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If you are questioning, you don’t have to label your orientation or gender if you don’t want to. Labels are for you to choose, not for others to place on you.


- Most of them are from different companies, but they’re united by Allura, genius designer of their time who sees them and knows immediately she needs them for her shows

- Coran is the photographer and he makes them all feel super comfortable because he knows how awkward it can be sometimes (coran used to be a model too!!)

- Keith and Shiro aka Broganes are a famous duo that come from a powerhouse company; they debuted together and have modeled as a pair since then, attracting a huge following

- Hunk and Pidge also model together for a different company, and Allura loves their dynamics

- Lance is an instagram model (best friends with Hunk but didn’t get to debut with him because of personal reasons ;))))

- Originally Allura had gathered just Keith, Shiro, Hunk, and Pidge for her team but she saw a picture of lance on Hunk’s phone as he was scrolling through his feed and knew she HAD to have lance for the team; he was the missing piece

- lance being insecure around all of them because they’re all big shot models and he’s just a rookie who’s never actually done a fashion show; Shiro becoming a father figure to him because they get shit drunk one night and lance’s insecurities bubble out to Shiro, who takes it all in with a soft smile and reassuring words

- pidge and keith causing trouble around the team house, constantly pranking Lance who screeches in disbelief every time it happens

- lance and keith arguing constantly, even during interviews and in behind the scenes videos; they become famous and everyone starts shipping klance

- they reveal their relationship through a photo shoot that Allura labels “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue” and its keith and lance in varying flower themed clothes and it’s just rlly cute !!!!

- Shay is a stylist on the team and Hunk is absolutely in love with her !!! pidge constantly makes fun of him

- matt is an editor of one of the magazines most of their photo shoots show up on and he’s always teasing pidge about their photos

- allura and shiro date in secret and the entire team is scandalized when they walk in on the two making out after a show; keith looks at his nails, unbothered “I knew along. you two make fucking heart eyes at each other all the time.”


….is something an *actual human adult* is choosing to get angry about.

Tomorrow: why soup is misandric.

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I must admit, this is a fun kind of post to put together. I’m sorry I forgot to time stamp all the photos but here’s a description of what I did last monday. 

I woke up, got dressed and opened my window. I took the first photo labeled at 7:52am. As I had a class at 10 am and I wanted to get ready for a presentation we had to make, I made some coffee and sat on my desk. I printed some documents and took the photo labeled at 8:44 am

After my class one of my classmates and I bought lunch and went to my apartment, we made coffee and had lunch while we made a list of what to buy, as we were going to a big supermarket to buy bulk (we were able to buy more items between the both of us, save money and then divide the items). 

We took the bus to her house -photo labeled at 3:33pm (15hs)- and then drove to the supermarket, were we stayed until past 6pm. Then we drove back to my apartment. There we planned our following steps for our research project and we finished at about 10pm. 

And that was that! Not an usual day but I promise I’ll do this again on a more usual day :) 

Dave strider worried that he’s going to have to out himself to his adoptive family after his period starts. He goes to the bathroom in search of pads (he figures Granny has some because she’s a girl), finds none, figures it’s because of menopause because he knows old ladies get that.

He tries to play it off all cool, talks to Granny Egbert about why she doesn’t have any pads because he expected to see them. Granny asks him what he could have possibly been doing looking for pads, Dave fumbles and starts off on a horrible rap tangent to try and blow it off as him being his weird ironically cool self.

Granny gets it. Stops him halfway through his babbling and offers to take him to the store to buy some good ones. Dave says no, what would he need pads for, he’s definitely a boy anyway it’s not like he NEEDS them or anything.

The next day, after Dave survived off paper towels scratching his groin all day yesterday, he finds some pads and a photo album next to his little mini-table on the side of his bed. The photo album has no label on it but he opens it and he finds a photo of Camp Harmony, the Japanese internment camp Jinsei Egbert was a part of.

Jinsei Egbert is photographed multiple times, wearing boys’ clothes and with a different name identifying her. After a point, Jinsei starts wearing dresses and looking more like herself in each photo.

Dave skips to the end of the album and finds a note there written by his grandmother.

“Don’t worry Dave. People like you and me have been around for a very long time.”

John’s alarm goes off. It’s the most bombastic 1500’s concerto music imaginable. Dave stuffs the photo album into his pillow case and hides the pads under his shirt. John looks up from the bottom bunk without his glasses, tells Dave it’s time to get ready for school through a yawn. Sees the pad bulge under Dave’s nightshirt.

John asks if Dave got pregnant or something. Dave tells John to get his glasses checked and since when did boys get pregnant anyway. John quips that he is not wearing his glasses right now so shut up and go brush your teeth, you have the morning breath to end all morning breath. Dave grins and races John to the bathroom. Dave wins.

How to Practice Drawing From a Photo (Can work in Traditional Art)

So, I started this already, but allow me to show you how I capture accurate proportions when drawing from a photo.

Make a new layer.

On your new layer make a grid that matches your photo. Label the grid to keep yourself in order. Instead of focusing on the entire picture focus on one square at a time. 

This allows your brain and eyes to learn to focus on one piece of a photo at a time. One day you find yourself rarely needing this anymore. but, never fret to check your accuracy with a grid!

Okay I’ll admit that I don’t know much braille, only basic letters. But as far as I know, this doesn’t mean anything if you read it forwards? The first letter is what you use to show that it’s a number but the others aren’t letters? But if you flip it upside down it says ‘soap’? What the fuck Hap?

(the other two things both say ‘salt’ by the way)

Occupations Masterlist:

The Music Industry~

OKAY, so under this cut you’ll find a list of #55 jobs your characters can hold in the music industry aside from classic band members/solo artists. I know for bandom RP especially it can be hard to come up with unique jobs for OCs that still enable them to create connections. I’ve organized everything into categories for easy searching and defined even the most intuitive titles, so hopefully this helps!

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The Bath Bomb

Connor sat uncomfortably in the den as Heidi was making cookies when he noticed nearby on the floor a big scrapbook labeled family photos. That’s when Evan materializes next to him making him jump.
“Jesus Hansen, you need to stop fucking doing that!”
“Sorry, I wasn’t thinking. It’s just, I haven’t seen this thing in years.”
Curious Connor opens the book and the first image he see’s is of Heidi in the hospital holding baby Evan. There’s a man next to her, probably Evan’s dad. Connor thought there’s generic kid pictures, baby teeth and stuff like that as he goes on until one image catches his eye in particular. It’s of little Evan dressed up as a pirate with a familiar bespectacled face.
“Holy shit, you were friends with that creep Kleinman when you were little?”
“He’s a family friend, I think he only used me for his car insurance when we got to highschool though,” Connor seeing Evan getting uncomfortable turns the page. It’s a picture of the two still in their costumes but now they’re just coming out of the emergency room.
“What happened between pictures?”
“We were trick or treating and when we got home Jared’s mom set down her bag from done Bath shop. They got mixed up and Jared ended up eating a whole bathbomb! They had to make sure he wasn’t poisoned or anything!” Evan laughed as Connor smirked.
“He ate a bathbomb? How?”
“It looked like a big jawbreaker and we were like six.”
“If you say so…”