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If you are questioning, you don’t have to label your orientation or gender if you don’t want to. Labels are for you to choose, not for others to place on you.


My wife and I had a long layover in Denver yesterday so we took a train into the city visited some coffee shops, donut shops, and the museum of contemporary art. I didn’t take any photos of the labels so I can’t tell you who created what- but I do remember that the first piece is by Hanski. The second to last image is painted on the walls of the teen art exhibition space and I thought it was really beautiful. The MCA in Denver was really great the exhibits were really interesting and colorful and felt very relevant. If you’re in the area I definitely recommend visiting!

perissologist  asked:

first of all, i lOVE your art!!! it's so pretty and distinctive and aesthetically pleasing, your jaydick stuff gives me life. secondly, for the voltron art prompt: sweet, angsty klance?? lance is the light of my life tbqh

first, thank you for saying such nice things about my art. :)

second, here is some klance for you. i don’t know what happened, but keith got beat up. or more likely, beat himself up beating on someone else. 


Valentines-Themed Shop Fill !!

Some of you who follow me on twitter may have seen bits of information about the ordeal I had from Nov-Dec with my embroidery machine, but that’s all taken care of now, and I can do my first etsy shop fill in quite a while! It’s going to be Valentines-themed with “derpy-style” G1 Optimus and Megatron plushies up for sale. Honestly I just wanted an excuse to make them pink. (ʃƪ¬‿¬)

When: This Saturday, 1/28/17. 8pm est.


Cost: $40 USD each

How Many: There will be 8 individual plushies total. 4 Optimus and 4 Megatrons. That’s why there’s so many labeled photos- just in case you wanna try and go for one you happen to like in particular! They will not be sold as pairs (unless you are able to buy two haha).

Feel free to send me any questions either here or on twitter (I might not see it if you send it through etsy before the sale)! There will be no reservations or early sales, and I’m not taking commissions atm. C: Hopefully see you all Saturday!


On July 29, 1955, Peter MacNab snapped a photo of the Loch Ness Monster as it swam near Urquhart Castle. Cryptozoologist Roy Mackal studied both a photo given to him by MacNab (left) and a photo that was published in Constance Whyte’s book More Than A Legend (right) and noticed some interesting differences. Some of the differences include a tree in the foregroud of Whyte’s photo, the difference of the creature’s body, and the length of the shadow of the castle. Mackal confronted MacNab with questions about the photos but MacNab was unsure what to say. He told Mackal that it was because he took photos with two cameras.

Mackal labeled the photos as “not suitable for evidence”.