photo demo

Is that your donk or are you just happy to see me? Rowan Zorilla shows off his side pipe skills in the 100 degree Texas heat during the first stop of the Thrasher x Vans Scorchin’ Summer Tour 2017. 

Peep Burnout’s photo recap from the demo and look for the boys hitting OKC this Friday for a demo at the Matt Hoffman Skate Park. 

Photo: Burnett 

I’ve been looking at this pic for at least a couple hours while messing around with editing it in photoshop, and I only just now realized that since Prompto took this photo in the Judgment Demo, the thing in the foreground Noct is peering somewhat creepily around that I’ve been assuming this whole time is a chocobo bowing its head, cannot actually be a chocobo bowing its head, and is in fact Ignis Scientia’s fucking abominable haircut.

New YorHa 2B photo!!

Who’s played the demo already? I sadly can’t play it since I don’t have a PS4, so I watched it on Youtube instead. The feels hit me hard ;___;

I hope the PC release won’t be too long after the PS4 release. I want to play this beautiful game when it comes out!!! D8


Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc | 05/?? Random Gifs.