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This is Fort Bourtange, a beautifully designed, star-shaped fort in the Netherlands. Star forts were designed to give guards a panoramic view of any potential attackers, and originated in Italy in the 15th century. The fort remains perfectly preserved, with historic churches, cobblestone streets, wooden windmills, marvelous bridges, and old military barracks strewn across the 11-acre pentagon. 📸: Photo by GEBruiker

These massive concrete acoustic mirrors, or “listening ears,” were built in England between the world wars to monitor the skies for the telltale sounds of airborne invasion. Their parabolic shape collected and magnified sound waves in the air over the English Channel and directed them at a microphone positioned just in front of the parabola. The mirrors effectively gave Britain a fifteen-minute advance warning of an impending attack. A precursor to radar, the dishes were made obsolete at the end of the 1930’s and have been left to the elements. 📸: Photo by @forgottenheritage.

Not sure if Bethesda released new gameplay footage or an animated StefSeb fanfiction…

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[I mean… did you see how he was checking out Sebastian? And “I should be offended. But how can I be?” “Now you are my art!” “It’s beautiful, but not yet finished.” “I’m waiting for you!”

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Ok, now to some serious stuff: (SPOILERS BELOW!)

I like Stef. I really like him. He talks far more casual than I imagined he would. I thought that he would talk more… formal. Metaphoric(?). Well maybe we’ll hear something like that in audio tapes or something. But with Sebastian he talked more… cool. Playful. I’m having problems describing it.

And whoa, he’s far more creepy and insane than I imagined, too! O__o (His psychotic smile really gives me the creeps!)

I mean, just look at this little creepy mofo!

Some theories:

After seeing the gameplay I’m sticking to my theory that Stefano indeed tries to save/rescue/revive a female person close to him.

It could be just coincidence, simple for the gameplay puzzle or the artwork of the game. But I got the feeling that the lady in the blue dress had a deeper meaning. And a deeper meaning to Stefano.

You see this beautiful picture of her (and she is not mutilated or something!) and then you have to re-enact this photo in order to enter Stefano’s realm.

And guess with what camera you take a photo of her: Obscura, Stefano’s favorite camera. There are also more blue dresses of her standing around.

The face of her in this photo is scratched. Something we already are familiar with from Laura’s picture in Ruvik’s mansion.

I always imagined that Ruvik scratched Laura’s face in this photo, cause he couldn’t bear to see her eyes. Judging him. Or looking warmly at him. And maybe Stefano had the same feeling with his photo of this woman.

So whatever his relationship to this woman was, maybe she died in an accident. (Again something we are familiar with in TEW.) Maybe that is one of the reasons why he totally descended into madness.

Let’s assume he indeed meant Theodore with “There is another, one far more deserving. One who can offer rewards you could never imagine.” So maybe Theodore (or whoever) promised Stefano, that they could revive her, but for that he must bring them Lily. And his sentence “I should be offended. But how can I be?” is a big wink wink, that he indeed understands Sebastian’s situation, cause they’re both in the same boat. But Stefano goes over dead bodies in order to have his beloved person back.

Maybe in the end, Sebastian will have to face the same fate and he sees himself not better than the killers who hunt him. What would he do to bring back Lily? And directing the question to us, the players:

What would you do? How far would you go to bring back a beloved person you lost?

And of course, what person we all know are we reminded of again: Ruvik. Because he did the same. STEM exists because of this reason!

Side note: Blue dress. Stefano wears a blue suit. Wink wink? Also it would be a great contrast to Ruvik. Ruvik who tries to revive the woman in the red dress. Stefano who tries to revive the woman in the blue dress.

Other stuff:

On one hand I’m really glad we get to see so many things from the game, but on the other hand I think it‘s maybe already too much. I know, I could have just NOT watch the gameplay video. But guys, can you really imagine me doing this, when I saw here that we have new stuff from TEW? Especially if Stefano is involved with it.

I hope, they will change some things for the final game, so that we’re still surprised and creeped out when we finally get to play it. I also think the graphics looked a little bit odd in that gameplay video, too? But I guess they’ll change that.

Jay Gatsby may have been a figment of Fitzgerald’s imagination, but New England has its very own, very real version of the larger-than-life character: its local queen of scandal, Madame Sherri. The glamorous eccentric threw fabulous parties at her “castle” in the middle of the forest, and drove around town in a custom-made cream Packard car, with a monkey perched on her shoulder. These ruins are all that’s left of the elaborate house she had built, which fell into disuse when she ran out of money. After falling prey to vandals, the castle was destroyed by a fire in 1962, leaving behind only the foundations and a section of the staircase. Madame Sherri died in poverty only three years later, a ward of the state. 📸: Photo by Atlas Obscura user Skygazer69

One of the largest bamboo bridges in Asia, the Millennium Bridge extends 75 feet (23 meters) from one side of the Ayung River to the other. It is connected to the Green School, an ecologically sustainable complex that’s also made out of bamboo, as well as mud and local grasses. Nearby, there is a community of bamboo houses. These projects were all started by the team at IBUKU, an organization dedicated to beautiful and natural building, to demonstrate how bamboo can be used as a renewable alternative to concrete or steel. 📸: Photo by IBUKU

This beautiful Victorian ironwork masterpiece was built to keep London from smelling like poop. London in the mid-1800’s was a booming urban center that quickly outstripped the capacity of its sewers. In the summer of 1858, unusually high temperatures and the rivers of waste flowing into the Thames from overfull cesspools resulted in a smell that hung over the entire city. The “Great Stink,” as it came to be known, eventually resulted in the construction of the Crossness Pumping Station. The interior of the station was decorated in massive amounts of elaborate ironwork, giving the otherwise vile industrial site a delicately Victorian feel and earning it the nickname, “The Cathedral on the Marsh.” The pumps, named “Victoria,” “Prince Consort,” “Albert Edward,” and “Alexandra”, were upgraded a number of times over the decades after their construction until the site was finally decommissioned and abandoned in the 1950’s. 📸: Thanks to intrepid explorer @watsonontour for tagging this photo with #atlasobscura!

This unique Lady Liberty in Lviv, Ukraine is one of the only examples of the figure sitting down. While the lady has her traditional crown and torch, the reclining figure is also flanked by two strapping shirtless men, marking the first time in history that Lady Liberty has been shown to be getting any action, even if it is just a metaphor for workers or something. The building atop which the statue sits now houses the city’s Ethnography Museum, so if you find yourself going to see one of the exhibits, be sure to look up and take in the relaxed figure. 📸: Photo by Aeou

A bridge bejeweled….

The architecturally stunning Meiko (Nagoya) Triton Bridge in Nagoya, Japan appears to be suspended by jewels….as it spans the harbor.

Nagoya, located in the center of Japan, is over 500 years old….and is rich in history and culture. The busy port city is often overlooked by foreign visitors who gravitate to Tokyo, Kobe, Osaka, and the ancient Japanese capital at Kyoto….all relatively nearby.

The beauty, dynamism, historical treasures and cultural jewels of Central Japan, make this area one of my very favorite regions of the world. One could spend weeks….months….exploring this area, and never be at a loss for something new and exciting each and every day.


>>Photo: Azul Obscura

This wondrous waterfall in the Philippines wasn’t discovered until 2010. The residents of the nearby village of Sitio Dulao had only come across the site  after a series of floods and forest fires destroyed a significant chunk of the forest that was hiding it. The newfound oasis was christened Asik-Asik, meaning “sprinkle-sprinkle” in the local Hiligaynon language, after the sprinkle of falling water on nearby rocks. Lush vegetation covers the entirety of the ravine, and adds mystery as to where the water is coming from. The most likely sources are thought to be springs deep within the mountain or an underground river. 📸: Photo by Atlas Obscura user Franbienjan.