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Utter Failure

Imagine a fox, sitting in a rather sparse apartment. Wearing old and stained clothes, eating a sad frozen dinner, sitting in front of a TV that barely gets reception. On a nearby desk are stacks of dusty papers and a number of broken down dioramas. He barely touches his food, he’s much too depressed to eat. 

He heads to his room, there’s only a mattress, an electric fan, and a framed photo. The picture shows a happy family; a husband, a wife, and a young boy holding a rather large fish. He remembers the day that picture was taken. They were camping, every year they would go to the lake and stay for the weekend, they fished hours on end, ate s’mores around the campfire, and told ghost stories. He was the happiest fox in the world. 

But then he left them. He dreamt too big. He thought that, one day, he could catch a break, that he could get his chance to prove himself. He kept trying, he kept fighting, but all that did was cause more harm than good. With no money, no job, no hope, he left his family knowing that they would be better off without him. He never told his son he was never coming back. Before he was even out the door, his son ran to him, asking if they’ll go back to the lake soon, it was nearing that time they would usually go. He told his son that he wasn’t sure if they could that year. But when he heard his sad little voice, something came over him. He turned to his son and told him that when he returns, he’ll take him to the lake. 

But he never did. He never came back. He never watched his son grow up. The pain in his chest burned, the throbbing in his head grew, but all of it was interrupted by a knock at his door. 

When he opened the door, he was greeted by a rather nervous fox. The moment he saw him, he knew it was his son. But in that moment, he felt terrified and ashamed. Why did he come here? How did he find him? Is he angry? But before he even said a word, he felt a warm embrace. As they both wept, their pain melted away. Through their tears they spoke in broken voices, his son was never angry, he was never ashamed of him, he had only missed him.  And his son learned his father always loved him. It has been so long, they never wanted to let go. 

But then the old fox saw them. A pair of long fuzzy ears behind his son. Standing in the hallway was a bunny with violet eyes. She seemed touched by the whole scene, barely containing her tears. After a moment of awkward silence, the bunny and the fox collect themselves. 

The bunny hands him a white envelope. And when he peeks at its contents, his eyes light up, his heart flutters, and as he looks up he sees the two of them side by side, hand in hand, watching him. 

He had no words, only joy. 

Picture Perfect (Tim Drake x Reader)

A/N: This is honestly such a cute idea! I love Tim very much! Also, thank you so much, I’m glad you like my writing. ❤

Warnings: Extreme corniness???

Request: Tim Drake where he sends S/O polaroids or developed photos when he has missions outside the country!! Reader has numerous albums of his photography, some of them are pics of S/O and him <3 You have magnificent writing skills! I can’t believe I just found your blog!!

Tim smiled as he sorted through the recently developed photographs. Mostly views and scenery that he knew you would love, but also several photos of him that he had gotten Dick to take for you.

One of the photos that he was particularly excited to send you was a simple photo of him, smiling into the camera and making a heart with his hands. He saved it to be the last picture that you’d see.

With a black pen, he wrote captions on miniature post-it notes, that he stuck onto every picture. When he reached the last one he paused, smiling softly before scribbling down a short note. He packed the photos into an envelope and took them to be shipped to Gotham.

You raced down the staircase of Wayne Manor, only stopping once you found Alfred in the kitchen.

“Alfred, is there any mail?” you questioned breathlessly, wheezing slightly after sprinting from your room.

“Yes, Miss (Y/N). Master Tim sent this for you,” Alfred responded, handing you a manila envelope.

You grinned, taking the envelope from his hands and carrying it over to the table, barely able to contain your joy. The boys had been gone for three weeks, and you missed Tim greatly.

You carefully undid the seal on the envelope and pulled out a stack of photos.

You sorted through them, grinning madly at the captions he had written for each picture, scrawled onto the tiny post-its.

There was a photo of a night sky, a full moon at the center of the photo. On the sticky-note it read: ‘I love you to the moon and back.’

You continued to look through the pictures, in awe at some of the amazing shots.

You smiled when you saw the pictures of Tim doing dumb poses, and one where Jason had decided to photobomb.

Your heart melted at the last photo, and tears started to trail down the sides of your face. ‘I love you from the bottom of my heart.’ It was stupid, and cheesy, but you loved it all the same.

You took the small pile of pictures into your hands, and carried them up to yours and Tim’s room. You shut the door behind you and moved to your bookshelf, pulling several leather-bound photo albums from the shelves.

You situated yourself on your bed, and began inserting the pictures into the album, writing the date and pasting Tim’s captions underneath each one.

When you were finished you flipped to the front of the book. You smiled fondly at the old memories. Pictures Tim had mailed to you were mixed in with photos of you and him.

His corny little captions never failed to make you smile.

A picture of the two of you on a sunny day, holding hands and smiling into the camera was labeled: ‘Your smile is brighter than the sun.’

You continued to look through the albums for hours, grinning like an idiot the whole time.
Tim smiled down at the little piece of paper in his hands. The one picture he didn’t send was of you. Just you.

‘I love you.’

Barnes’ Books - Chapter 2

(Yes, I know I only posted Chapter 1 about an hour ago. Quantity not quality *shame face*, I just got a bit caught up in it. Sorry).

Barnes’ Books masterlist

It’s late by the time I get back to the shop but I’m wired, and worried, and feel like I have to do something, anything. I don’t really know where to start though, I realise that for all James and I talk, he gets a lot more out of me than I ever have out of him. I know some basics, he served in the war, married, had a son who died in service too, but that’s it. I have no idea who’s around now. It’s sad, that such a great old man should turn out to be so alone.

So I let myself into the shop, the little bell on the door jangling as I open it, but no James popping out from behind a shelf with a twinkle in his eye today.  I don’t like to put the lights on, it doesn’t feel right, so I lock the door behind me, and head to the back. I’ve never been into the office before, so I don’t know what I’m expecting.  I push the door open, and head in.

Part of me was expecting an office like the bookshop; an old desk, with a bundle of paper jammed higgledy-piggledy into each drawer. Surfaces piled with books and papers, with me searching through the night until I find some vital clue hidden amongst the yellowing receipts. I mean, that’s what’d happen in one of the books James sold.

But this man was in the army for years, he’s run a successful(ish) business for decades. You don’t go through army training and file taxes without some kind of system.  So the office is pretty tidy. There’s shelves of files, all labelled carefully in James’ beautiful old handwriting. There’s an old desk, but when I open the first drawer, the pens and pencils are laid out with military precision. The next drawer has cheque books and receipts, all carefully clipped together.  I sit down in the desk chair and rest my head in my hands because this is all too hard, too personal. Every scrap of James’ writing brings his face to my mind. I feel like I don’t belong here, I have to find someone who does.

I take a deep breath and then start again. The top desk drawers all contain business things, but when I get to the bottom drawer, I find more personal effects. It feels odd to look through them, but James needs family right now, surely.  So I pull out a big leather box from the drawer, and open it up.

The top layer of the box is full of photos. There’s some amazing black and white pictures, of a man who must be James, in uniform. Wow, if I didn’t know he was currently in hospital with a broken hip, I’d be fanning myself, he was a cutie in the war! Something about a man in uniform… I get lost in thought as I look through them. There’s pictures of him with his regiment I guess, and there’s pictures of him with people I’d guess are his parents, then there’s a bundle of photos, all featuring the same man. Tall, blond, pure muscle. I turn one over and it’s labelled: ‘Steve, ‘41’.  As if on cue, Steve the cat wanders in and climbs up onto the desk beside me, nudging my cheek with the top of her head. I give her a distracted stroke as I keep turning through the photos, finding more, with James and Steve laughing together. The sight of the two of them in uniform must have got those ‘40s girls hormones stirring patriotically.

Under the war-time photos, there’s a book wrapped carefully in tissue. I know I should be looking for letters, or an address book, but I’m caught up in the nostalgia, I guess, so I unwrap it. It’s a wedding album. I flick through, and feel my heart tug at the love in those pages. There’s James, in a suit, and he’s beaming down at a woman beside him. She’s got the most amazing dark hair, all curled ‘40s style. There’s Steve again, in a suit, beside James. Best man, I’d guess. There’s the proud parents, friends, confetti throwing. There’s a lifetime of love there, but I know Dot died a good few years ago.  I re-wrap the book and carry on, telling myself my eyes are watering due to dust.

Under the album it’s like a walk through history. The pictures go from black and white, to colour, and across the decades.  Here’s Dot in an amazing ‘50s dress, then James with his hair long in the ‘60s, and a godawful moustache that has to be ‘70s that makes me snort, startling the cat. Dot’s got a powersuit in the 80s and big hair, but by then James is already going grey.  There aren’t many snapshots, so I lay them aside and pull out the next envelope.  It’s labelled ‘Jimmy’, so I guess it’s what James used to call himself, but when I open it up, I realise what I’m looking at.

First there’s a picture of a smiling ‘50s Dot, holding a tiny baby, all wrapped in a soft white blanket. Then there’s a couple of pictures of a toddler; a small boy clutching a toy car proudly; then a serious looking school boy with grey shorts. I keep going through these photos until I come to one showing James – my James – standing next to a man in uniform. This is Jimmy, James Jr, his son. The one that died. It’s definitely not the dust now as I keep turning through the pictures, seeing Jimmy’s wedding photos, then his wife, all long ‘70s hair, clutching another baby. The last photo shows James, grey-haired and beaming, with one arm around his son, and holding his new grandchild in his arms. He looks so happy. I turn the picture over, and see some unfamiliar writing – Dot’s maybe. It says ‘James, Jimmy Jr, and Jamie III!’ Three generations of James’. One now in hospital, one long buried, and one… where? I don’t remember James ever speaking of a grandson, this James the third.

I put the photos back into the envelope, wipe my eyes, and carry on. Right at the bottom of the box, I find an address book. I turn to ‘B’ first, in case James Barnes III is in there, but don’t find anything. Try ‘J’ but nothing still. Then I turn to the first page, and there it is, in James’ best handwriting. ‘In the event of an emergency, please call James Barnes III…’ There’s a couple of numbers, crossed out and changed over the years, but there’s one still un-crossed. This must be it.

I don’t know what I’m going to say, I don’t know what kind of relationship James and Jamie have, but I have to try. I take a deep breath, and dial the number on the old office phone. I hear it ringing at the other end then an automatic voice clicks in.

‘The person at this number can’t take your call right now. Please leave your message at the tone.’ Then a beep.

‘Hi, you don’t know me, I hope this is Jamie Barnes, I’m a friend of your grandfather. There’s been an accident, he’s in hospital. He’s OK, but he needs his family.  Can you call me?’ I leave my name and number and hang up.  I’ve done my bit. It’s down to Jamie the third now.

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Imagine this scenario.

Hide is pretty popular with his classmates and his peer, even his senpais are drawn to him. He’s a fun guy to be around, and he’s hilarious. He’s like a light and everyone else is a moth. But things started to change halfway through high school after a certain incident occurred. 

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The Black Envelope: Letters of Love

PART FOUR of The Black Envelope series

OTHER PARTS: Sehun | Jongin | Joonmyeon | … | Chanyeol | Minseok | Baekhyun | Jongdae | Yixing

Originally posted by smileysoo

Do Kyungsoo (D.O of EXO) x Reader

Genre: Fluff; Arranged Marriage/Soulmate!AU

Summary: Who knew it was possible to fall in love with someone through letters? 

Word Count: 3,9K

Do Kyungsoo was always a bit different from other kids his age. He wasn’t exactly a social butterfly, nor was he an excellent student (as much as that disappointed his parents), nor a very good sportsman. He was just the plain boring lonely Kyungsoo.

By the time he reached his teenage years, even he gave up on ever getting a girlfriend. It seemed he was destined to be forever lonely. No girls his age ever looked at him. It wasn’t until his 14th birthday that he finally found hope.

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Dear John.

A/N: This is the 4th backstory to the imagines rewrite, that & the previous backstories can be found here. This has some angst but for the most part it’s just sad. At this point the Winchester men haven’t seen the reader for almost 8 months. Everyone’s age is going to be changing throughout this part

Dean’s age-14

Sam’s age-10

Reader’s age-20 months

The boys raced up the steps of Bobby’s house, each time they stopped by they hoped that you would be there. It had been nearly 9 months since Meredith grabbed you and left the motel room and they hadn’t heard from you since.

They didn’t even bother knocking on the door, they swung it open, hoping to see your face but they were crushed when they were met by Bobby’s sad stare from the couch.

“Come on Sam, let’s grab our stuff from the car.” Dean said dejectedly. The boys walked back outside, passing their dad on the way in.

John let out a sigh and Bobby stood up and walked over to his desk, “Still no word?” he asked.

Bobby grabbed something from his desk, an envelope, and walked over to John, “She wrote you something.” Bobby spoke quietly.

John ripped it from Bobby’s hand and opened the letter,

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Hoop & Snoop: A Work in Progress

I haven’t forgotten about Bill (Hoop) & Roseann. I am continually going through photo envelope after photo envelope scanning everything and trying to put their story together.

This batch of photos shows  young Roseann Goodford (maiden name), her mother and her life in the 1950s in the Pennsylvania.

birthday/anniversary gifts

last week was both my girlfriend’s birthday and our one year anniversary! I thought some of you might like to see some of my gifts for her - we’re in a long distance relationship so all of these went through the mail. trust me, in person I’d be much more elaborate. 

flowers are always a good idea :) this time I sent my girl roses even though peruvian lilies are “our” flower, and she loved them!

giant (like, 18 x 20 in) poster of our initials with a watercolor map of where we both live. the heart is the location we first met in person! i’m pretty advanced in digital design so this was a fun and straightforward project (could I customize and sell these??)

a big stuffed manatee (we named him Bartholomew, or Bart for short, and he is our son) from the Monterey Bay Aquarium - an awesome nearby aquarium near me - as well as a bumper sticker/decal of otters!

we both think the minions are kinda… weird (re: creepy) so to celebrate that, I bought party hats for her entire family - there are pictures of her whole family wearing them - and kept some for myself. also, a “pin the tail on the donkey” game that we have yet to open! i also sent several balloons with little love notes on them, and a banner I make for her to hang up with our names on it.

a deck of cards that I ordered with our faces on them! on each card, I wrote a different reason why my girlfriend is the best girlfriend and titled it 54 reasons I love you. hopefully we can play games with this deck in the near future!

there are a few items not pictures, such as en envelope with photos of us and a mini picture frame, but I think this sums up everything else! hope you enjoyed!


I was asked to put together a convention packing checklist! So here it is, disregard anything that isn’t relevant to you!

Make sure you remember to print out all your tickets in whatever format they take! That’s email confirmations, or your PDFs convention tickets, photo ops and autographs, plus meet and greet invoice if you’re doing one. Hotels have printers of course, but it’s easier to have them ready to go, rather than trying to find somewhere to print them out while at the convention – because you’ll be busy!

Camera – with spare batteries and memory card and associated cords.
All your chargers!
All your charger cables!
It’s also great to bring an extra battery pack for your phone, because there usually isn’t anywhere to quickly charge your phone without going back to your room, so if you have a pre-charged battery backup with you that can help keep in touch!

* if you do forget something, you always have fan backup – someone will lend you that charging cable that mysteriously got left behind!

A pen – for filling out reupping forms – and for writing down your email or twitter for new friends!
Highlighter pens – for highlighting the schedule
Coloured Sharpie – if you don’t want black or silver for your auto, bring your own coloured Sharpie pen!

Always bring some kind of notebook – just in case you want to jot down notes from a panel, or something someone told you, names, emails, twitter handles (as Jensen calls them) etc!

You need something to put your photo ops in so they don’t bend and get ruined! You can buy hard sleeves in the vendor’s room, but I find that the photos can get stuck in them! A document display folder with plastic inserts, or a ring-binder with plastic inserts is great. Or just a hard plastic document envelope. The photos printed out at the con are 10x8, so anything that fits A4 or larger works.

If you have something specific that you’re getting signed, don’t forget to pack it! The Vendors room has photos and books and some other items that can be used for autos if you don’t have something specific.

Soooooo important! Many of the convention hotels/convention centres don’t have much (or any) food available, or you have to go out to get food (and did I mention how busy you’ll be?), or it’s super expensive. So pack your own. If you’re travelling and can’t pack a sandwich or anything, even if it’s just some fruit or nibblies to take into the convention auditorium, that will help to keep your energy up.

The days are long, you might not get much sleep, you might be drinking more alcohol than usual, the hotels and convention centres are heavily air-conditioned, so it’s also super important to stay hydrated. If you can pickup a bulk pack of water at Target or a supermarket or something, that’s going to save you money and you’ll have water in your room and to take to panels! Seriously, snacks and water. Get on that!

*CREATION CON SPECIFIC - There is also a large water dispenser with cups inside the auditorium. You can use that water throughout the day, and you can also fill up your own water bottle from the supplied water dispensers to save more money. (tip courtesy of Krista)

TWITTER HANDOUTS (tip courtesy of Kate)
Print out your Twitter @  or/and email on little pieces of paper that you can hand out to your new fandom friends who want to be able to follow or contact you. You can make them simple, or into cool little business cards!

Um. Cons are expensive. Outside of the costs of hotel accommodation and all your tickets that you’ve already paid for, you’ll also have to buy food and drinks (unless you packed them as per the awesome tip above!) The Vendor’s room or vendor’s areas at a con has cool stuff, t-shirts, books, stickers, mugs, glasses, posters, standees, all sorts of jewellery, and various other goodies that you might want. There may even be a guest that you didn’t get an op with, but when you see their panel, you feel you absolutely must hug the living hell out of them, (oh believe me, it happens!), so you just have to get another op! So take a little extra money, just in case. But budget…because it’s real easy to get swept up into the con craziness and want all the things and all the ops (speaking from experience), so make sure you set yourself a budget!

Okay, I know, d’uh, you’re going to pack clothes! But if you’ve decided on a specific outfit, whether something pretty or something cosplay, make sure you have all the necessary bits! I always plan what I’m wearing for each day ahead of time. That way I don’t have to pack loads of options and I don’t have to think about it at the con. Some days (especially Saturday and Sunday) can start quite early, and the last thing you’re going to want to do is be trying on outfits like crazy. 1. You won’t have time. 2. You don’t want to increase your stress! So pre-plan your outfits and pack all the elements you decide on to make them perfect.

CREATION SPECIFIC - CASH FOR CHRIS – the Creation photographer
If you are buying JPEGS of your photo-ops you will need $US to give to Chris the photographer. Each photo op you have, comes with 1 10x8 print – but only 1. You can purchase JPEGS of each photo for $10 per JPEG. There is a number on the photo – you give that number to Chris or his offsiders in the photo room and about a week later, you will receive a link from Chris via email to download the JPEGS via Google Drive. Each JPEG you purchase costs $10 and you must have cash for that. So when you know what photo-ops you’re getting, figure out before hand which you may need (if there’s more than one of you in the photo) or want a JPEG of and ensure you have enough $US on you. If you are at a Canadian con – you can use Canadian dollars but as Chris is from the US, US dollars are better for him. The JPEGS are super high quality, large files, which can be printed to LARGE canvas size if you want (speaking from experience).

If you don’t have the cash at hand to buy the JPEGS at the convention, you can still buy them after the con. Go to the Creation website and follow the link and you’ll be able to contact Chris and order them via there. 

There’s lots of aircon in the hotels/convention areas and you may get a running nose – you don’t want to be snuffly or snotty – pack tissues. Eyedrops – for the same reason, the aircon may dry your eyes out and make them sore and red. Bring along some anti bacterial wipes or hand sanitiser, because con crud is a thing! Plus you’re in much used hotels, so it’s a good idea just to give your hands a bit of a once over a few times a day! It’s also not a bad idea to pack some Vitamin B or C to keep your energy up and immune system working. Pack some Paracetamol or/and Ibuprfen in case of headache or backache or hangover! I always take hay fever medication with me – I never know if something is going to affect me in a place I’m not used to (Vancon for example, gives me hives…WHY I DO NOT KNOW!). I also bring cough/cold medication. I have got super sick at cons! It sounds like a lot, but seriously, I have got sooo sick and having stuff on hand has been a life saver. I also always travel with Bepanthen because I get tatts when I travel :D Also don’t forget extra contact lenses if you need them, and pack band aids (especially if you have new shoes.)

You’re going to want to pop a mint before you go into a photo op! You’re about to get up close and personal with Jensen Ackles, and you don’t want to breathe coffee breath all over him! Pack mints.

For the same reason as the mints. You’re about to hug the crap outta Misha Collins – you don’t want “been sitting for 6 hours in the same shirt” smell as you squish into him!

Perfect for checking your lippy, hair, making sure you don’t have kale in your teeth – as you wait in line for your photo op. Don’t worry, EVERYONE is doing it!

That’s it for now – if I think of anything else…I’ll update!
Happy packing and conning!

Mafia Boss’ Wife 2

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“Hey,” Jay kissed your forehead as a greeting, dropping off his keys by the side table next to the couch you were perched in. At your lack of reciprocation, Jay sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “You’re not still mad are you?”

Again you remained unresponsive, shuffling further away from him and kept your focus on your laptop. Jay on the other hand, just took the space you created as an invitation to sit next to you.

“Babe don’t be mad okay? I’m sorry I’ll stop. It’s just… I want to protect you. I hate that you’re at risk because of me and that’s not fair.” He took your hand stroking it with his thumb, affection you didn’t shy away from. “But I hate it even more when you’re mad at me.”

“Well whose fault was that?” You bite back, unable to hold your tongue and ice him off for longer.

“I know and I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you I promise.”

You sighed, raking your hand through your hair. “I hate it when you treat me like a child. I’m your wife and I know exactly what I’ve signed up for. You should stop shutting me out.”

“I understand but I can’t help it. I just want to keep you safe, if anything happens to you I don’t know what I’ll do with myself.”

You move your laptop off, staring at Jay with those doe eyes he often got lost in. The fact that your safety had always been a priority for Jay was no secret. He’s put bodyguards on you and made sure to leave a clear message with all those broken bones, bloodied faces and body count whenever anyone thinks they could touch a hair on your head.

“Jay,” you say softly, barely audible. If it weren’t for the fact that you’ve muted the music on your laptop, he might not have heard. You look away from him, unable to look him in the eyes when you finish your sentence. Not wanting to see his jaw get slacked or the impact of your words punching him in the gut, you run off into your bedroom to get ready for bed.

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Roses and Daisies

Requested by keya168 : Can I get one where the reader is the best dancer at Joker’s club and he spends the entire time watching her instead of paying attention to a business partner, and has to kill the partner for disrespecting the reader. And can I get a jealous Harley??

Warnings: Swearing… Violence, Death, Sexually Suggestive Content.


You sighed softly as you pulled up to the large empty parking lot that sat across the street of your job,  it was dark out but early, nearly 9:30, but considering you worked at one of Mistah J’s best clubs, the party didn’t really start until 12 or 1.

You placed your old car into park, stretching as you sighed at the sound of the motor revving, working extra hard to keep up it’s performance. “buddy you know I love you… but man I need a new ride..” you mumbled to yourself. 

Mistah J paid well, it was definitely enough to keep you in your decent apartment, clothed and fed. However, cars were not in the payroll, not the nice ones you liked at least, and buying another used shit box just seemed like a waste of money, so for now you did as best you could with what you had.

As you pulled down the sun visor to check yourself in the mirror you ran your fingers through your hair, tapping the circles under your eyes in a desperate attempt to look like you haven’t lost weeks of sleep lately.  

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