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Oh jesus christ anon shut up 😤

I made this glass dome display almost TWO years ago so if anything your friend copied me. 🤔😒

First photo is of the tarantula fresh out of the protective plastic sleeve, still stiff and dehydrated. Those are MY hand tattoos and my squid isn’t even colored in so it’s definitely from two years ago. Second photo is a screenshot of when these photos were originally posted, check that date out. Third photo she has pins next to her legs to hold her pose, notice how her legs and body aren’t reared up yet??

Last photos are of the completed display, body in full defensive stance and I added more moss, Quartz crystals and cicada shells to the base. This is a delicate process that has steps. I worked hard on this and it came out lovely, especially since I had never worked with a spider before.

Lots of people make natural displays like this, no one owns the idea, but don’t you dare try to come at me like I stole this from some one and I’m trying to pass it off as something I created. I make this by hand myself.

the lost photos of steve rogers and bucky barnes 1/?
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