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It’s my birth month, and I’m welcoming July with a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle! The past month has been very wonderful, despite a few ups and downs (all part of life!), and I’ve received more blessings than I could count. Hopefully, this month would be the same, and if not then, bring on the challenges! 

That being said, here’s a list of things I’m grateful for that happened in June:

  • UST and Paci / Ledion dates
  • Impulsive sleepovers at Marikina
  • Keera (my pug) being healthy again
  • Food trips with the family
  • New videogames c/o of the mother
  • Night swimming with HS friends at Crowne 88
  • Sold my old books for extra income
  • Friendly catch-up dates with people I haven’t seen in a while 
  • Spontaneous outing with college friends at Bosay
  • My oldest brother getting a job in Qatar
  • Passed two interviews and the exam for a game journalist job
  • Adult responsibilities like voter’s ID and NBI clearance
  • Minions happy meals–
  • More freelance graphic artist work 
  • Movie dates, burger dates, hella-expensive dates
  • My first boyfriend (and hopefully the last~)

Hope I land myself a job soon so I could help with our household needs, and also for future gala with friends. I really need to earn my own money (because there are so many new games and books!) asap. It’s difficult being broke as hell; I’m practically losing my mind out of boredom at home! Side note: Ferris wheel image because I BADLY want to go to an amusement park for my 20th birthday–just to feel like a kid again for a day. Being an adult is hard. 

Have an amazing month ahead, guys! Let’s make every day count!

(Leary and Donnellan)

[Marked difficulties in: STARTING, STOPPING, EXECUTING (speed, intensity, rhythm timing, direction, duration), CONTINUING, COMBINING, SWITCHING } { May impede:  POSTURES, ACTIONS, SPEECH, THOUGHTS, PERCEPTIONS, EMOTIONS, MEMORIES.] 

Fastest way ever to convey the mechanics of autism to someone who is totally new to it and needs something fast and easy.