photo graphs


||23rd January 2017||

Yesterday i made sketches of graphs of functions (which is actually quite fun).In it I made sketches of linear equation,quadratic equation,cubic equation,exponential function and reciprocal function.I recommend this to everyone as its extremely useful and even before solving the question you know how your graph looks like. 

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To cure my boredom after the fall semester ended, I found an old vocabulary list from my high school French class and decided to rewrite it and make it look festive! 🎅 I will post the vocabulary list to this blog in a few moments!

I just realized where the tons of notes that I wasn’t getting notified about came from. That explains everything. Still silly that I can’t see them.

I’m glad everyone’s enjoying the shenanigans of my cat tho <3


For those wondering; yes her name is Busan and yes she’s from Sweden. She and her brother turns 15 this year. They’re old farts <3

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also because I keep trying to teak myself how to paint and failing what the fuck is a value amirite sobs

srry emma you’re today’s victim in rider tries to paint things


IT IS DONE. My dissertation (second submitted draft) is DONE🎉 I say that like it was nothing but I dragged myself into uni for 9am and worked right through until 9PM (one hour of my day was spent in a lecture but the other 11 were sucking my soul out) but I now have a fully complete work that I can be really proud of ☺.
At the end of such a horrible day we trudged to spoons & drank waaaay more than needed 😂 it was getting near the end of the night & I was all ‘Just going to pop to the toilet’ & everyone was like “Well if Anna’s going to pee we should get another drink!” … and that’s how I ended up necking a double at 11.30pm when I have a 9am tomorrow 👌.

I’m a little worried about one of our friends, we haven’t seen him for a couple weeks as he’s drawn himself into a bit of a hole of stress & it seems to have built up into something too big to handle on his own. He came out with us last night and was finally able to tell us how he was feeling which meant we could help &offer him advice. Plus because we’ve worked through everything else at the minute, we are now in a position to help teach him things that can be fixed for him & take his mind off it. Just a little sad that he’s been struggling alone for so long x
Urgh the personal issue is backkkk. But I’m kinda just accepting it & trying to find a way to think about it differently so I can deal.

i love the word cinematography because ok you have photography like photo (light) + graph (picture), so then cinematography is cinema (moving) and graph (picture) BUT THEY KEPT THE “TO” FROM PHOTO SO THERE’S JUST THIS ORPHAN SYLLABLE