Since Eva’s birthday is in two days, I figured I’d share a cute ass pic of Kyle and her. Kyle has like a gift for playing guitar, and he’s skilled. He used to play it a lot when Eva was like 2. He doesn’t really touch it anymore. 
Expect more of her over the next few days, you guys~

07/28/2017 • It’s officially the start of the sweater weather and classes are suspended today ahhh 💕 for everyone out there, be safe! Have a view of some of my printed notes from my Politics class which I just finished.🍂

A series of tweets from bogiperson on Twitter which reads:

“can someone explain why all of a sudden everyone is leaving out the I from LBGTQIA -> LBGTQA? most intersex people are in favor of including

(if you need a citation for that, there is some data about acronym preferences for US intersex adults in Contesting Intersex)

and the whole “let’s exclude the I from the acronym” was afaik started by non-intersex parents of intersex children and is purely anti-queer

and if you are in the SFF community specifically - i do not know a SINGLE intersex person in SFF who wants to be excluded from the acronym.”