1.,2.,3.,4. Someone else who was very into “borrowing” her camera - Antoine Triplett. She loved him dearly, but when she found the stack of photos he’d left on her desk for her… After hunting him down and getting into a playful sparring match with him, she later went back to her room and added her own notes to his photos. She knew he would see them, because she knew he would steal her camera again.
4. Trip would take more photos, and be in more photos, but that little smiley face was one of the last comments he scrawled down before the San Juan op. Daisy still likes to pull out this photo every now and then, and not stare at Coulson’s arms as Trip had hoped (okay, she doesn’t stare at them every time), but to gaze at that little green doodle. She heard Trip’s laugh when she looked at it, and it always hurt a little bit, but it also always made her smile.