photo jean claude

Jacques Dutronc, watching his robots evolve in the middle of his high-tech equipment (tape recorder, hi-fi equipment and television). Photo by Jean-Claude Deutsch (Paris Match magazine), December 1966

_David Gilmour, Rick Wright, Nick Mason, Ginger Gilmour, Juliette Gale and/e Lindy Mason; Pink Floyd; France/França; Marseille/Marselha; November 1972/Novembro de 1972.

_Photo/Foto: Jean Claude Deutsch.


Marie-france Pisier sitting in a green TRIUMPH convertible, wearing a yellow sweater and a red cap. Paris, August 23, 1966. Photos by Jean-Claude Deutsch (Paris Match)

Polish Fashion In Paris In 1966, a group of models presented Polish fashion on the Champs Elysees in Paris. Photo by Jean-Claude Deutsch (Paris Match)

Scan - George, Olivia and Dhani Harrison, August 1978; scanned from LIFE Reunion Special (1995).

Photo: Jean Claude Volpeliere/Camera Press

“[Remarrying and having a child has] been a wonderful thing for me. Everybody who has a baby thinks their child is wonderful, and it is. […]
I stay home and dig - not so much with a spade - but I dig the garden, putting trees in. I like gardens; I like the pleasure they give you. It’s like a meditation in a way - you can get everything out of your mind groveling in the soil! I spend a lot of time with the wife and the baby.” - George Harrison, Rolling Stone, 19 April 1979

Psychedelic Party “The Ball Of Baron Alexis De Rede”
Brigitte Bardot and Serge Lifar at the Hotel Lambert, Paris, December 1969. Photo by Jean-Claude Deutsch (Paris Match)