photo is not of my fam but she looks like fam

discover// c.b

this time she’s really out my life, I know I gotta get her back. just need one night to hit it right, but i can’t get it. know, she deserves to up and leave, if it was me i’d do the same.

“Chris, bro, it’s been months. you gotta get out and return to your normal self.” red said, he took a sip of his beer walking towards me. “let’s go get some bitches!” he shouted, I rolled my eyes standing up.

“that’s the reason why I’m single, fam.” I retorted, I grabbed the bottle of henny downing it. “y/n is always in her feelings. she’ll come back.” he said, I sighed shaking my head.

“not this time, man.” my voice cracked, I threw the bottle at the wall, watching all the glass fly. a photo of me and y/n fell off the table, cracking the frame.

red scuffed, “whatever.” he fanned me off, walking out of the room. I sat down on the bed, trying to collect myself.

I really fucked up bad this time. always getting myself into some dumb shit, with the law, petty drama on social media, and hurting the one who’s been my rock through all the bullshit. all the shit I put her through, I know she hates me, but I can’t accept that, knowing she despises me breaks my heart.

I can’t breathe, can’t sleep, can’t dream, I’m so weak, I gotta get her back.

sighing, I got up waking over to my closet, quickly changing into an all black outfit. I grabbed the keys to my car, walking out of the house.

I was invited to a house party, but I knew y/n would be there so I had decided to not go, but I was more determined than ever to get my baby.

I raced through the steets until I got out to where I needed to be. I got out of the car, walking into the huge mansion. “ayy Chris, you made it!” Ty shouted, she smiled walking over towards me. “wassup.” I said, he dabbed me.

“fam, you came just in time. shits about to get lit.” he said, I looked around at my surroundings, trying to find y/n. “yeah, have you happened to see y/n?” I asked, he raised his brow.

“uh, I think.” he mumbled, I creased my brow. “you think?” I questioned, he stood there trying to think, I fanned him off walking past him. I made my way to the top deck, looking down at everyone trying to spot y/n.

I scanned the place until my eyes landed on her, sitting by the pool with her friends. I walked back out, making my way out to the backyard. I said hi to a couple people, but not really interested in starting a conversation with any of them.

making my way to the pull where y/n was chilling, I took a deep breath making my way toward her. her friends were laughing and smiling until they saw me, I mentally rolled my eyes, fanning them off.

I tapped on Y/N’s shoulder, causing her to turn around. her smile faded once she saw me, I gave her a big cheesy smile bending down to her level. “can we talk?” I asked, she glared at me. “we’re talking.” she said, I chuckled looking at her friends. “in private.” I retorted.

she rolled her eyes, getting out of the pool. I quickly grabbed her towel, handing it to her. she took it out of my hands, walking towards the house. I bit my lip, watching her hips.

we entered the house, I grabbed her hand, leading her into an empty bedroom. I shut the door behind me, locking it. “if you brought me in here to get a quick fuck, than you really are a stupid ass.” she sassed, I laughed sitting on the bed.

“I need you to come back home.” I said, she laughed, clutching onto her chest. “now you’re a comedian.” she laughed, I had a serious look on my face. “Y/N, baby, I know I fucked up. I’m paying for it right now, but you know how I am.” I defended, she rolled her eyes.

“that’s not an excuse. you swear you love me, but you turn around and fuck other hoes, like we in some open relationship or something!” she yelled, I sighed. “why are you catching an attitude?” I retorted, she raised her brow. “you’re the reason why I have an attitude at the moment.” she shot back, I stood up.

“well, let me fix it.” I smirked, she looked at me for a minute. “you’re so fucking childish. I really can’t take you serious.” she shouted, I nodded my head, grabbing her hips. “go on, let it all out.” I said, kissing on her neck.

“can you stop?!” she yelled, pushing me back. “you always do this!” she yelled, I rolled my eyes. “I’m starting to get real irritated!” I raised my voice, sitting down on the bed. “good!” she shot, “you think you can make everything okay again by sex. everytime it’s the same shit, next week you’ll be back to doing the same shit. it’s the same fucking cycle with you!” she shouted.

“okay, well what do you want me to do!” I yelled. “get your shit together, and do it fast.” she retorted. “I can’t if you won’t let me!” I yelled. “damn Y/N, are you going to let me in?” I questioned. “are you going to change?” she asked, I sighed. “I can show you, better than I can tell you.” I said softly.

I grabbed her hands, pulling her closer to me. placing my hands on her waist, I looked down at her, kissing her forehead softly. “can I?” I asked.

she looked up at me, biting her lip. nodded her can slowly. I smiled, taking my jacket off. “sit on the bed.” I said. she didn’t say anything, just did what I told her to.

I took my shirt off, turning to look at her. I bit my lip, making my way to her. grabbing her leg, dragging her toward me. her back now laying perfectly on the bed.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this.” I whispered, before smashing my lips into hers.

tonite is going to be a long, loud night.

Klance LoveChild

so let’s say, keith and lance are out on a mission and lance stumbles upon this alien, turns out they’re a shape-shifter, a baby at that, all alone. so of course, the first people they come in contact with are their parents, aka lance and keith. they take the form of something of a perfect mix of keith and lance and call them their dads. keith and lance completely spazz like “what did it just say?!” “i-i don’t know!” “did it just call us it’s dads?!” “hey, don’t call them ‘it’ that’s offensive” “LANCE” “dada” “//collective shrieks” “okay, okay, calm down, this is nothing.” “calm down?!” “okay, maybe it’s major” “they think we’re it’s parents!!” “…great” “what do we do?” “what do you mean?” “we can’t exactly leave a baby out here, let alone one that claims us as their parents” “so? do we just? take them with us?” “i don’t know, i’m asking you! this is all your fault!” “mine?!” “yes you! you’re the one that came into contact with them!” “…how do we explain it to the rest of them?” “just, i dunno, tell it to them straight?” “we’re gonna get hell for this, you do know that right” “affirmative” and so they take the wee bab with them and get teased by the rest of team voltron, but everyone warms up to them. keith and lance are forced to share a room after because the baby doesn’t want to be away from either of them. and yeah, i could go on and on

and then comes the time to introduce the kid and keith to lance’s family

[extensive back and forth convo with @echgoing to depict events + name meaning under the cut because loooooong]

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Let's Just Take a Moment to Appreciate Mama Maximoff...

This is what happens when I think too much about my X-Kids and all that Tragedy™ that surrounds them.
(Anything said in bold is @ishouldprobablychangemyusername cause she’s a terrible person and a Bad Influence™)
- Okay so like hear me out
- Ms. Maximoff has seen a lot of mutant shit from her children and is so immune to it all that she takes everything in her stride
- So let’s take a scenario in which the X-Kids (Kurt, Jean, Scott, Jubilee, Ororo and Peter) are all gonna meet up for some non-world-ending-thing and so they all plan to meet at Peter’s house
-(Maybe like video game/movie marathon in his basement idk)(really would anyone want to take Peter on with video games he would win…all the time)((what about board games…))(((that would be interesting)))
- Anyway so like Kurt arrives first and is super nervous to meet Ms. Maximoff cause Peter has told them absolutely nothing about his fam only that he’s the only guy and he has two sisters
-So he rings the doorbell and hopes that Peter is home and answers the door
- spoiler alert: he’s not and it’s ms Maximoff who opens the door
- She doesn’t even blink an eye at the fact he’s blue and just smiles and invites him in
- Like it’s better to have mutant teens on her doorstep who are actually friends with Peter and not grumpy cops trampling her lawn
- Kurt is like so taken aback and is super confused when she keeps smiling and offers him drinks and food.
- Peter’s lil sis promptly crawls over and starts giggling and trying to catch his tail
- (Kurt is super confused but the tiny human(or maybe mutant who knows with that fam) is giggling and he feels all warm and happy that the small child is not afraid of him)(TBH Kurt’s always confused by something)
- Then Jean and Scott drop in and again they are welcomed in with the same enthusiasm(Jean is extremely happy by this enthusiasm and responds with the same amount helping Ms. Maximoff with food and drinks)
- They all just kind of sit on the comfy sofa and Peter’s lil sis decides that Scott’s glasses are the coolest thing since twinkies and so tries valiantly to remove them from a resisting Scott’s face
- Jean just laughs and Scott pouts and calls her a traitor
- (She knows he’s lying tho and finds it adorable but he has to be Manly™)
- But like lil sis ends up with favourites and Scott is soon overtaken and pushed down to third place when Jubilee arrives (Like how can this child resist sparkles)(no one can resist sparkles)
- Anyway Mama maximoff totally had this all planned from the start cause Peter has told her so much about all these kids he’s now friends with
- And so when Ororo arrives with like a literal ray of sunshine splitting the clouds in the sky she instantly takes to the girl
- Mama Maximoff gets them all hand made lemonade and cookies cause she’s just amazing
- The mutants are all like super happy and feel so loved
- Anyway cue Peter returning home to find the entire mutant squad crashing around his living room playing with his lil sis as his mum brings them lemonade and cookies. He was very confused (the mutant squad have photos Peter’s expression when he found them)
- so like now mama Maximoff has claimed all these punk kids as part of her renegade fam and Peter just rolls with it cause he loves his mum like who doesn’t?
- Then one day one of the mutant squad gets hurt in training and Ms Maximoff is there to berate the teachers for letting these kids get hurt. (Raven’s scared)
- And then she runs into Erik and there’s the whole “shit we banged” moment
- and she’s just like “don’t worry you can keep pretending we don’t know each other I’m just here for my kid”
“You have a kid!!!”
“Yeah so do you lmao bye”
- Erik is left extremely confused
- Peter then comes up beside him like “so you met mum……again”

- The next time he’s sees her she’s there dragging Peter in to enroll so he can finish up his education
- But wanda and lil sis are there too
- Erik is mega confused
- (Wanda’s laughing her head off)
- Erik is just like “which child is mine???? I can’t just ASK????”
- Jean Knows™ Peter is just trying to process the fact he’s going back to school ffs and the rest of the squad are just trying to work out why Erik looks like he’s about to burst a vein. (Well apart from Ororo cause she knows too and is cackling in the background)
- Queue erik having and existential crisis
- Basically mama maximoff and her multiple mutant children gives me life
- (Hit me up if u want any more hcs lmao)

V:LD Flower Shop/Tattoo Parlor AU

bc it was abt damn time! holy hell i’ve been working on this forEVER damn me and my “attention to detail”. anyway have fun bc i did :)


  • 26 and 6′
  • Sephardi Jew
  • Owner of ‘Altean Florals’
  • Dresses mainly in pastels
  • Lives in the loft above her shop (it’s a 2-story building – 3 if u include the basement - used for storage mostly but also a lil exercise room)
  • Is Terrifyingly Calm™ in the middle of customer blow ups tht all her employees run for cover when she puts on her Customer Smile™
  • Team Mom of her shop (Flower Mom)
    • Sometimes called the Flower Queen/Goddess by her Altean Florals fam
  • Sings when watering the plants
    • Also talks to them
  • Might or might not b a plant witch (Lance’s “conspiracy”)
  • Wears giant sunhats during summer, gardening, out in the greenhouse, etc.
  • Has a “mild” crush on the Sweet, Cute, and Funny™ tattoo artist next door (aka Shiro)
  • Only person who calls Shiro by his first name (”Oh, hello, Takashi!”) instead of his nickname
  • More Jewish Allura -
    • mezuzah at doorways for both her shop and her actual apt
    • goes to temple for the holidays
    • hasn’t done shabbat since the death of her parents (bc they’re not around to keep the tradition/schedule up)
    • always puts hanukah decorations up in the shop (menorah up at apt window too)
    • bakes holiday treats for her employees
    • starts inviting Shiro to passover dinner w her temple friends when they start getting Serious™
    • Watches her bat mitzvah videos when she misses her parents
    • Spends Rosh&Yom w the Holts
  • V active - knowledgeable in all dance styles, surfs, hikes, rock climbs, kickboxing (and some other fighting styles), gymnast but hasn’t competed since high school
  • Fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, French, English, and Spanish
    • Since she learned Arabic and Hebrew simultaneously, in the mornings before she’s fully awake she only responds in either of those two (even tho she wakes up early to open shop, she’s not AWAKE awake until like… 11ish)
  • Has a couple of tattoos she got in college, doesn’t go out of her way to hide or show them off… just kinda like “oh yeah they’re there hmm”
    • a solar eclipse on her left outer thigh
    • a trail of lion paw prints following the curve on the top of her right foot, biggest by big toe and decreasing size until smallest by ankle bone
  • Likes sweets esp fruity flavors
  • Was a History major and Foreign Language minor at uni
  • Can drink anyone under the table
  • V confrontational outside of work, esp to rude dudes
  • Fave music genre: disco, nu disco, and similar dance music


  • 42 and 5′11
  • Australian
  • Landlord of both the flower shop and the tattoo parlor
  • An actual friendly landlord whose tenants actually like
  • Never seems to get angry (at least to his delightful tenants)
  • Frequents Altean Florals for all his floral needs!
  • Likes to garden and receives tips and advice from Allura and the rest of the AF crew (and yes i did just realize tht her shop initials r AF)
  • Frequents CCH for all his energy and coffee bean needs
  • V outdoorsy and athletic - camping, hiking, fishing, boxing, etc.
  • Cheery af. A literal ray of sunshine!
  • Supes strong u wouldn’t expect it
  • Everyone is jealous of his mustache (obvi but like tenfold)
  • Watches and reads a lot of NatGeo and similar, always spouting animal facts tht no one knos how to deal w (The Nature Guy)
  • Fave music genre: 50-80s classic rock


  • 24 and 6′4″
  • Samoan? (i still like this hc leftover from my mermaid au)
  • Florist
  • Played varsity volleyball in high school and was captain of her college team
    • Was a Biology major w a concentration in Botany, and a Geology minor at uni
  • An absolute sweetheart and gets easily flustered when customers r starting to b difficult so Lance or Hunk usually step in and save her (she usually prefers to work on the arrangements and nursery in the back bc of it)
  • Is extra sweet to Hunk (slightly crushing on him)
  • Has short curly hair and multiple ear piercings
  • Likes making jewelry
  • Opens up shop for Allura during Jewish holidays
  • Always buys a bottle of Lance’s vegan nail polish whenever he makes a new color
  • Sings while watering plants or working on arrangements – actually p good at singing
  • Still v athletic after graduating – surfs, jogs every morning, various fighting styles (judo, bjj, tkd, w.e the Samoan native fighting style is?, etc)
    • Supes strong - can and has bench pressed Lance
  • Assistant coach for local middle school age travel vball team
  • Bakes for fun
  • Studying witchy stuff and shares info w Allura and other co-workers
  • Fave music genre: girl rock groups 80s-early 2000s


  • 28 and 5′10
  • Japanese-Brazilian (tbh i fell in love w this hc)
  • Tattoo Artist at 5 Lion Ink right next to Altean Florals
  • Has full sleeves on both arms and multiple piercings on both ears (and an right eyebrow piercing)
  • Mostly wears black
  • Has a crush on Allura and his mind goes blank when she calls him Takashi (like his words start jumbling in every language he knos before he gets to English (its his 4th language) - and she’s giggling the whole time)
  • V athletic - capoiera, bjj, karate, bboys (occasionally)
  • Used to parkour but stopped after he broke his arm one incident
  • Fluent in Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, and English (in tht order, P & J simultaneously)
  • Considers Keith his younger brother (fam friends)
  • Likes working in color
  • Actually went to art school and graduated w his bachelors - BFA
  • Really good at makeup, actually considered becoming a makeup artist before he decided on tattooing
  • Did kabuki once upon a time when visiting fam in Japan - Regrets and Embarrassed
    • I just kinda want his fam to have this as an Embarrassing Home Video and one of the first times he brings Allura to meet his fam they show tht vid and she starts bonding w his gma abt how adorable he was and then proceeds w the showing of the childhood photo albums
  • Kinda stoic looking to those who don’t kno him, but a total goofball to his friends
  • Easily flustered around Allura – only time openly acting like a school kid w a crush
  • V pleasant and polite - mostly professional mask but still a v nice guy outside of work
    • Only really mean to bullies
    • Prefers no confrontation - can b v overwhelming
  • V Stressed 20/7 (4 hrs of sleep typically)
  • Fave music genre: 80s-90s rock, grunge, some metal, j-rock, brazilian music


  • 22 and 5′7″
  • Cuban
  • Florist
  • V flirtatious bi who lays on the Heavy Flirt™ when dealing w cute customers
  • Besties w Hunk since middle school
  • Thinks Hunk naming every single bloom is a bit Extra™ but joins in
  • Plays guitar and is a p good singer (learned Flamenco guitar from his gramps)
  • Was on the swim team in both hs and college
  • Was a Music major at uni (recent grad)
  • Can dance p well - superb at all latin dances, bboys sometimes, did ballet and tap when younger
  • Makes nail polish w vegan ingredients (i saw a video so don’t fight me on this!) and gets inspired for colors by the flowers he works w each day
    • Always tests them on himself first (likes to flaunt at work)
    • Sells them on Etsy
    • Would give them to Shay for free but gives her the Friend Discount bc she insists on paying
  • Fluent in Spanish and English, conversational in Italian
  • The Gossip
  • Used to b the Class Clown
  • The Danger Friend
  • Youngest kid in his fam aka The Baby
    • 90% of his wardrobe r hand-me-downs
  • Afraid of ghosts, doesn’t do well w mystic stuff, hates horror movies
  • Tries to b fashionable w the work uniform bc FASHION - sometimes creates his own clothes
    • Gma was a seamstress
      • Since his clothes r mostly handmedowns he learned to sew (and tailor) his stuff from gma so he could actually wear his stuff
  • Super clear skin
    • Beauty expert of sorts
  • Coffee junkie
  • Calls Pidge “P” for short
  • Fave music genre: dance music, reggaeton, 80s pop/rock


  • 23 and 6′2″
  • Hawaiian
  • Florist
  • Names every single flower bloom and talks to the flowers
  • Has a bit of a crush on coworker Shay
  • Besties w Lance since middle school
  • Was an Engineering major at uni (recent grad)
  • Has actually gotten into arguments abt flower arrangements w Lance before
  • Has a tattoos on left calf, half sleeve upper right arm… maybe more?
  • Played football and wrestled in high school, didn’t feel like doing sports in college but still hit the gym
  • Helps name Lance’s nail polish colors
  • Somehow always surrounded/followed by animals?
    • Mix between Snow White and Steve Irwin
  • The Caution Friend
  • Fluent in pidgin (is tht right?) and English, conversational in Spanish
  • Great chef, goes to culinary school
  • Calls Pidge “P” for short
  • Really good at doing complicated hair styles
  • Fave music genre: 80s-90s rap, hiphop, r&b, pop


  • 22 and 5′5″
  • Korean
  • Tattoo Artist (was actually Shiro’s apprentice)
  • Has 2 half sleeves on his lower arms
  • Ha. GAAYYYYYY!!!™
  • Thinks of Shiro as an older brother
  • Wears mostly black and red
  • Acts like the Indifferent Emo Kid™ but he actually cares abt his friends, fam, and (sometimes) coworkers. Like… he cares,,, he Cares A Lot™
  • Stops by the CCH every morning to get coffee on his way to his shift and also to say hi to Pidge
  • Sometimes goes to Altean Florals for flower refs
    • First time going he was looking for Allura (reco by Shiro) but it was a Jewish holiday so she wasn’t in so he met Lance instead
  • Mostly works in black and greys
  • Actually buys and wears Lance’s nail polishes but doesn’t tell him
  • Used to kno tkd and judo but hasn’t trained in yrs so probs v rusty - still hits the gym when he can
  • Went to community college as an English major - has his Associate’s degree
  • Fluent in Korean and English (in tht order)
  • Fave music genre: k-rock, k-pop, 90s-early 2000s rock


  • 20 and 5′3″
  • Of Irish/German descent
  • Ashkenazi Jew (fam is temple friends w Allura)
  • Works at the coffee shop at the end of the block (The Corner Coffee House)
  • Wears “Pidge” name tag bc she doesn’t want customers knowing her name (Lies it’s an old Irish name if anyone asks)
  • Casually throws Yiddish into everyday convos (“wow what a fakata break up, susan”, etc.)
  • Likes making purim puppets w Allura
  • Sass™
  • Mostly has morning shifts so is usually the one making Shiro’s order on his way to open shop
    • Has it memorized by now - large hazelnut macchiato w 4 shots of espresso
  • Learning kickboxing from Allura
  • Was on her hs track and field team as a sprinter - girl is fast af
  • Currently attending uni as a Comp Sci major, Classics minor
    • beats up the sexist boys who tell her to leave STEM, they no longer bother her
  • Fluent in English, Yiddish, German, some Irish
  • Fave music genre: techno, trance, 90s club music

Shallura stuff:

  • Shiro starts learning abt Judaism when he learns Allura is Jewish and says w.e holiday greeting when he sees her in the morning bc he actually marks them on his calendar (what a lovesick puppy)
  • Shiro becomes V Curious™ where Allura’s tattoos r when she mentions she has some and casually tries to find it
  • Shiro first meets Allura when he first goes to the flower shop for a client’s and general tattoo ideas (actually thinks she’s a goddess when he first sees her - cue angel choir)
  • Shiro really likes that Allura calls him by his first name instead of his nickname
  • After becoming friends, Shiro sometimes spends the night in Allura’s place (in her guest bedroom) when he works late, sometimes in combo w having to open up shop the next morning (Keith works a lot of morning shifts and opens up sometimes)
  • They sometimes spar together when they find out they kno how to fight (like seeing their style differences)
  • Allura teaches Shiro the partner dances she knos in their free time
  • Shiro likes drawing Allura when not designing tattoos


  • Both Rolo and Nyma work at 5 Lion Ink w Shiro and Keith
    • Nyma pierces and tattoos, while Rolo only pierces
    • Rolo has multiple ear piercings, lip, nose and eyebrow piercings, and a half sleeve on his upper right arm done by Nyma
    • Nyma has a full sleeve on her right arm, a tongue piercing, and a sceptum
    • R&N don’t really interact w S&K
  • Zarkon and Haggar are Top Notch Lawyers™ whose office is a block or two over who hate the shops bc they want to take over the block for some (shady) business but can’t bc it’s technically in the historical district
    • Thace, also a lawyer at their firm and Keith’s dad, was the one who stopped their hostile takeover w this info
  • Altean Florals shop uniform - sleeved shirt, bottoms at least to the knees, closed toed shoes, and a Thulian pink apron, long hair pushed/tied back (optional)
  • After Lance and Hunk started calling Katie “P”, short for Pidge, everyone else (friends) started calling her tht too
  • Everyone hangs out at CCH during their breaks and after shifts
A Trip To the Millpond

For: @snapslikethis

AN: So you wanted, “fluffy soulmate au, wartime jily, potter fam” and I tried to take bits of all of that and got, ‘fluffy, post-wartime, potter fam.’ I also added ducks, because, well, I know you like ducks. I hope you like this and that you and your babies had a wonderful holiday season! xxx

rating: K

wc: 1.4k

Lily Potter was twenty-five years old and on her way to the millpond with her four (almost five) year old son. They had a bag of grapes they had cut in half and they were going to feed the ducks, one of their favorite things to do together on Sunday mornings. James usually joined them, but it was one of the Sunday mornings he spent with his brothers. Lily had owled, asked if they needed any help, but James had assured her that they were all fine and just in need of rest.

So, Lily and Harry went down to feed the ducks without James or Sirius or Remus or Peter. Once, a few months back when he had first entered the phase where absolutely everything needed to be a question, he had asked Lily why she didn’t have friends like dad did. Lily had narrowed her brow for a moment, for it had been a long time since she’d thought of the lads as James’ friends separate from her own. She’d crawled up in the attic with Harry that day and they spent the afternoon looking at photos of Marlene McKinnon, Amelia Bone, Dorcas Meadows, her friends from Hogwarts, the girls she’d grown up with. She had to explain to him, in the softest way possible as he was four, that her friends had passed away. He accepted this of course without question, because he didn’t like it when his mum cried and he didn’t know about the war and she didn’t want him to. He was young, innocent and a bright spot of light in her life, and she didn’t want to dampen that. Today Harry wasn’t asking so many questions, he was too excited to get to the millpond, to have the ducks eat the grapes off the palm of his hand.

A while back, James and Lily had decided that they wanted to have another baby. That was her favorite thing to do now, talk about the future. She’d been so careful before, when they were in Hogwarts or when they were both in the Order before Harry was born. She didn’t want to let herself imagine a future with him if it was only going to get snatched away, but now that the war was over, now that everything seemed peaceful and calm, she let herself think more about tomorrow. She let herself plan for next year, five years from now. They’d talked about having more than just one more kid, she joked that she wanted a whole drove of children and he would laugh and say, “Watch it Evans, I might take you up on that.”

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Rukia's Scrapbook: Dating Ichigo

Ichiruki timeline requested by anon. :)

So…this person asked for an “IchiRuki timeline” talking about what their various ‘big’ events were like. So  thought I’d imagine that Rukia is getting married to Ichigo, and she’s making him a scrapbook full of pictures of important events in their lives. With notes because Rukia. So here is the scrapbook that she might make!

Picture #1: Ichigo picks me up for our first date!

I don’t know what was cuter: that you thought your “Nice Vibe” shirt was a cool choice for a first date outfit, or that you thought a tie would make it classy.

Picture #2: Us at the entrance to the amusement park!

In your own words, Ichigo: “Chad said this was a good date spot. And I trust Chad in matters of the heart.”

Picture #3: Second date! Closet mini picnic!

You said it was such a bad idea we’d never speak of it again. But I think it’s cute when you’re squashed and embarrassed!

Picture #4: Third date! Soul Society drinks!

I know my eyes are partially closed and you appear to be sneezing, but this is literally the only pic I have that wasn’t photo bombed by Matsumoto, Kira, Hisagi, Renji, or Mashiro.

Picture #5: “Meeting” the fam! Dinner at the Kurosaki house!

You and your dad, locked in combat. Yuzu hugging me. Karin looking vaguely annoyed and embarrassed. It is perfect.

Picture #6: “Meeting” the other fam! Dinner with Nii-sama!

Nii-sama is smiling on the inside.

Pictures #7-9: Goofy photo booth pics!

Please notice how I gave you bunny ears in every one!

Picture #10: Leaving for our weekend getaway in Tokyo!

Our first trip together! Well…aside from Hueco Mundo I guess.

Picture #11: Toyko Tower!

This was the first time you said you loved me, you know. Verbally, anyway.

Picture #12: Candlelit dinner in hotel!

Hmm. The flash makes us both look weird. But this was a good dinner.

Picture #13: You sleeping with Chappy

Still my favorite pic

Picture #14: My Chappy sand sculpture!

From our private beach day

Picture #15: Ichigo buried in sand!

Because you shouldn’t fall asleep during beach day!

Picture #16: Weekend getaway at the mountain hot springs!

…man 6 months since the last pic? Life got in the way, huh!

Picture #17: Us in our hotel room!

I don’t think Nii-sama liked the postcard I sent him of you in the hotel. Although I still think “ryoka in the ryokan” was a great caption!

Picture #18: The view of the mountains

Because damn that place was gorgeous.

Picture #19: Hokkaido snow and ice festival!

Still can’t believe you didn’t want me to enter the ice sculpting competition. I would have owned that.

Picture #20: Ice bunny!

Totally not what you thought it was.

Picture #21: Our hotel room

At the time I was so surprised that you spent so much money on this fancy room.

Picture #22: Me wearing the engagement ring!

Look at how happy I am!

Picture #23: Our first picture together engaged

Best day of my life, so far

Picture #24: Nii-sama’s mansion - wedding day!

So kind of him to let us have the wedding there, huh?

Picture #25: Me in my wedding dress!

And that, now-husband, is why you won’t get this until after the wedding! I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

I love you. Always and forever.

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Hello my friend it is me, could I request the RFA+ v and saeran comforting MC who's family likes to make her feel bad about herself (weight, habits, etc) totally not using requests to cope with real life things what


Hello frondo, I thought you were another friend but she didn’t send this so lol. Its ok RFA is here to pap you and soothe away your worries ~ (under the assumption MC still lives with theirr fam as an adult)

  • Zen: totally understands and is quickest to tell you you’re wrong about yourself when you feel down about your appearance. Kisses you in every place you feel insecure about (every place ;) ). You are his home& lock screen and he makes sure you’re aware of it every time he switches out to a new photo of you. He also has photos of you and him up in his dressing room. He’ll tell you about everything he loves in each picture he has of you. Will fight your parents and argue with them when they insult you. Kidnaps you often  to his apartment to keep you safe and will likely try to convince you to move in with him. 
  • Jaehee: completely relates to guardians belittling their minor. Will sit down with you, make your favorite coffee/tea brew, and hold your hands as you talk about it. Reassuring pats and hugs. She’ll also often kidnap you to her place and make blanket forts and watch DVDs. You’re always welcome to move in, you know that right? Icy cold demeanour around your fam and subtle insults towards them every time they try to hurt you.
  • Yoosung: immediately upset for you and will probably cry with you. He’s horrified your parents can’t see how perfect you are. Hugs you a lot and gets really red because he’s so mad. You can’t exactly live permanently with him in his dorm but you can bet your ass you’re basically living there anyway. Soothes away your worries with kisses and compiments and doesn’t let you put yourself down. 
  • Jumin: Shit, he’ll probably sue them lol. He will immediately make you move in with him. You were probably living with him to begin with tbh. Smoothes out your hair while you talk to him and holds you gently, calmly listens to you but you can tell by the look in his eyes that he’s furious. He logically refutes all the points you have about why you’re the worst and proves you are in fact the best with reason. Sends you lists of things he loves that you did that day, lists of his favorite parts of your body, reasons why he loves you, every day, and probably has them memorized. Icy cold around your parents/fam and ready to tear them down at any point 
  • Seven: HOLY SHIT he feels you so hard man. He wraps you up in a blanket with him and cuddles you while you talk. Very touchy feely and reassuring. Will crack jokes to make you laugh but takes it seriously when you need him to. He leaves a little gift in your purse every time you leave. Suggests you live with him every opportunity he gets. He could probably ruin their lives with the click of a button if you wanted but doesn’t for your sake. Reminds you of how hot you are and why he loves you every day via texts. Sends you little drawings he does of you too. 
  • V: the flower child is very sad for you. He can’t imagine why anybody wouldn’t adore you. He listens calmly and wipes away your tears as you talk. He’ll probably cry quietly too. In a soft but firm voice he’ll tell you why you’re wrong about yourself when you insult yourself. Gentle rubs and massages, a lot of soft kisses and sighs. His place is always open to you, temporarily or permanently, whatever you need. He’ll be quick to defend you against your parents and won’t allow them to hurt you anymore. 
  • Saeran: he is SO MAD because boi does he understand. He paces when you first tell him about them. He rotates between holding you and hugging you reassuringly to jumping up and yelling about it and pacing again. He will fiercely tell you otherwise if you insult yourself. A lot of tight hugs and hand squeezes. He will be quick to shout at your family/parents and is very hostile and aggressive towards them, so it’s probably best they don’t see him often, but that’s what you love about him. Wants you to move in with him ASAP and angrily pouts until you do. 

Day 3 (January 15th-the final day):

This day was much shorter, which was relaxing and really nice. 

There was another welcome panel introducing the day’s guest (and I did get to attend this one!), it was very fun. They love to make a show coming onto the stage. They’re all so cute and cuddly:

Lindsey came in a bit late (she left her ID at home and couldn’t check in to the hotel and so went back home) and she was carrying an enormous case of water for some reason, but she was upstaged by Sosa who came walking down the center aisle like the celebrity he is. 

The day started with the healer’s panel with Sachin and Sosa (Jared’s dog), it soon devolved into the Star Wars, Babies and Dogs Panel:

Some highlights:

Sachin thinks Jackson’s been through more than anyone, its why he’s always so sad and morose.

Jackson took the chip at the beginning of 3.06, said it was a necessity, he thinks that while Jackson was running tests on it and determined it was safe, he realized  that everything sucks and he might as well try it. Which is why he is so adamant about it with Abby, because he knows she’s in pain, too. 

Sachin reads every single word of every single script, he likes knowing what’s going on.

Sachin nicknamed the Ark after his mom, which was awkward after it crashed

There are some people on Twitter, who are just there to hurt other people.  Completely shun them, they lose their fuel. Avoid people like that, they’re toxic.

Sachin was willing to FaceTime @ItsPaigeTurco but he didn’t have his phone.

 Jackson back story-his father was a doctor on the Ark, and so was training Jackson to follow, as jobs were highly specialized on the Ark and extra training upped his likelihood of following in his father’s footsteps (this explains Clarke’s extra medical knowledge btw) and his mother was sick, she couldn’t be saved by his dad, which hurt his father badly,  after his dad passed away, Abby took him under her wing and their relationship was cemented. Abby is literally Jackson’s family.

Jackson and Clarke know each other very well because of Jackson’s relationship with Abby.


I had to leave Sachin’s panel before it was finished to go get my photo ops with Katie and Richard:

Katie is another absolute doll. She doesn’t realize that people love her. She’s sweet and oh so kind and she gave me a TON of compliments, I told her I loved her dog and we talked about her for a bit, she’s just so amazing:

I literally can’t find a way to size out this picture, I’ve given up trying. 

Richard is so nice, he thanked me for coming and said that the fan experience is one of the best parts of his job and I loved his beanie:

Now here’s the part where I explain why I missed my Chelsey meet and greet. I had a Chris photo op that should only have taken about 5 minutes, but Chris stayed up at the autograph table to get to as many fans as he could. 

As the Meet and Greets were only 30 minutes, by the time 10 minutes had passed I decided I’d already missed too much time and decided to stay. 

Waiting on Chris was so fun guys. I got to meet a ton of different shippers (Both Bellarke and Cl/xa) and we sang songs from Hamilton The Musical, again, another example of Unity at what was a beautiful convention. Chris arrived after about 20 minutes and he’s such a sweetie. He complimented my hair we chatted for a minute or so and snagged a pic:

After that the rest of the Unity Days Fam and I lined up for our picture with Camp Jaha. 

We had four different Photo Ops between us and the cast LOVED it. Guys, they really love surprises like this. 

My photo op was first and we did the standard fan pose (Lindsey grabbed me all on her own, which was nice-she remembered me from the day before!):

Then they realized we had more pictures to take and they JUMPED into action. I mean Sachin was shouting ideas, Lindsey was agreeing happily. Someone we talked to later said they could hear all the noise from the waiting area:

Sachin’s first idea was for everyone to be angry, I look more disappointed, but it’s because Sachin said something that mad me laugh and I covered my mouth at this point Chelsey, who was not actually supposed to be in this photo op and had been playing with her phone off to the side joined in on the fun:

 Lindsey suggested dancing and….I don’t know what any of these dance moves are meant to be?:

And our final picture was us paddling away in a canoe, Richard decided to drown, which is why he’s in the front (I’m the only one actually paddling here, by the by):

These was such an amazing photo shoot guys and the cast absolutely love when you surprise them like this. They were so much more animated when they realized we were going to keep taking pictures. 

We stopped by the Talk Nerdy With Us Panel, hoping for a sneak peek at Season 4, but when it became apparent we wouldn’t get one, we decided to go grab lunch. We stopped at an amazing Indian place and chatted about how when we were going to meet up again. Then headed back to the con for the final few panels and photo ops:

We attended The 100 Men Panel, which featured Chris, Richard, Jarod and Sachin. Richard walked in wearing his managers platforms and said they were relatively comfortable:

Some highlights:

The cast can’t reveal or tease anything!

Richard reads his own lines first and then does a run through as does Chris. They used to flip through to the end of the script to see if they were alive at the end of each episode, they no longer do this.

The cast thought they were kidding when they killed Wells.Then they realized there was no way to bring him back, its not that type of show.  They were also surprised and saddened by Pike’s death.

When asked what their character had done that surprised them Jarod said get a boyfriend and right after Chris said get a girlfriend.

It then kind of devolved into just laughs and an overall good time. 


After that I had a Minty Photo Op and I invited the rest of the Fam to join me and we got an EPIC picture:

The only thing we asked them to do was have Chris serenade Jarod, they flipped it all around and suggested that they serenade us and it turned in to this and IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!

I also had a solo photo with Chelsey after who commented on how closely her pants matched my hair and I loved her guys, she’s so special and sweet:

I also had my Katie and Chelsey op, were I asked them to be super strong and bad ass, just as they already are, Chelsey asked to switch sides with Katie because her muscle looked better on that side (it really does):

I grabbed some autographs:

Katie LOVED my BBPS pouch, said it was really fitting considering that Monroe was always Bellamy’s guy and that she died trying to protect him:

(It says: April, So lovely to have you and your awesome energy at my first con. All the love, Katie Stuart xx) and Sachin and I talked about what my pouch meant and why it was so important for me to protect him and then he verbally thanked me for protecting him then wrote it down as well:

Sachin’s message is perhaps my favorite signature of the entire convention, it meant so much. (It reads: April, Bellamy is the love of my life. Thank you for protecting him.)

I did attend the 100 Women Panel, but had to leave early, thankfully @forgivenessishardforus managed to get my Sass Daddy shirt to me before I caught the cab to the train station:

This was one HELL of a trip guys and I can’t wait to return next year. 

Bad Boys Are Bad Boys 5

Part 4

 You didn’t see Calum the rest of the weekend and part of the week. Whenever you saw Michael, Ashton, and Luke they would smile at you but Calum wasn’t with them. It wasn’t until you were sitting in your room with the windows open that Calum stuck his head in. “What is it with you and listening?” He asked climbing in.

 "What is it with you and staying out of my room?“ You asked dropping your pencil in your textbook before closing it.

 "How’s class?” Calum asked sitting at the edge of your bed.

 "Where have you been?“ You asked.

 "Are we going to continue to ask questions?” Calum asked smiling.

 "I don’t know,“ You said crossing your arms. When you realized you didn’t end with a question you added, "Are we?”

 Calum opened his mouth to say something but a high pitch bark interrupted him and for louder as Busted ran to the sound of Calum’s voice. Busted ran into your room and up to Calum’s feet making him laugh. “I think he likes you more than me,” You laughed as Calum picked him up.

 "I just love dogs,“ Calum asked as Busted licked the side of his face. "I see you’re finished unpacking.”

 "Finished a couple days ago,“ You said walking into your closet.

 "What’s that for?” Calum asked looking at the outfit that was hung up on the front of the door.

 "I have to go to this thing for Amelia. Some party or something,“ You said nodding. "You should come.”

 "You’re hilarious,“ Calum sarcastically said.

 "I’m being serious. You can be my escort,” You said nodding.

 "You don’t think they would like abandon you?“ Calum asked.

 "Nah. I think it’ll be fun,” You said walking over to Calum. He looked at you and them at Busted before making up his mind.

 "No suite and no ties,“ He said making you smile. "When is it?”

 "In two days,“ You said as your mom started to talk to you. She walked down the hall and stuck her head in your room, shocked Calum was there.

 "I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware that we had company,” She said smiling. “Is this Calum?”

 "Yes ma'am,“ He said standing up. "It’s nice to finally meet you.”

 "Such a gentleman,“ Your mom said shaking his hand. "Keep hold of this one, (Y/N).”

 "Mom,“ You groaned making Calum laugh.

 "I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but you’re one of the only friend of (Y/N)’s that I’ve met,” Your mom said smiling at Calum. “Anyway, I’m making cookies from scratch. You wanted to help (Y/N). You can join too if you’d like Calum.”

 "No mom, he doesn’t want to,“ You said walking over to them. "I’m sure he’s got band practice or something he has to do.”

 "I’ve actually got nothing to do so I would love to,“ Calum said smiling at you and them at your mom.You knew with all of your heart that he was doing this just to annoy you.

 "That’s the sprit,” She said before walking away. Before Calum followed he looked at you and stuck his tongue out. “You know, I used to be in band,” Your mom said as you pushed past Calum following her.

 "Mom, please stop,“ You pleaded.

 "What? I’m just saying I know what it’s like,” Your mom said making Calum chuckle. “I think it’s great that you’re doing something that you love. I was talking to your mom a couple days ago and she’s very proud of you.”

 "So you’ve met my sister?“ Calum asked.

 "Yes. Lovely girl,” Your mom said smiling as the three of you reached the kitchen, which was a disaster. You looked at Calum shocked, you had no idea that the had a sister. Since Calum didn’t tell you about his sister you knew there was more that he wasn’t telling you. “The two of you will be on mixing duty while I clean up from my last project.”

 You and Calum stood in silence as you started to gather the ingredients and pour them into the bowl. “You’re being awfully quiet,” Calum whispered looking at you.

 "What?“ You asked looking at him. You were too deep in thought to actually hear him.

"I said you were being awfully quiet,” Calum said as you grabbed the spoon and started to mix the ingredients together.

 "What’s wrong with silence?“ You asked.

 "Nothing. It’s just, usually, people like to talk to other people while they’re doing something. It makes things more fun,” Calum explained. “You do know what fun is, don’t you princess?”

 "I know what fun is,“ You said rolling your eyes at your nickname as Calum cracked an egg and let it fall into the bowl. You slowly pressed your hand in the flour, grabbing a small handful, waiting for Calum to speak.

 "Are you sure because-,” Calum started. Before he could continue you threw the small handful at Calum, hitting him in the face and in the chest.

 "That was fun,“ You said nodding. Calum stood perfectly sill with his eyes and mouth shut tight.

 "Oh you’re going to regret that princess,” Calum said keeping his eyes closed.

 "I already regret a lot of things,“ You said taking a picture of Calum with your phone. "This is not one of them.”

 "(Y/N),“ Your mom laughed from behind. Calum opened his eyes and grabbed an egg stepping over to you and cracking it over your head, making your mom laugh harder.

 "Calum,” You said putting your phone down.

 "You started it,“ Calum said stepping back.

 "Calum, that all purpose flour would go great with some baking soda,” You said picking up the box.

 "(Y/N),“ Calum said staking a step back as you pour some into your hand.

 "I’m telling the two of you now. If you make a mess, you’re picking it up,” Your mom said before vacating the room. You threw the handful of baking soda at him as Calum reached for another egg from the carton. You hit Calum’s hand, causing him to drop the egg, as you reached for the flour.

 "Not today princess,“ Calum said taking the flour from you and pouring it over your head making you freeze.

 "You did not just do that,” You gasped. Calum laughed and grabbed your phone, taking pictures of you. Without thinking you grabbed the tub of powdered sugar and poured it on him so that you both were covered in something.

 "At least I’m covered in something sweet,“ Calum taunted.

 "Mine won’t be in my hair for weeks,” You said taking your phone and looking at yourself. Every inch of you was covered with flour and you could clearly see the egg on your head. Calum walked up behind you, placing his chin on your shoulder, and wrapping his hand around yours, pressing the picture button.

 "See, that was fun,“ Calum laughed looking at you.

 "I didn’t take you for someone that likes to take pictures,” You laughed walking over to the batter, seeing that it was untouched.

 "I take photos all of the time,“ Calum said following. You dipped your finger in the batter and ran the sticky dough across Calum’s face making him laugh.

 "Oh shit,” Your mom said walking in, stopping when she saw what you and Calum looked like. “I see you two had some fun,” She said stepping around the powder on the floor.

 "Just a bit,“ Calum laughed looking at you and then at your mom. "I’m sorry about the mess.”

 "That’s alright,“ Your mom said smiling. "As long as the two of you had fun. Calum you should go wash up while (Y/N) and I put the chips in and get them baked. (Y/N) will wash your clothes.”

 "I can do it when I get home,“ Calum said looking at you.

 "Oh no, no. I insist,” She said nodding.

 "I would do it. Otherwise, she’ll make you clean up this mess,“ You whispered.

 "Alright,” Calum said stepping backwards and then taking off toward your room. Once he was gone and you heard the water turn on you turned toward your mom, seeing her smiling at you.

 "When were you going to tell me that you liked the boy next door?“ She asked.

 "I don’t like him,” You said shaking your head. “He’s completely different from me.”

 "That’s why I’m shocked,“ Your mom said nodding. "Amelia is just like you in ways but Calum is different.”

 "He’s a bad boy,“ You said shaking your head. "I’m a good girl.”

 "You know what I say,“ Your mom said mopping up the egg you had made Calum drop.

 "Yes, good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught,” You recited. Your mom walked over and wrapped her arms around you, pressing a light kiss on your forehead.

 "Your dad would have liked him,“ She whispered.

 "Can we not talk about him?” You asked dumping the chocolate chips into the batter and the moving over to the other side of the counter where you balled the dough and evenly spread them out on the cookie sheet until you heard the water turn off.

 "You should go check on him and grab his clothes,“ Your mom said sending you off. Walking up to your door you lightly knocked before slowly opening the door, seeing Calum’s clothes in a pile by the bathroom door. Sighing, you grabbed them and walked down the hall to the laundry room where you set them to wash before walking back into your room.

 When you walked in you thought that Calum was still in the shower but he wasn’t. He was standing in the middle of your room with a towel wrapped around his waist. "Oh shit. Sorry,” You said turning around making Calum laugh.

 "It’s alright princess,“ He chuckled. "Like what you see?”

 "Stop,“ You said rolling your eyes as you walked into your bathroom trying to keep your eyes off of him.

 "So, good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught?” Calum asked making you freeze.

 "You heard us?“ You asked walking back out, stopping when you saw Calum.

 "Yeah,” He said nodding as he looked around at the pictures in your room. “Just about everything. When are you going to tell me what happened to your dad?”

 "When are you going to tell me where you’ve been?“ You shot back.

 "I see I’ve struck a nerve,” Calum said turning and looking at you. He walked up to you and pushed some hair out of your face. “‘I’m sorry.”

 "It’s fine,“ You whispered looking at the ground. Calum sighed and hesitantly wrapped his arms around you, giving you a small hug before Busted started to bark at him causing him to let go of you.

 "I- I- should clean myself up,” You said before walking into the bathroom and closing the door behind you. Taking a deep breath you looked in the mirror and jumped when you saw yourself covered in flour.


hope you liked it.

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Zayn's family's behavior on social media is the reason why some fans that believe the official narrative think Gigi is bad for him. Apparently his cousins have done twitcams where they've said they miss Perrie or something. This heps to push the idea that she's lerfect and Zayn is an asshole for having dumped her which encourages people to support amazing perrie's music.

I dunno if there’s any truth to the twitcam thing because I don’t follow any of 1D’s fam very closely. But I know “they” have liked Little Mix things on social media and promo’d Shoutout to My Ex. And by “they” I mean most likely 1DHQ/LMHQ. Cousins like Sarooha and Aaroosa along with Zayn’s sisters have a large social media following. Their social media has clearly been monetized. And it’s my belief that a deal was struck with 1DHQ (which is also LMHQ) in order to buy their cooperation as far as Zerrie was concerned. It’s no coincidence that there’s also Gigi shade. Because that benefits Perrie as well. Imo, this is all transparent and obvious as hell.  

Sarooha posted this…

…and mere days later the Little Mix promo ramped up on her social media. Just like 1D has shown us a bunch of times in the past, she knew the stunts were coming. The pic she posted was probably a pre-emptive strike. 

Once again, I can’t state strongly enough how low down and foul this kinda thing is. It’s absurd to think that a family as close as the Maliks–who have never been shy in their adoration of Zayn–would turn on him over some woman?? Especially AFTER she has intimately disrespected him in a very public way. It’s really naive to think that. Blood is thicker than water. And besides, no one knows better than they do how fake Zerrie was.   

But we know 1DHQ has done it over and over to get gullible kids to buy what they’re selling. Look back on Louis’ fam and Eleanor. In hindsight, does anyone really still think they loved her as much as social media and photo ops portrayed? And honestly, does anyone think Roo Payne took a break from honeymooning to defend Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini on twitter? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out. And yet, so many make zero effort to figure anything out. My only hope is that this fandom isn’t as feckless, unaware and vulnerable offline as they are online. If so, they’re gonna have plenty of sad stories to tell. 


ok first let me establish that Vancouver is absolutely incredible and that I literally ran into Caity Lotz after lunch on Thursday


Yesterday I sat in the hot tub with @cla-rke and @hehmionee and we had no idea what was awaiting us

So the line to register was long and took forever but I was standing with good people and that made it better

I checked out the Cancer Gets Lost Auction and then went quickly to the meta panel where I laughed and cried

I liveblogged that and you can find that on my twitter @arrowsanddemons

My favorite part of the panel though was Jo saying that she’s excited to see Bellarke leading in the season 4 because everything is better when they lead together
After the panel I said hi to Erin and Claire. Claire agrees with me that Pike is Agamemnon and they are both very good huggers

After that was the party and let me tell the Bellarke fam looked absolutely stunning

and we went inside where they were playing very loud EDM music but they had really delicious food and free drinks - I had a rasperry peach Bellini and @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 can attest to the fact that I found it absolutely disgusting

They started playing Radioactive and I met a lot of really nice people

Then Sachin showed up and everybody flipped out

When I introduced myself he said “I know how to say your name better then I know how to say anything else” - in reference to how much Jackson says Abby and on that note he said his contract this season requires that the only words he says are Abby - he lamented (jokingly) that he said to much in season 3

Then I went outside and looked more fully at the CGL stuff and bid on gorgeous Bellarke postcard


As many of you know my favorite teacher went to SDCC last year and got a video of her saying hi to me and I showed her the video and she said “I remember that, I was really hungover.” I then told her how I was with my best friends when I got the video and I screamed really loudly she was really touched and she gave me a hug - it felt so warm and cosy and it was just so nice
she said that season 4 is killer and that Nilyah is in it a lot. She picked up the gorgeous CGL print of Richard and commented “wow he’s almost attractive in this” it was hilarious
she saw Sachin and guys it’s so clear the cast absolutely adores each other - she ran up to and literally jumped into his arms and it was so cute. He was also shouting Jess at her and it sounded like he was yelling Jessu - they also had a little dance off and took selfies
I got a selfie with her as well and she’s really excited to see my poetry - she adores fan stuff

And then I bid on custom Raven art for a lot of money but it’s absolutely stunning and I’ll post a photo when Lindsey signs it
I won that and the Bellarke postcard and at some point during the night I had a convo with Jo about how “I am one of the nice bellarkers  and how twitter is a cesspool” and also about our beloved SF Giants
I went and saw Chelsey and holy shit she’s gorgeous like wow
her and Katie were taking pictures and talking and Katie looked so cool - she went upstairs though but not before basically offering one of the girls who I met today - so sweet ships CL but so nice - a job on her new gig that she’s working on
Her and Jess have known each other since they were like 12 and they are so cute

we then watched Chelsey take selfies and nearly start crying over someone’s absolutely wonderful artwork - she made a video for people
Sachin used someone’s phone to wish them a happy birthday and had us all shout happy birthday and the two to them sent a video message to someone’s friend and Sachin introduced himself as Chelsey - he also sang the little mermaid during that same convo - and Chelsey then said “I’m Sachin and I love puns” and Sachin said  “I’m Chelsey and I’m fit as all hell” which Chelsey then quoted and they cracked up
we then took a giant group self and I went up to bed

@blyedeeks @wellsjahasghost @wellamyblake @rosymamacita @hiddenpolkadots @rashaka @raincityruckus @dropshipbellarke @mego42 @nataliecrown @marauders-groupie @bellarke-stydia @magicath @bcrevolution @missemarissa @spacexualkids @thelovelylights @sassamyblake @bellarkestrut @bellarketm @kateyfuller @jontyaxefive @caramelkru @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx @abazethe100 @kindclaws @merdok1993 @simplyslc @junebugninja @bobsfluffyhair

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describe your solos day at oireachtas?

So I woke up at 5:30 to One Direction and then the first thing I did was stretch. Then I put on my makeup and then did my wig, but I spent extra time on my wig to make sure my new headpiece was perfect. I drank the coffee my mom bought me from the hotel lobby and ate some of a peanut butter sandwich and a banana. I stretched some more and then packed up my things and headed out my hotel room door to the convention center. Once I got to the practice room i stretched even more and plugged in the Oireachtas playlist that Colleen made on Spotify which was fabulous. After a little bit of that I warmed up my hornpipe and almost tripped and fell in the lead (oops). I also ran my reel step by step in my tennis shoes. I then texted my TC and Kelsey and I met her in our ballroom at about 8:00. When I got to the ballroom I saw Hannah right away so obviously we were chatty and then we saw Ellie too and had a little reunion which was cute. Trad sets were just finishing up so I sat around for a bit, but after watching through the first number check and stretching even more I put on my hardshoes and did the cleanest white tape I’ve ever done hahaha. I warmed up a bit more and was finally ready to go backstage. One thing I noticed right of the bat was that my age group is SO FUNNY. Like backstage or in the audience we all just talk to each other and it’s great I just love how we are all friends. ANYWAYS I did my hardshoe and it felt pretty strong besides a slight slip in my second step. I soon learned that almost everyone thought it was slippery. Then, at number check, the girl I danced with and I noticed that EVERYONE had this horrible dry cough and we think it’s because the ballroom was super dry but it was hilarious. After the number check Han and I took some cute yet slightly awk photos and then I headed over to the auditorium for softshoe. The auditorium was the coolest stage I have ever been on in my life and I’m so lucky to have had a round there! And we had sean o’brien playing killer reels. I was in the third group for my softshoe and I thought it was solid except for when I rolled my ankle in my lead (ouch and it still hurts) but I kept going lol. Next I headed to F and recalls took ages but I hung out with Hannah and Ellie and Maria and Briley and Sam and Natalie which was fun (sorry I’m def forgetting someone). Once they brought the recalls to the podium though I jumped up and ran to squeeze Bree and my Moms hands because I was so nervous. But my number was called so I could breathe again ahaha so I warmed up my set. I didn’t dance for at least another hour though because the first girl to dance fell twice and ended up re dancing 3 times (shoutout to Amelia who still got 8th shes a rockstar) so our stage took ages. Finally I danced my set and I was very pleased with it, especially because my TC just smiled at me when I came off stage and gave me a high five.

Fast forward to results because I don’t really remember what happened between those. We started off the night with the infamous Tony Nother Christmas sing-along which was fantastic. A few of my friends had their results first and did amazing (shoutout to Olivia, Bridget, Elly, and Chrissy). Finally they called the U16s down so I got dressed and went backstage and I honestly was about to puke and/or pee my pants before I even got back hahaha. When we got backstage I was holding hands in a circle with Han and Maria and the Clark girls and Brooke I think but THEN I said “what if we made one big circle” and then someone (maybe Brooke idk) said it louder so ALL of us U16s made this huge circle holding hands and it was the cutest thing ever. But then some lady told us we had to stand in lines and yeah I was pissed like what’s wrong with our age group all being friends. Then Tim O’Hare said “and now in numerical order here are our world qualifiers” and I literally almost puked and I think I was squeezing Hannah’s hand and I think Briley’s SO hard (sorry guys). El was called, and then later Molly (who I danced with) was number 163 and she was called. I swear Tim paused for a second but it literally felt like a year and all of a sudden he said “164” and (MY FINGERS ARE SHAKING TYPING THIS) I remember jumping and saying “OH MY GOD” and then I literally was Usain Bolt running out there I ran so fast and i almost face planted. I don’t even know what was going through my head but i started bawling and I KILLED Ellie with a hug when I got out and hugged Kathleen. Oh my god the feeling of being on that huge stage and looking at my Glencastle fam and hearing their screams at that moment was absolutely indescribable and I think I was about to pass out. I just kept yelling “oh my god oh my god” and then Han came out and she ellie and I had the cutest embrace in the entire world and I remember han saying “MEG YOURE GOING TO WORLDS” and I just lost it. When the WQs were all out and Tim announced all of the other awards I just remember that I was still crying and shaking and hugging random people I don’t even know I was just shocked. Finally I was called for 16th and I was over the moon to get my certificate and crystal and stand there and just oh my god. Sam got 14th so she was next to me like we were at NANs on stage which was SO cute and we were both crying and hugging. THEN they got down to top 10 and then top 5 and HAN WAS STILL THERE and oh my god I started screaming and bawling all over again and I think I ran over to hug her and hit her with my crystal box sorry Han. and THEN TOP THREE AND THEN TWO AND THEN OH MY GOD I WAS SCREAMING I lost my voice I think I was jumping up and down like a crazy person and almost dropped my box oh my goodness. I’m still so dang proud it was just amazing. Brooke Howard won and I’m sooo happy for her as well!! After we all stayed up there crying and hugging until we got yelled at to get off stage and when I came off my little sister ran to the front crying to give me a hug and Kathleen’s mom hugged me too and I think Megan Daly did haha it was all a blur. But THEN I got back to the glencastle section snd the second I thought I was done crying I hugged my mom and my friends and their parents and my teachers all stood up and started screaming and EVERYONE WAS CRYING SO
I LOST IT. I hugged my TC and it
was one of the most special
moments ever because she said this: “Remember when you told me that you quit Varsity tennis because you wanted to qualify for Worlds? It all worked out didn’t it.” and then it’s a blur again of hugging and crying. Finally I made it out of the auditorium to take some pictures and congratulate people and then my TC put Kathleen Smith on the phone for me so I could tell her because Kathleen came for a workshop last summer but also gave me a brand new reel steps two weeks ago via a video that she said she wanted me to do for the O, and I thanked her for that. Then I called my old TC Katie to tell her and was sobbing on the phone and I called my dad. I finally said goodbye to all the GID fam and some more friends and waited for a while to get my professional photo before my mom and I finally headed back to the hotel. I couldn’t fall asleep for a while because I literally just lay in bed in shock hahaha. I do remember thinking “I did it” over and over.

I’m so sorry this is such a long post I just couldn’t leave anything out. Friday was easily one of the best days of my life and I’m ecstatic to have achieved my lifelong goal in dance, to qualify for Worlds, and one step closer to being able to dance on that stage. I jumped 30 places in one year. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that you are capable of ANYTHING, just set your mind to it and believe in yourself and dare to dream. Put in the work, and you’ll be rewarded no doubt. Just BELIEVE YOU CAN and it will come💕


Day 2 (January 14th)-this one is going to be long so I’m splitting it into two parts:

When I tell you guys this day was JAM PACKED, I am not joking around. There was so much to do, especially if you had one of the higher ticket levels (Grounder or Delinquent), there was literally no way you’d be able to get it all done. 

We started off our day by going to Cora’s for breakfast, where I had an amazingly delicious waffle and then we hurried off to London Drugs (like a Walgreens) so I could purchase a Voice Recorder with which to record the panels. 

I missed the Welcome Panel, where they introduced the entire cast (save Lindsey, who was filming reshoots for 411), but made it back in time for the Arkadia Boys Panel which featured Bob Morley, Richard Harmon, Jarod Joseph and Sachin Sahel. This panel was one of my favorites for so many reasons. 

Bob and Jarod both came out and ran around the Ballroom, greeting everyone. Bob seemed to make it his personal mission to touch as many people as possible, he shook hands (his grip was super strong and he made sure to look you in the eyes when he shook!) When I told him my name, he repeated it, smiled and then said it was a great name, which made my day. 

After they’d done their greetings, the cast gathered on the stage:

Sorry Richard’s blurry, but look at Bob’s smile!

When Sachin came out he did this thing where he grabbed Bob’s nose, because Bob wouldn’t say hello, lol. 

Here they are all settled down. Pictures weren’t allowed after the first 5 minutes of each panel, but I like the ones I did manage to get. 

The Boys Panel was super fun, you can really see how much they all love each other. I said it a lot during the Con, but it’s almost like they just can’t help touching and teasing one another, they really are a family and you can tell when you have the opportunity to talk to them or see them one another.

They joked a lot about Ian’s hair and how he’ll sit and just run his hands through it after hair and makeup gets done with it (which frustrates the crew), they called him “GQ Jesus”, which I got a kick out of for sure and Bob joked that there is a scene where Bellamy and Kane just play with each other’s hair. 

We discussed character growth through the Seasons and Sachin said he likes that Jackson has become a braver man, Jarod (who is super snarky) said that he enjoys having any direction (everyone laughed) and then he said he enjoys that Miller is becoming more of a leader. 

Bob said that he actually enjoys (in a sadistic way) acting out Bellamy doing bad things, because he likes the challenge of then making those actions forgivable. He says if people hate you afterwards, it means you’ve done your job, you’ve made people feel something. 

When asked about the relationship between Brian and Miller, Jarod said that there were definitely still things they need to work out and that it’s not necessarily a happily ever after story. 

Sachin remarked that he’s glad it’s not just one person who went into the City of Light, that they’ll need to see and discuss the effects it had on everyone. He joked about needing a CoL support group. 

When asked about the relationship between Raven and Murphy, Richard said it would be difficult for Raven to trust him at all considering Murphy caused her physical issue. He later said that everyone will need to put their differences aside because it’s a do or die type situation. 

There is a apparently a lot of BTS Bob/Richard fun times (aka Murphamy). Richard says the show is better with Murphamy because he and Bob have great chemistry together.

Richard’s favorite episode is Episode 8 (this is the same episode Luisa coined in her Meet and Greet-so I expect great Memori in this episode.) Sachin said the entire Season was just so great to film. Jarod said he enjoyed Episode 1. Bob did not answer this question.

Sam asked what it’s like to play male characters who don’t fit traditionally male stereotypes, and we didn’t quite get the answer we expected, but Sachin did say that “ Across the board it’s not about masculinity or femininity. Its about people being people. Whoever is the best at that thing will handle it.” 

Richard says he always calls Murphy “John” when it’s in reference to Emori/Memori (again-Luisa says the exact same thing-she smiled and laughed a bit when she said it). He said that he’s glad for Emori that she got to meet someone like John, feels like he’s helped Emori really accept who she is.

Jarod said that hope on this show looks like having a future at all (the cast heavily implied that this Season things get really dire.) and said that the message of hope is heavily enforced this Season. 

They talked about who’s the smartest and Bob said that Bellamy and Clarke were the best at classes (it’s a back story built into the scene in 3x02-where Bellamy and Pike “meet”, it’s why Bellamy looks so happy to see Pike). He said that unfortunately a lot of Bellamy’s learning was stopped when Octavia was discovered and that the Ark kind of forget he was human. 

He and Pike relate to one another because they came down for the same reasons. 

When asked how they felt about the impact the show has had on people, 

Jarod said: “ You see people that love the show and each other working with each other. It feels unbelievable (to make a difference).”

Richard said: “ To know that on this show we’ve had that bit of magic, to tap into people, its amazing”

Bob said he lives by this quote when acting: “ “The more personal you are, the more universal you become.”

When asked which superhero they’d like to be, Jarod said John Stewart/Green Lantern, Sachin said Superman/Clark Kent, Bob said the Hulk (something I find interesting, as he picked another character who has a lot of pent up anger.)


After the Boys Panel, the Unity Days Fam (literally almost all of us) had a Meet and Greet with Jarod-in fact there was only one woman who was not in the Fam at our Meet and Greet. 

Jarod is super cool, very personable, very friendly. He was kind to all of us and most of our meet and greet was really just a regular conversation. We got a few tidbits for Miller’s journey in Season 4 (he’s going to be working really hard to make his dad proud and we learned that Dad Miller is back and better than ever!!!

Jarod was asked why he thinks Miller always seems to be “OK” and he said it’s because he keeps his feelings below the surface, he’s strong because he has to be. He thinks Bellamy is the same way. 

He also said they’ve been asking for more Millamy scenes because they’re best friends! Don’t know if we get them in Season 4 though. 

He joked that in Vancouver he was known as the “Serial Guest Star” before he was cast as Miller (a role that was also only supposed to be one episode.” 

He actually doesn’t like Vancouver, he says it’s not exciting and there isn’t a lot to do there, he does enjoy that his friends are there and his job is there, but when he’s not filming he lives in San Fran. 

I asked him how he feels playing a black LGBTQA character and if he knows how important that is, and he said it’s not his first time actually, he previously played an Out Gay lawyer in the hip hop world, who was dating a rapper who was still closeted and he feels like overall the ability to portray those characters is so important because being black and gay and in an interracial relationship are all really taboo things and he likes being able to show that being gay doesn’t change who you are or make you effeminate (a HUGE stereotype in the black community), it’s all about just being able to be who you are. 


After we left the M&G we hurried back to the Panel Ballroom for what was supposed to be the Princess Mechanic Panel, but became the Clarke Griffin panel because Lindsey was still at work. 

Eliza is a sweetheart, she’s really pretty, but she’s actually much skinnier than I thought she was (which is NOT a bad thing-lol), I just thought she was bigger, because he boobs are GREAT!

Eliza’s panel was pretty much just a wlw love fest, lots of women (including myself) thanking Eliza for playing a bisexual woman and discussing how important that is for us. She plans to release more of her music on Youtube, loves Nadia very much and said that this Season Clarke’s grieving process will be more constructive than destructive. There will be more Clarke and Kane scenes in the Season 4, she said that Clarke feels a lot of grief and guilt for all of the people that she’s lost and that we should expect to see some breakdowns this Season. 

When asked a question about whether or not we should be worried about the safety of any of Clarke’s future romantic interests (here the asker coughed and said Bellamy), Eliza smiled and laughed a little and said that she couldn’t answer that question “yet” (sound familiar?!)-this is a huge change (in my opinion) from her answer at SDCC. 

Eliza’s favorite Clarke outfit is the Season 1 outfit, she says it seems the most like Clarke, and then confirmed that the City of Light outfit is Clarke’s Season 1 outfit. Her favorite Clarke line is “Life should be about more than just survival.” which excited part of the audience. 

She said that when you play a character the end result is 80% you and 20% what’s on the page. 


We had a brief lunch at the hotel.

And then had several photo ops!


It Only Took 5 Seconds

  You rushed into the studio, running right into the audience and freezing when you saw Ellen, the audience, and 5 Seconds of Summer staring at you. “And we were just joined by a good friend of mine, (Y/N),” Ellen said smiling.

 You forced and smiled and quickly waved before sitting down in the first row. You sunk in your seat and hid your face as people were staring at you. You looked up and saw Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings still looking at you. When you looked up though they both looked away. As the show went on less people looked at you and you felt better.

 When the show did end you got up to leave but got caught by security and brought to the back. “Ellen,” You said smiling.

 “(Y/N),” Ellen said hugging you. “Are you alright?”

 “Yeah. I was just in a small accident,” You said nodding. “My car is in the shop and I had to take a cab here.”

 “Oh my god are you alright?” Ellen asked looking at you.

 “I’m perfectly fine,” You said nodding.

 “Well the boys want to meet you, so if you’re up for that then you can meet them,”  Ellen said smiling.

 “Oh, okay,” You said nodding. Ellen led you toward the dressing room where the boys were talking.

 “Guys,” She said walking in. “This is (Y/N).”

 “Hi,” You said smiling.

 “Nice to meet you,” Calum said holding his hand out. You smiled and shook his hand. You met each other the boys, ending with Luke. He shyly looked up at you and smiled, holding his hand out.

 “Luke,” He said. “Nice to meet you.”

 “Well, I’m going to leave you boys with him for a second while I do somethings,” Ellen said before leaving. You watched her leave and then turned back to the four boys that were smiling at you.

 “Tell us a bit about yourself,” Ashton said sitting down.

 “Uh well, I was just in a car accident so there’s that,” You said nodding.

 “Oh shit. Are you alright?” Michael asked.

 “Yeah, I’m fine. I just have all of this adrenaline going through me right now so I should probably sit down,” You said nodding and sitting down on the couch.

 “Anything else we should know. Like, are you going to pass out?” Calum asked smiling.

 “No, no. I’m fine,” You said moving your hair out of your face.

 “I should go get you some water,” Ashton said standing up.

 “And that gives me an excuse to get something to eat,” Michael said following Ashton. Calum looked at you and Luke before chuckling and then following Ashton and Michael.

 “Alright Luke, it’s just you and me,” You said looking at him. “Are you everything people make you out to be?”

 “Uh I don’t know,” Luke said sitting up straight. “What do people make me out to be?”

 “I don’t know. I heard kids talking about how your so hot and cute and funny,” You said smiling at him. “Make me laugh.”

 “You think I look hot?” Luke asked smirking.

 “I didn’t say that,” You chuckled. Luke smiled and looked down at the ground before looking up at you again. He looked at your nose and saw you had a small nose piercing.

 “I like your nose piercing,” Luke said gesturing to your nose.

 “Oh thanks. I got it when I went through my grunge phase,” You said running your finger over your nose ring. Luke looked down and saw your black, ripped skinny jeans and band t-shirt.

 “What do you do for a living?” Luke asked looking back up at you.

 “I’m a photographer for a major company. So I take photos of bands,” You said nodding. “That’s why I can dress like this.”

 “So are you here to take pictures of us?” Luke asked.

 “Uh no. I am here because Ellen said I could,” You said nodding. “Plus, I hadn’t seen her in awhile.”

 You two talked for what seemed like forever. It was actually thirty minutes before Michael, Ashton, and Calum walked back in laughing. “Did you guys get lost?” Luke asked.

 “We ran into some really nice food,” Michael said smiling.

 “Here’s your water,” Ashton said handing over a water bottle.

 “Thank you,” You said taking it from him. “I should actually be going.”

 “What? No,” Luke said standing up.

 “I have a thing tonight with some friends and I really can’t be late for it,” You said pushing your shirt hair out of your face. “But it was nice to meet you, and thank you so much for the water.”

 “Oh wait,” Michael said stopping you. He grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled something down before passing it to Ashton, Calum, and Luke. Once Luke was finished Michael took it from him and handed it to you. “Take our numbers. We’re doing a show tomorrow and you should come and then come out for drinks after.”

 “Oh. Alright, I’ll be there,” You said taking the paper from him and smiling.

 “You can even take some pictures,” Luke suggested.

 “Alright sure,” You said nodding. “I’ll be there.”

 “Great. Can’t wait to catch up,” Calum said nodding. You waved and then walked out and down to Ellen.

 “Hey Ellen, I’m going to leave,” You said smiling, clutching onto the paper.

 “Oh okay. I’ll see you at dinner,” Ellen said smiling. “I see you got some numbers.”

 “Oh yeah. Michael invited me to their show tomorrow,” You said nodding.

 “Oh really? I thought Luke would,” Ellen said turning your head. You raised your eyebrow waiting for her to explain. “Luke was the one that wanted to meet you.”

 “Really?” You asked turning toward the way you had come. You were about to turn back to Ellen but Luke walking toward you caught your eye. “Hey,” You said smiling.

 “I never got a chance to make you laugh,” Luke said walking up.

 “Excuse me?” You asked.

 “When you and I started talking you told me to make you laugh, but I didn’t get a chance to really. To actually laugh,” Luke said nervously bouncing. “And I want to make you laugh. Let me take you to lunch and give me a chance to make you laugh.”

 You smiled and nodded. “I’d love to.”

 “Great,” Luke said smiling.

 “Since I have your number I’ll call or text you,” You said taking a step back. Luke smiled and nodded before you both said goodbye and walked in opposite directions.

 “Did you do it?” Michael asked as Luke walked back in.

 “Yeah,” Luke said smiling to himself.

 “You owe me five bucks,” Ashton said turning to Calum. Calum sighed and handed Ashton some money. Luke tilted his head and then sat down, pulling out his phone and looking at the screen. Michael laughed as he watched Luke wait for you to contact him. “It only took five seconds and he’s trapped,” He said making Luke chuckle.


not gonna lie. i didn’t know how i was going to put this together so i tried. sorry it’s so dumb and bad but i tried. hope you liked it. 

Secrets Out

Prompt:  Valdaya broke up but Zs expecting Vs baby, she doesn’t tell him out of anger. They both move cities n loose contact. But Z moves to NY after 2 years, Val suddenly meets his son with the fam but he don’t know, the fam talk about the fact that the baby n Val are the same. Z comes to collect the baby n Val realises it’s his child n make it a happy ending.

Note: Changed it up a little. Had to make the first part hella vague to assure the other part is really dramatic and that the reader and the fam find ish out at the same time and I have everybody on edge because I’m a serious bitch like that. Also take a guess on what I’m am naming the sweet little child for your chance to win nothing but the knowledge that you were right.

Requested by: zainabdavaldayaererer

Other Stuff

Enjoy xx Sabrina

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From Anon Sue

Anon Sue sent a long message for everyone.  You can read it by clicking below.

Anon Sue - I love you lady.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!    I can’t say I agree with 100% of your comments but what I can say is that you are one classy lady. And I hope work gets better for you.  And I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.      xoxo

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Duality Part 1

                                            Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

“It didn’t mean anything,” Luke insisted as you packed your bag.

 "It doesn’t matter Luke. You weren’t even drunk. You can’t blame anything or anyone except yourself,“ You yelled throwing a pair of shoes at him.

 "Can’t we just talk about this?” Luke asked catching one shoe and letting the other one hit his shin.

 "Of course not!“ You yelled. "I’ve come all the way out here and one night you’re supposed to be out with mates and you’re screwing another girl!”

 "Stop packing!“ Luke yelled as he started to unpack your stuff. You pushed Luke away, causing him to stubble back a couple steps and look up at you. His face softened when he saw that you were crying. Luke hated when you cried, he hated it even more when he knew that he made you cry.

 "Jack be nimble. Jack be quick. Jill’s a little whore and her alibis are dirty little tricks,” You said through your tears, trying to keep your voice from cracking. “How could you!”

 Luke opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. You chuckled and shook your head as you threw the rest of your clothes in your suite case. “I guess a children’s book writer isn’t good enough for Luke Hemmings.

 "Of course you are!” Luke yelled following you to the lift. Ignoring Luke’s words you pushed the down button. Luke tried to talk you into staying but when the doors opened you walked in and pushed Luke out.

 "Listen,“ You said in a cold voice. "Mark my words, one day, you will pay. Karma’s gonna come collect your debit.”

 Those last words sent fear through Luke and when the doors closed that was the last time Luke would see you for a long time.

                                                 6 Months Later

 “This will get your mind off of her,” Michael reassured as he grabbed Luke’s shoulder.

 "Set It Off is going to be sick,“ Calum cheered, clearly excited. Luke smiled at their attempts but he was still upset. You hadn’t taken any of his calls and had blocked him from every social media sight. The boys stood up front so they had a perfect view of the stage. A couple fans had come up and asked for autographs during the opening act and the boys happily talked and took photos, but when Set It Off came on everyone left them alone.

 Halfway through the set the band stopped. "Alright so we’re got to do something a little different tonight,” Cody, the lead singer, said into the microphone. “We have a new song for you guys. It’s called Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and it was written by a close friend that we made a couple months ago. So since she wrote this she is actually going to help sing it. We hope you enjoy it. Let’s go, let’s go.”

 The band started playing, Calum and the fans really liking it. Luke was shocked that some of the lyrics seemed familiar to him, the night you left him sudden to popping into his head.

 "Shit,“ he whispered to himself. Suddenly the lights went off sending confusion throughout the crowd. "Who am I kidding,” You said into the microphone, all of the stage lights coming on at once. “Let’s not get overzealous here. You’ve always been a huge piece of shit. If I could kill you I would but it’s frowned upon in all fifty states. Having said that, burn in hell. Yeah.”

 You did a malicious laugh at the end and smiled out at the crowd. Cody walked over to you and wrapped his arm around your neck as the both of you sang. Luke watched as you danced around the stage. It had looked like you had done this for years. You looked the same as the day you left him. Well, except for the hair cut, dyed bangs, nose and cartilage piercings, and punk style of clothing.

 "Dude, this song is about you,“ Michael whispered.

 "No shit,” Luke spat looking at him.

 "(Y/N) looks hot,“ Calum yelled as he danced to the music. The boys weren’t the only ones that were surprised. All of the 5SOS fans had recognized you and were shocked. As you finished the song you turned and spotted like standing in the front row, his jaw dropped.

 After you finished the song you looked back at him and then ran backstage, stumbling your way toward the dressing room. You found it hard to get oxygen to your lungs at how panicked you felt. Reaching the door you leaned against the wood and grabbed the doorknob, stumbling in when the door swung open. You caught yourself from falling and rushed to the counter.

 After a moment you stood up and took your jacket off, tossing it onto the couch. You raised your hands over your head, taking a deep breath. “You got a tattoo,” Luke said at the door.

 “Fucking shit,” You said jumping. “You’re not supposed to be back here.”

 “You got a sleeve,” Luke said studying your arm.

 “Get the fuck out of here,” You said walking up to the door. Before you could grab the door Luke slammed his hand in the center so you couldn’t slam the door in his face.

 “Since when did you start cursing like a sailor?” Luke asked. You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms. “Okay, okay. Enough with the awkward small talk. Can we please talk?”

 “No, because you’re not supposed to be back here,” You said holding your head high.

  “Is that the only reason?” Luke asked. You tried to ignore how hurt he looked. You kept telling yourself that you didn’t care. 

  “No,” You said, being honest.

 “(Y/N),” Cody said walking into the dressing room and stopping. “Is everything alright?”

 “Uh yeah. Luke was just leaving,” You said looking at him. Luke sighed in defeat and walked out of the dressing room, into the back stage area where the rest of his band was talking to Set It Off.

 “How’d it go?” Michael asked.

 “Not well,” Luke sighed looking at the band he hand only dreamed of meeting. “Is she dating Cody Carson?”

 “Why do you care?” Maxx, the drummer, asked. Luke looked at Maxx confused at what he was thinking. “Dude, please, everyone knows that you two used to date.”

 You walked out of the dressing room, jacket in hand, as Cody talked to you. When you saw Luke and the boys you froze in place. After you left Luke you didn’t just ignore Luke but all of them and you knew that they hated you for that. “Hi guys,” You said watching them as you slowly passed the group.

 “We’ll see you at the hotel,” Dan said waving goodbye. You forced a smile and waved before speeding up your pace and disappearing out of the backdoor.

 “Luke,” Ashton whispered. “Are you alright?”

 “Not quite yet,” Luke whispered watching the door you had just exited through and then looking at Michael. 


hope you liked it.