photo in the sky

“Pot of Gold”

After making the “crystal ball” (previous photo) I thought it would be fun to throw a night sky into the mix.  
I looked through my photos for a good shot of the Milky Way, and thought this one would work well. It worked out even better than I expected, with a touch of serendipity, because there was a house (or some kind of light source) in the Milky Way photo that lined up with the end of the rainbow, which made me think of the the ol’ pot of gold myth, so I ran with it. I tried to make it look more like golden light coming from the woods. It gets the point across, but it’s not quite convincing. (though neither is a rainbow at night, at least like this. Moon bows are a real thing, but they lack the vibrant colours of a rainbow


And they’re free!
Our young tawny owls are back in the wild!
After growing up behind our walls they were taken to one of our release locations and set free once again. It was amazing to see them take to the skies at last!
Massive thanks to artist, Richard Symonds, for taking these images of the release

“The Future in the Crystal Ball”

I was messing around with this timelapse, and thought it would be fun to combine a photo from the beginning of the timelapse with one from the end, using the rainbow as the boundary between the two, like a window into the future.