photo of a photo oops


Overwatch Papercraft Project: Genji

Wow I feel like Genji took me forever but maybe it was cause I spread apart when I worked on him so much i dunno but i’m really satisfied with how he turned out like half the time I was working on this I thought it wasn’t going to work out and he turned out so awesome ?? so yeah I’m happy~ and I learned how to fold an origami dragon! Based on the “Stoic” in game spray.

Approx time: ~8hours
Paper, glue, origami skills

Masterlist of finished characters
Genji and Hanzo side by side


april 11, 2017 - vivace

working on some rhythms for my musicianship class with a whole bunch of changes in time signature + doing it all at a ridiculously fast tempo = a challenge…challenge accepted!

currently listening to: “symphony” - clean bandit ft. zara larsson

Ned the pie maker from Pushing Daisies, taken at Anime Expo 2015 (OMG SO LONG AGO WHY HAVENT I POSTED THIS PHOTO YET?!?!)

Super sadly though, I no longer have the photographer’s info, and reverse image searching has found me nothing.  So I apologize profusely for not being able to properly credit the photographer.  If it was you let me know!