photo obscura


An Edwardian woman dressed the part of a handsome Dandy writes a message to her lover,  “Hello Kid:- How you be? I am Fine don’t I look it. You know you must not set this card on the switch board where you do your others”. What an intrepid romance it must have been.

EDNA, GROUSE HUNTRESS” - an accomplished young grouse huntress posing with a bird in one hand and her rifle in the other. She’s wearing a soiled gingham sack dress with bullets in the pocket, worn hiking boots and her her father’s hat and bandanna. A practical girl with a serious expression and no-nonsense attitude, she looks at home on the rough hills of her hunting ground. The photo was printed by photographer H. R. Hay of Salida, Colorado.

“This is a picture of Edna, - Taken two years ago when we were in Orient”, reads the caption written on the back.

A bridge bejeweled….

The architecturally stunning Meiko (Nagoya) Triton Bridge in Nagoya, Japan appears to be suspended by jewels….as it spans the harbor.

Nagoya, located in the center of Japan, is over 500 years old….and is rich in history and culture. The busy port city is often overlooked by foreign visitors who gravitate to Tokyo, Kobe, Osaka, and the ancient Japanese capital at Kyoto….all relatively nearby.

The beauty, dynamism, historical treasures and cultural jewels of Central Japan, make this area one of my very favorite regions of the world. One could spend weeks….months….exploring this area, and never be at a loss for something new and exciting each and every day.


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