   I remember the wonderful fig preserves my Grandmother used to make, using her traditional recipe. 

My (Moose) first attempt ever at home canning yielded 3 pints of preserves and about ¾ jar of fig syrup.  We’ll do a much bigger batch next time!