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Queen Penny

Rewind the clock by a couple of decades and I was working as a team lead for an office supply store. This office supply store has a “copy center” where staff members would print, copy, and scan stuff for customers.

Enter “Penny”. Penny was a middle-aged woman who would come in every Friday smelling like wine, dressed somewhat elaborately, and who would make ridiculous demands on the copy center staff. Penny: crazy lady!

Penny’s weekly Friday afternoon visitations had been going on for a while before I ever became aware of her. She would come in with elaborate letters including photos, keepsakes, etc written to England’s Royal Family - various members from the Queen to Prince Charles to Fergie. She would make the copy staff photocopy the letters, demanding perfection to the point where she measured the margins to ensure the contents copied were in the exact center of the page. Then she would make the copy center staff package the letters and, when she did include something such as photos, inspect the packing to ensure the tape was perfectly even and pay the shipping to Buckingham Palace in London. She would frequently make the copy staff read the photocopied letters back to her. When they had initial refused to, she had called district management and complained so this request was honored whenever she asked.

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Could we pause on this for a second …

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The look on Thomas’ face at first. Shock, disbelief and perhaps a bit of uncertainty at his own memory of James. For ten years, Flint had the painting of The Hamilton’s to remember Thomas’ face by. He had Miranda to talk to and keep that memory alive. He had the book Thomas had given him to hold on to. Thomas had none of those things. He had no photos or keepsakes, just his memories and no one to share them with. And memories fade over time despite how much we don’t want them to. You forget little things like facial features, the sound of a loved one’s voice, their laugh, the exact color of their eyes. Thomas must have been questioning for a moment if this was real or just someone who reminded him of James. Then he realizes it’s really him. And I’m crying forever.

This Is How We Heal (Part 7)

Summary: Jared and Reader meet due to an unfortunate accident. They talk and end up leaning on one another because they feel no one else understands.

Characters: Jared, Reader, Jensen, Danneel, Liam

Warnings: Angst, Hospitalization, Mentions of Illness and Injury

Word Count: 1,747

A/N: I don’t know a whole lot about Danneel. But from what I do know or have seen others say, she comes across to me as a strong and loving individual. And if it comes to her family and loved ones, she’d probably be one of the fiercest beings in existence. So I have portrayed that, the way I believe someone like her would handle this situation.

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Y/N had managed to avoid the topic of moving for over a month. Every time Jared brought it up, she’d say she was still thinking about it. He worried about her. She seemed to be doing worse and worse. She went to the weekly meetings and kept their after meeting coffee rendezvous. They even managed several play dates for all of the kids. Any time Jared needed to talk, he turned to her, and vice versa. He leaned less and less on Jensen and Danneel. He still talked to them, shared with them. But the details, the tiny things that no one else could understand, those he shared with Y/N alone.

He grew accustomed to the ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Goodnight’ texts and the occasionally long winded phone calls. Shortly after the barbeque at Jensen’s, they talked for hours about their spouses, their belongings, and letting go. It was time, they agreed, to let it go. They couldn’t move on if they held on so tightly. So they made a pact to let it go together. It would be easier that way.

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anonymous asked:

ahh ive been wondering this all day, but in the vague au, do hamilton and jefferson like/love each other or are they only using each other kinda? like does hamilton just chase a rush and jefferson just jump on pic opportunities? 'cause from what ive seen (and i glanced through the tag before asking this) i can picture jefferson being the one to fall in love through his camera lens without realizing it, but hamilton resists the relationship getting any deeper than the initial terms

jefferson is the one who will fall inlove for sure. he admires ham through his lens and would often keep spare photos of him for keepsakes. And as for Ham he is sort of using Jefferson to survive, because he lives alone, has no job, is a dropout and he only depends on Eliza for feeding him. Jeff treats him alittle special despite the constant arguing. Ham refuse to grow soft for Jeff because of his past experiences. so in other words Ham refuse to grow close because he has abandonment issues and he knows after Jefferson completes his portfolio he would be left alone again, because he is no longer needed for anything anymore and he would be tossed aside again, and all he can do is to savor the thought that someone cares for him genuinely. 

Carrie Fisher with fans in Israel during the filming of Appointment with Death, 1988.

As they were playing tourist on a shopping break in the bazaar, Jocelyne recognized the gravelly voice of Ms. Bacall. While Lauren Bacall declined a photo-opp, “Princess Leia” was warm and gracious, (as seen in a keepsake photo taken with her.)


The Removal of the Heart

When I created this process, I had been through a very rough period in my life. A dear friend and ex-lover of mine went missing and, if that were not enough, I – as a witch – had a very hard time dealing with the fact I was not able to find him. At was at this time, I made the choice to drink Morning Glory tea and seek him out – what I found was all the more heartbreaking. I knew he had gone from this life – and lo and behold, months later the news arrived. It was at this time – because, even though I knew he had perished, there was a touch of hope that perhaps I had misinterpreted the signs, misunderstood the message – that I decided to remove my heart.

So, I sat down and worked out the specifics, knowing well what I was doing. When the time came to do the ritual, I prepared. I had crossed every “t”, dotted every “I” – but as I began, I knew this was not what it seemed. I had written it to free myself of the heartache by means of metaphorically removing my heart. What I found was all the more placating. As the ritual proceeded, I knew I would not be removing my heart – but memorializing it. I penned out a lengthy letter, in which I tied up all loose ends – not just with the aforementioned, but all loose ends of my life. I wrote them all out and folded the paper inside the heart, let the wax seal it in and I had done what needed doing, and made an oath then and there:

All these things, I will carry with me always, but no longer might they hold me back. They have been sealed in the past, so that I may move forward – but forever, all of them will remain, tucked away in my chest.

I sealed up that heart, wrapped it in cloth and then stowed it away in a miniature, wooden chest (Word of wisdom, though, make sure you remember where you stash it, because I spent 20 minutes searching all over for the damned thing so I could take a photo or two!).

So, if you are ready to allow the past be the past, and seal up the memories – I have brought to you the ritual.

Things You’ll Need:

For the Heart

  • Air-Dry or Oven Bake Clay – however, if you have a kiln, by all means… – also, as a last ditch, you can use clay-rich soil/dirt, I talk about the process here
  • Wax – you can use candlewax or paraffin, which can be found at most supermarkets (you’ll have to ask someone, because no place puts it in the same damn section [I’m not still bitter])

  • (Optional) Paint – I used red and pink wax, so I forewent the painting process

For the Rest

  • A Box/Chest/Bag or other Storage Option
  • Time (& other supplies of your choosing) – as I said, I sat down and wrote everything out, but that isn’t the only way. If you want to burn some things, scream, do a little crying, do what you need to do, just make sure you have something to stuff into the heart!

  1. The process is relatively simple, but somewhat time consuming. Begin by sculpting your heart – as you can see, I went the more anatomical route, but the symbolic heart is perfectly fine – it’s your heart, sculpt it however you damn well please. However, you’re going to want to hollow it at least partially out. That’s where you’ll be shoving all the memories and tokens and whatnot. After complete, allow it to cure – through air drying or oven baking. This can be a timely process, don’t rush it.
  2. Once completely dry, in a double boiler, melt your wax. It’s not recommended to melt paraffin in the microwave, as it’s a minor fire hazard. If you don’t happen to have a double boiler, a bowl that snuggly hugs the sides of a pot will work just fine – though not plastic, that would be another hazard. Once the wax is thoroughly melted, remove it from the boiler and allow it to cool momentarily. On a nonstick surface, such as wax paper or aluminum foil, place your heart hollow side up. Pour the wax into the hollow and turn it so that it evenly coats the inside. This may also take some time. After a few moments, the wax cools enough to touch – so you can work it with your hands.
  3. Once the inside has cooled enough to remain solid, cover the rest, following the same procedure, allowing it to cool and then working it with your hands. This seals any cracks and also gives the added bonus of a nice, smooth, shiny coat once hardened.
  4. Once the heart is complete, the rest is very much up to you – however you wish to go about it. I went through a lengthy process of setting up an entire table for the working – covered in photos, keepsakes and the like (which I then boxed separately for safe keeping, out of sight and out of mind). After having written the very long letter, I folded it up and placed it inside, then melted a bit of wax over it to secure both it and a candle – which I lit and let burn down so that it would seal it the rest of the way.

As seen above, I keep mine in a small cedar box, wrapped in a handkerchief on a bed of Sulphur – but your choice of storage is entirely up to you.

As a word of warning, since the “removal” I become a witchy-nun – vows and everything, so that could be a possible side effect, I’m not entirely sure.

And I am in them, and that is eternity.

@lovelytitania was my second pair of eyes on this, helping me be more accurate and cutlturally sensitive, and I am in debt to her for the assistance forevermore.  I’ve loosely based Leo’s practices off a friend’s with added details given by Asce, but I am the sole responsible party for any errors within. I simply ask you be kind instead of shouty. ^_^;;;

The day Leo moves into his own apartment for the first time (though he has a roommate from the LA Skating Club, a nice guy two years older who’s half of a medal-winning ice dance team), he’s quick to set up his room to the best of his ability. 

The movers put his bed together, the desk was straightforward, but his low, solid table rests below his south-facing window.

For the time being, it remains bare.

His season is about to start, and fortunately his Grand Prix Final qualifiers are the week before November 1 at Skate America, which means he can justify going home before he travels to Japan for the NHK trophy. It’s a roll of the dice every time, but this year it’s important he be home to celebrate. 

He has an earlier than typical practice and when he gets home, he sets to work. A wooden box is placed in the center of the table for the highest level—the floor and the table itself serve as the middle and bottom two. Purple cloth covers everything with white lace runners over it.

The photos and keepsakes he arranges more carefully, the effort taking a solid hour to get just right between the ceramic sugar skull pieces and ensuring the tributes are not obscured. His abuela’s rosary goes in a special spot of honor since he lost her this May, Leo pressing a kiss to the white beads before lying them down. 

His mother grows the marigolds, and she gave him clippings in a paper bag last night after weekly family dinner. He arranges them around the artifacts—a baseball cap from a high school friend who died in a car accident senior year, framed black and white photos of his bisabuelos when they were young, an action figure of the too-young son of a coach and choreographer couple at the rink everyone knew and got on with, the collar and lead of his childhood rescue dog, Perlita. He stands prayer candles in multiple spots around the table including a colorful pair Phichit giften him with for his birthday.

He steals the step stool from the kitchen and puts up the papel picado, not just above and from the altar, but on his walls and around the apartment to make sure his loved ones have a proper doorway to the human realm. They look nice, livening the space with color and a warm greeting for those who have moved on.

When Leo is satisfied, he moves to the kitchen where he prepares food. He bakes the de la Iglesia pan de muerto, a task he assisted his mother with starting at age seven, the recipe and instructions measured and followed by rote as if he’s put on a warm, comfortable old sweater. While it rises and bakes dusted with pink sugar, he fills a plate for the shrine with tamales, abuela’s favorite cheeses, several mandarin oranges along with a bottle of tequila Mama got him at BevMo with a sly look and a comment that what he does after the holiday with the Patron is his business.  

The bread cools and he finishes the set up, lighting the candles before kneeling and taking some time to reflect. He sends good cheer and a polite request to meet everyone again, since he knows they’re still out there even if he cannot see them.

Once he feels at peace, he takes a photo and uploads it to Instagram. ¡Felize Dia de los Muertos! #shrine #diadelosmuertos #dayofthedead #rip

Likes and comments flood in, including Phichit replying about the candles with a winking smiley. 

Leo makes his own dinner, sharing the leftovers with his roommate when he returns from late ballet lessons, and when he sleeps that night in the dim candleglow, he is content.

🍭 senior sister “memory”gift ideas! 🍭

Q: My great grand big and grand big are both graduating at the end of this month. I wanted to make them each something, but I’m not exactly sure what. Any ideas?

A: For senior crafts think “memories” and “keepsakes.” A commemorative big/little gift sets it apart from other DIY gifts you may have made through the years. Celebrating the good times you’ve had together, and/or wishing sisters good luck with their future lives, are both excellent themes for your crafts. Most traditional big/little gifts can be tweaked to make them extra special for senior sisters. xoxo ;)

Elements to use in your crafts:

  • Sentimental sayings
  • Inspirational quotes 
  • Keepsake “scraps” 
  • Sisterhood photos

🍭 MEMORY • KEEPSAKE DIY Gifts for Graduating Sisters: 🍭 

  • USA Plaque with a sentimental saying.
  • 2 States Canvas depicting where big & little will be when apart.  
  • Memory Box decorated with sorority photos, or a favorite pattern.
  • Painted Canvas with inspirational quote. 
  • Collage Letter(s) made from sister photos.
  • Sisterhood Shadow Box filled with mementoes & photos.
  • Framed Collage of memories.
  • Sorority Tee Shirt Teddy or Pillow. 
  • Painted Cooler commemorating the sorority years.
  • Decorated Memory Mason Jar with “memories” inside.
  • Bejeweled Bottle of Wine or Champagne covered with rhinestones or pearls and a big/little photo.
  • Wish Book filled with sayings & best wishes for your graduating sister on each page. Decorate the pages like a scrapbook.
  • Wall Photo Board tied with beautiful satin ribbon.
  • Photo Collage Picture Frame.
  • Mugs or Wine Glasses decorated with “together forever.”
  • Photo Collage Flower Pot with a blooming plant.
  • Printed Photo Pillow.
  • Decorated Magnet Board, Corkboard, Memo Board, or Clipboard.
  • Future Profession themed gift of any kind.  

🍭 More senior gift Inspiration: 

20+ Great Grad Gift Ideas

Senior Sayings for Crafts & Gifts

🍭 Most big/little crafts can be made senior special:

Ultimate Big/Little Giftie Guide

matter of time (jane/kurt + mayfair fanfic + #bsABCchallenge)

project: @blindspothiatusproject ABC challenge

m: mayfair (version two)

A/N: follow up to one of my faves (perhaps my favorite), lover, come back to me from the #bspromptchallenge. Set in an AU in which Mayfair is alive and well.

matter of time

Jane opened the door to the bathroom stall, jumping slightly as she saw Mayfair leaning against the counter, her arms folded across her chest.

“Everything OK?” she asked, raising an eyebrow at Jane.

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Ephemeral [5]

(adj.) - lasting a very short time; short lived

Member: Namjoon

Genre: Angst, Fallen angel!au, Romance (?), Fluff

Words: 1.9k

Summary: There is a man in your dreams. You don’t know what he looks like or what his name is - you only know the sound of his voice. His voice. His voice follows you where ever you go. These dreams are your only source to see him, yet these dreams feel so real.

A/N: It’s been a long time everyone! I’ll admit, it’s definitely a lot harder to write this series, but i don’t want to give up on another series so please bear with me. This is  FILLER chapter, so the next parts will hopefully be more interesting. There will definitely be more ReaderxNamjoon interaction in the upcoming parts so stay tuned and enjoy! (I apologize if my writing is a little lacking lately.)

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“Euugghh!” The icy cold shock on your face wakes you up and you take some time to register the current situation.

You’re sitting in a pool of ice water. Nice.

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🎓 how to create a sorority graduation shadow box! 🎓

Spring is an ideal time to make a commemorative shadow box of your sorority graduation paraphernalia! Collect your grad keepsakes and spotlight them in a framed box for safe keeping. Post-initiation is another prime time for crafting a shadow box of your bid day, new member and sisterhood memorabilia. Treasure your sorority memories, turn them into wall art and preserve them for years to come with these sorority sugar ‘How To’ instructions for making your own greek girl display box! 


STEP 1 Gather Your Materials: 

Determine the theme of your shadow box and collect all the things you want to put inside. These are some ideas for what you may want to include.

  • GRAD BOX: Grad cap, sorority stole, commencement invitation, photos, tassel, tickets, dried flowers, program, certificate, chapter papers, medals, awards, buttons, etc…
  • MEMBERSHIP BOX: Membership certificate, bid card, pledge ribbon, photos, big/little keepsakes, dried flowers, name tag, button, decal, ribbons, awards, koozie, greek letters, notes, awards, door signs, greek stitch letters, pearls, etc…

 Supplies You Will Need:

  • Wood shadow box from a craft store. 11″x14″ or 20″x20″ are popular sizes. Make sure your box is wide enough and deep enough for your items.
  • Scissors
  • Background fabric or scrapbook paper. Use acid-free and archival-quality materials.
  • Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
  • Foam brush for applying glue
  • Clear glue dots
  • Clear headed straight pins and/or color matching straight pins. Use stainless, dressmaker quality pins only.
  • Quake Hold Museum Wax
  • Permanent Sticky Mounting Tabs
  • Double stick tape
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Sheet of foam backing if you’re using pins to attach your items

STEP 2 Cover the Background Board:

  • Remove the board from the back of the box.
  • Cut your acid free background fabric or paper to fit. (For a grad box, your stole can serve as the background fabric.)
  • If you are attaching your items with pins, glue a sheet of foam backing to the board prior to attaching the paper or fabric.
  • Using Aleene’s craft glue and a foam brush, glue your background paper or fabric onto the board.

STEP 3 Attach Your Keepsakes:

  • Layout your design before attaching any memorabilia. 
  • Sketch your design on a separate piece of paper, so you can remember where everything goes.
  • Work from the background forward. Place larger pieces in the back, smaller accents in the foreground.
  • Glue-mount-pin-tape your sorority keepsakes layer by layer onto the board. Select the mounting method based on the weight and style of the piece.
  • Not everything can be glued, so secure some items with clear headed straight pins, color matching pins, sticky mounting tabs, hot glue, glue dots, double stick tape, or Museum Wax instead. A combination of mounting techniques is highly recommended.
  • Add 3-D accents to the front of your design. 

STEP 4 Re-Assemble Your Box:

  • Once the items are securely in place, carefully reunite the decorated back with the frame and glass. 
  • Hang your sorority shadow box where you can enjoy it! 

{shadow box photos from Pinterest}

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“Lee, get these ties here. I can’t do this with my left.”

Robyn held out her right arm for Leandra and passed over the heavily jeweled connected wrist and hand ornamental band for her to handle. With her free hand, she put in her left oversize diamond hoop earring and stared down at her soon to be one year old son as he zipped past her yet again in his walker. The sound of the wheels gliding across the marble floors and the pattering of his feet were a mixture that she nor anyone else could get enough of. His obsessed grandmother had the Finding Nemo themed contraption on wheels awaiting their arrival to the island and he’d spend just about the entire day in it if you let him. Whether he was crashing into walls or knocking things over with it, his giggling and the clapping of his hands never ceased.

“I can’t wait until your husband returns and sees you in this. I need the laugh that I’m going to get from how aggravated he’s going to be at the sight of it. You promised him that it wouldn’t be too sexy and bitch ya lied.” Her obnoxious laugh caused Robyn to slip out a giggle and she lightly shrugged her shoulders.

“This isn’t that bad. Lauren sent over a couple of sketches and there was one with pasties. I was close to choosing that but I really liked this design out of all of them. This is tame as far as I’m concerned. He’ll be okay.”

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Broken Down


Kaito didn’t let it show that it bothered him. “Alright,” he said, trying a random door and luckily finding the bathroom. “I’ll be out in a few minutes,” he said, going inside. The window didn’t look to be too small but it would be a tight squeeze. But if he could get to some of the other windows, he’s be able to easily check the rooms. It may even be faster from the outside.

Turning the sink on low and putting a cup under the faucet, he then slipped out of the window, clinging to the outside wall.

Hakuba waited outside, unaware of Kaitos escape. The room next to the bathroom was what looked to be the master bedroom, though once again it was rather barren. There was no items you’d expect to see in a bedroom, no keepsakes or photos of friends or family.


An old tear-stained letter served as a funeral blanket over the photos of the dead.  

…I know that there are still people who need to be protected. So I cannot stop fighting. Not yet. Not while there are still people waiting for me. One day I hope you’ll understand.

Your mother, Ana.

Fareeha sat on her bedroom floor, with legs crossed and folded in towards her body.  She lifted the creased letter her mother sent years ago out of the large, blue shoe box resting on her lap.  She set the papers to her side and peered into the container; into the faces of long dead comrades.  Fareeha needed these rare moments of reflection.  It was important to remember why she still fought.

Filled with veneration at the sacrifices of her old squad mates and friends, Fareeha carefully lifted the stack of photos out of her keepsake box.  She thumbed through them all, letting her eyes linger on each face for a few moments, in an empty silence filled with memories of the dead.  Some made her smile and others only brought her tears.  

Lieutenant Elsayed, 129th Special Forces Regiment:  killed during an airstrike on the outskirts of Cairo.  Her first mentor in the military.  

Ajax, Helix Cyber Security Team:  the omnic engineer killed during the Anubis crisis.

Fareeha spotted a smudge from an old thumbprint on the edge of Ajax’s photo.  Of course she could keep them in an album protected by a layer of plastic, but holding them directly in her hand always felt more personal.

While flipping through to the next photo, Fareeha heard the door behind her open and close.  The visitor walked quietly up behind her and without a word spoken.  She knew who it was without turning away from her shoe box.  Wiping the tears pooled in her eyes, she returned the stack of photos to their grave.

“Are you feeling better, Fareeha?” Angela inquired in a soft, comforting voice from behind her.  

Fareeha turned her head enough to glance at the woman kneeling down over her shoulder, “I am now.  Thank you for being here with me.”

Angela chuckled, “No thanks needed.  I want to be here with you.”  

Fareeha sensed her lover drop to her knees and lean closer over her back.  Seconds later, she felt the doctor’s arms wrap tightly around her midsection.  Her warm breath tickled against the sensitive skin underneath Fareeha’s right ear before she planted a quick kiss on the spot.  Fareeha flinched ever so slightly at the sensation of warm lips tickling against her skin.  

“Well, I suppose it’s a good thing I want you here,” Fareeha grinned.

“Of course you do,” Angela teased with a soft whisper against her ear.  “But I don’t want to interrupt you.”

“I was looking through some old photos.  I need to be reminded of some things.  I can show you them if you want to stay.”

“I would love to,” Angela replied in a hushed, warm tone.  The doctor removed her arms to ease herself into a sitting position and then swung her legs around and over Fareeha’s folded ones.  Without another moment passing between them, Fareeha felt those comforting arms embracing her again.  She massaged her fingertips over the soft skin of Angela’s forearm. which elicited a satisfied hum from the woman’s lips.

After a minute of enjoying each others silent company, Fareeha removed the photos from the shoe box again.  A bitter-sweet moment; the faces of the fallen always filled her with an aching sorrow.  But this time was different.

She finally found someone special to share these memories with.