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With EXO’s North American tour just beginning, it’s imperative that people know what they’re getting into if they have pit tickets. This is for everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the tour. I had already made this into a thread on twitter, but per request, it has now been tweaked and made into a masterpost here for convenience.

[UPDATED 160213 with the events in Vancouver]

[UPDATED 160215 with the events in LA]

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Thousands Attend Burial of Antonio Vivar, Teacher Killed by Federal Police Election Day

Thousands attended the burial of teacher Antonio Vivar Díaz in Tlapa, Guerrero on Tuesday. The 28-year-old, known by his comrades as “Comandante Toño,” was shot and killed on Sunday inside the town’s church during a raid by members of the Federal Police.

Police and soldiers were initially sent to Tlapa as part of an operation ordered by the Peña Nieto administration to protect polling stations during Mexico’s midterm elections held Sunday. Many saw this military escalation inevitably ending in violence and death, which is exactly what happened.

Member’s of Vivar’s organization, the Movimiento Popular de Guerrero (MPG), view his death as part of a “low-intensity war” being fought against those actively resisting the state of Guerrero’s and federal government’s military-enforced regime.

Photo: Victor Camacho, La Jornada