Consider the following

  • Nathan and Victoria mutually referring to each other as ‘my best friend’ 
  • Nathan and Victoria making weekend trips to Portland. 
  • Either of them making the other pose for a quick photo op or ‘photo shoot’. 
  • Nathan threatening any ex of Victoria’s who cheats or fucks up.
  • Posing together in a photo booth. 
  • Victoria coaching Nathan through a panic attack or meltdown.
  • Either of them being there for each other when life gets hard.
  • Nathan paying for Victoria’s ruined clothes even though it’s ‘no big deal’.
  • Either of them calling each other at 3AM after a rough night, like best friends do. 
  • Victoria finding Nathan in the hallway after Warren beats the shit out of him.
  • Nathan discovering the binder with Victoria’s name on it.
  • Nathan fully willing to fuck Jefferson (and himself) over, just to protect his best friend. 

the whole time in line for the photo op i was like “i don’t care about this that much it’s so much fuss for five awkward seconds with a stranger whatever I don’t see what the hullabaloo is about” and then hayley atwell was touching my shoulder and i was like “oh my god”

Ok so the Robin Lord Taylor photo op was AMAZING, he’s just as nice as you’d think
He said he loved my shirt even though practically EVERYONE in line had the same shirt and he was just….so nice??
Like, he said hi to my parents waiting in line, they weren’t even in the photo and he said he liked their costumes (they were Peter and Lois and he saw them and said “Oh, i get it! That’s cool!”) and he didn’t have to do any of that??
He’s awesome, today was awesome


Yes I did! :D

Here’s my photo op of them wearing them (Chris got most of Kim’s in this, but not all). And might I say they both looked hella stunning and like they were having so much fun in their photo session! :D

So, I had them in my hand and had already given their boxes to a handler when I walked up for my op. The first thing Kim says to me is “I fucking love your hair” and I was like “fucking THANK YOU” (and said I’m sorry she had to dye hers for her new role). I quickly explained the design significance of each piece (handlers don’t like you taking too much time at photo ops so I was trying not to sound too much like a disclaimer on a radio station) and I asked if I could put them on them. They both thought they were awesome and I was just really fucking happy about that, so I wasn’t thinking much of my pose you see going on here. Kim told me to find her on Twitter later and I thanked them both.


a few more pictures from today!

i met Robin Lord Taylor!! he’s a TOTAL sweetheart, we had a conversation about his character on The Walking Dead and he told me a story about when Greg Nicotero wrote him off so he could go off and film Gotham haha. he’s so nice and pleasant to be around even his smile makes me happy slkfjdslkfsdjd what a great guy

i’m also going to a photo op with Hayley Atwell very soon, like, right after i log off here in a minute lol so i’m SUPA EXCITED. i got her autograph earlier along with Robin. she’s so adorable omfg. i have a photo op with Robin tomorrow! that’ll be my last big thing at the con


I met Elvira before her photo op and there wasn’t supposed to be photo opportunities at the autograph booth but she loved my tattoo so much and we got a professional picture at her booth and she signed my tattoo (which I’m planning on getting tattooed) AND took her personal phone out to take a picture of my tattoo and I haven’t stopped shaking I am so fucking lucky and I’m even more lucky I’m meeting her AGAIN in 2 hours

Billie in Boston

pagingdrwho and I met Billie Piper today at Boston Comic Con! We were able to queue up for her panel an hour early and ended up being in the front row. Billie’s Q & A was incredible and Billie called on me and answered my question (what was the most tedious episode to film?) it was “Rise of the Cybermen” due to her hatred of Cybermen and the unbearable cold. Billie was a darling and answered many good questions. She had lovely remarks about fan art as well as hilarious quips. According to Billie if she were the doctor her catchphrase would be “Let’s go home”. Pagingdrwho was dressed as Rose and I was fem! Tentoo. At our photo op. we were briefly able to tell Billie that we were missing drivers ed in order to meet her and she complimented our outfits. In summary Billie Piper is precious and I am hella gay.

Pag birthday, pwede magmaganda! Isang araw lang naman, bukas expired na. Bili rin kayong Adobo Mag this month! Salamat @battery_full sa isang mabilisang photo op. Hehe!✌🏼️


oh also I have to post about this here too bc I am so excited, im going to boston comic con today and I decided to buy a photo op with hayley atwell and I am definitely meeting her today! 😁

I’m so nervous
What if I can’t talk to Matt or I chicken out of my photo op or say the wrong thing I’m sosososo nervous