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Misha ❤️ Definitely the best thing about my quite unfortunate experience with Jib8 (I may talk about this in a later recap post).

Even after three years of cons, I still see him from the end of the line and start shaking xD and every year I still find myself astonished at how tall he is in real life!

I wanted to spread some positivity - and give myself a reminder about staying positive - so I thought about this rainbow-tinted message on a fabric sheet. I don’t know if you can read it with this picture quality (I still have to scan each and every picture from any con!), but it states HOW TO BE ABNOSOME: BE KIND, SPREAD LOVE, DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT, GET YOUR WEIRD ON, EAT KALE (lol), which is a lot of what I believe in.

Misha is very sweet and won’t say no to a pose request, unless strictly forbidden by con rules, but asking kindly is always recommended, with any guest, tbh :) and actually, all of them were sweet ❤️

i have so many regrets about this convention, it’s been much like being there without being able to enjoy it for me, and that saddens me, but… I’m so glad about being able to see and hug Misha again, and that’s enough to make me happy and emotional. He’s still my hero ❤️❤️❤️

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