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fluffybaekhyunee  asked:

Hi! I was looking for a photo in my files and then I found this! pbs*twimg*com/media/C4oJt2OUYAEY-rZ*jpg You can see a little "12" sticker XD, do you know if is KS's lightstick or is from him?? Thank you! Have a nice day! :D pd. Sorry for my poor English! :/


I don’t have much knowledge about lightsticks ;; idk if it’s possible to buy lightsticks with the members numbers on it? 

But I don’t think ks gave it to him, I think he borrowed it from a fan perhaps? 


The Dresden Files - Setting Pilgrimage Master Post

We took a trip to Chicago and I got a chance to visit 3 of the settings from different Dresden stories. We saw Sue at the Field Museum (I checked under the plaque by Sue’s real skull; no Der Erlking to be found), spent some time at the enormous and gorgeous St Mary Of The Angels church, and saw where Kincaid would have been hiding in the ceiling at the Shedd Museum (the Beluga whales were representin’).