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If it’s true that we photograph the things that we are afraid to lose, then it’s saddening to think that maybe this generation, the so-called selfie generation, aren’t really just a bunch of narcissitic fools and attention seeking people, but rather a bunch of individuals afraid to lose themselves. Isn’t it disheartening? That in this age of technology and fast communication gateways, there are more and more individuals that capture their own photos to preserve and have memories of who they are.
—  cynthia go // The things we are afraid to lose

Kerepesi Cemetary: (“Fiume Road National Graveyard”) is the most famous cemetery in Budapest. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Hungary which has been almost completely preserved. These photos are of a still abandoned area in the cemetery. (Source)

The wind and cold don’t bother this muskox. Its long, coarse outer fur keeps it waterproof and windproof. Its underfur, qiviut, traps its body heat to keep it very warm. Muskoxen are one of the only large animals hearty enough to survive year-round in the Arctic. Although their populations have fluctuated over the last century, today they number around 3,800 in Alaska – many of them in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. Photo by National Park Service.


Looking Up- Quaking Aspen by Denali National Park and Preserve
Via Flickr:
Denali National Park and Preserve NPS Photo Tim Rains

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