photo gifts for dad

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I gotcha!

Here are some of my favourites:

DIY Gift Jar “Nuts About Dad”

A jar of salted cashews is always a good fallback gift, unless your pa is allergic or doesn’t like nuts in general.

DIY Father’s Day Shirt + Tie Gift Boxes

Fill it with treats your dad may enjoy or whatever small items may fit; nice pens, phone case, maybe hair pomade.

DIY Father’s Day Pop-Up Card

Fun and simple! Decorate to your heart’s content.

DIY Father’s Day Photo Puzzle Gift

Cute, rustic gift. Makes a great display.

DIY LEGO Photo Pen Holder

If your dad’s desk and office is lacking some colour and fun…

DIY Father’s Day Typography Glasses

Get some photos in with this on! A goofy photo is a good photo.

DIY Mini Pool Table in a Tin

Something fun and novel that fits in a pocket! Bonus points if your dad is into pool, too.

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Christmas Day with the Raines/Daniel/DeLong family was absolutely wonderful. We ate until our stomachs hurt and laughed till we cried.

That top photo would be my Dad in his Christmas gift from Leann.

We always wonder what we did before Finley because we sit around for hours watching him. He sits with me a lot (as pictured) and his parents and my parents always make comments about how he “loves his ToTo”. Y'all know that melts my heart.

We played the game Heads Up which was lots of fun. It’s in the App Store created by Ellen and if you love games go download immediately. We played it on the I pad which records a video of your teammates during the rounds. We got some really funny ones from us playing, including my dad surprisingly tackling Leann to demonstrate football.

We wore our matching pjs and took photos.

I love that being around family feels so comfortable and like no time has passed. All the significant others of the sisters say we become different people when all four of us are together. We just like to have a good time. I’m sad Kevin missed out on the fun but maybe he can come next year.

It was a wonderful day with family! Going to soak up all the good time I have left with them today before heading home to Kansas.