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Another random post.

You’re all, no doubt, used to my random text posts. ;) 

I swear I overshare. 

Well, today I had a decent day despite waking up and feeling so ill. I’m still struggling a bit getting over the jet lag and started my period, so was feeling really bad this morning. But I still went out and got my hair cut (re-shave up the back and sides, and trim on top), got my money back from my currency card and back into my bank account, and then brought some DVDs. I got Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Logan, Supernatural season 12 and Once Upon a Time series 6. I watched Fantastic Beasts and Logan on the plane going out to New Zealand, and loved them. Supernatural and Once Upon a Time are two series’ I desperately need to catch up with. I buy the box sets as they come out but haven’t seen the last couple of series of each show. :( Once I’m back at work, if my next deployment after Border Force is a home deployment, I may begin watching the shows each evening and treat myself over Christmas to catch up. 

I’ve also got some films to watch with my mom this weekend. I’ve got Logan, Fantastic Beasts and Beauty and the Beast to show her. I haven’t spent a lot of time with her at all and need to have some good mom/baby time. 

I slept most of the afternoon and evening, but intend to only stay a little longer on here and then try and sleep tonight. I’ve got plenty of ASMR tracks from iTunes on my phone and iPod to help me sleep. 

Imagines, one shots and drabbles will be coming this weekend, along with my holiday photos! 


Easter hog!  For all your Easter needs.

Female Western Hognose (Heterodon nasicus) - anaconda morph.
(Eggs are chicken eggs and japanese quail eggs, one of the eggs is from an Easter Egger.)