[ 1.2.16 ] - day 2 of 100

So I’ve failed to upload consistently every day which was my plan but I became really busy with other activities and haven’t had the chance. But today I am finally getting back into an organised state of mind! First day of the week, first day of the month; a perfect time to start fresh. Been filling out my bullet journal and starting to prepare my French Oral exam questions nice and early. And to fit with the France theme, I’ve been using my cute glasses case which I bought in Paris while I was away. School has been great so far, so happy with how everything is going. Let’s hope this lasts right through the year!


Hello my darlings - Happy Monday! I’ve been playing around with my room a bit lately, giving it a mini make over and hanging fairy lights on every bare surface. It was a million and ten degrees today and I didn’t fancy the task of shooting outside, so I figured I would show you the ins and outs of my room.

Enjoy! Speak soon,

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