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I think people underestimate just how small Kyungsoo actually is compared to all the other guys he hangs out with. Like I can't stop thinking of the time he just plopped onto Yeol's lap or the time Yeol swooped him up during an encore stage. He's literally like a sack of feathers for all these tall guys.


Yeah, I think we should certainly not forget THIS.

I cannot help myself not mentioning Ksoo’s hyungs

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nct as text posts [3/?]

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GOT7~ When the Relationship Goes Public

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Im Jaebum

This would be something that you both planned and agreed on. Not much would change though, like he still wouldn’t want to talk to much about you bc he’d try not to subjectify you to all the publicity, especially if you felt the same. One thing that would change is public outings and stuff like that. He’d keep you close and hold your hand nonstop.

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Mark Tuan

He’s said that his relationship will only be made public when he’s married so that’s a thing. Nevertheless, if there would be a slip-up or something that caused the public to be aware of the relationship, Mark wouldn’t be happy. He seems like someone who likes his privacy, therefore wouldn’t want everyone to know.

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Jackson Wang

When he realized the relationship with you is serious, then I don’t think he’d have any problem telling Aghase or anyone else. Jackson would want to show off his beautiful lover to anyone and everyone. If there was any hate towards you that you saw, he would start praising you and reminding you that you’re perfect for him. 

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Park Jinyoung

Ah, another private one. He would want you all to himself and wouldn’t want other people telling him what kind of lover he should be dating or whatever-the-fuck. He wouldn’t care what they had to say but it’d still get under his skin so he’d want secrecy for as all as possible.

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Choi Youngjae

He would probably want your opinion on going public. If you were okay with it then he was, if you weren’t okay with it then he wouldn’t be either. He’d feel very bad if any hate was thrown at you and he’d tell you to ignore it and he’d say how important you are to him.

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He’s the kind of guy that likes to show of what he’s got so be prepared to be the main topic in any of his interviews and have him post many pictures of you both together. He wouldn’t even pay attention to hate bc in his eyes, you couldn’t be more perfect and he always made sure you knew that.

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Kim Yugyeom

Nothing would probably be planned here. I think that he would just let it happen naturally. Like, he’d take you for lunches while holding your hand or something like that and then the press would take photos and boom, you guys are public.

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‘Are you certain that you want to do this?’ Gwaine asked you, swinging his sword around in some elaborate arch. You knew that he was just showing off, he’d always been this way, so the attempt at some impressive trick was met with an eye roll.

‘No,’ you said, your voice dripping with sarcasm. ‘You know, I think I may have changed my mind. What is Leon doing today?’

Gwaine chuckled, moving to attack. You countered it quickly, if a little sloppily.

‘Not terrible,’ he said, moving to circle you. ‘But you are going to need to be better than that if you want to train with me.’

‘Oho, is that so? Forgotten your roots, Sir Gwaine?’ you teased, mocking a bow but keeping your eyes on his sword the whole time.

He shook his head, feinting to the right as he moved to kick. But you knew the move too well. You were ready for it and knocked the kick aside with the flat of your sword. This training session was going to be a lot more entertaining than some of the others.

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Oh my god… where do i even start

An actual puppy~~

He makes me go weak…

cute as f here oh my god

 —- Then his BLONDE hair during his Nu’Bility days. I repeat BLONDE

such beauty…

such grace.. XD

Changkyun in glasses… *insert crying noises*

gosh, i spent a good hour looking at his old photos. What am i doing with my life. 


X-23 Laura

“A man has to be what he is, Joey. Can’t break the mold. There’s no living with the killing. There’s no going back. Right or wrong, it’s a brand. A brand that sticks. Now you run on home to your mother…you tell her everything’s alright. There are no more guns in the valley.”  

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“It’s over, Tyler.” pt 7

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It has been 3 weeks and you’re now in New York on some time away from NXT and everything that’s going on in your personal life. You were glad to be home, in your own bed, and with your puppy Jem. You’ve visited already and now you’re home snuggled in bed. Bianca had stayed with you for the first few days before going home to visit her own family. You missed her presence already. She always seemed to know the right things to say in these situations. As soon as you close your eyes trying to focus on anything other that is the mess that is your love life your phone begins to beep. 

“Why do they all message me at once?” you say to yourself as you unlock the phone. The first message you see is from Trent and then Tyler. A pout forms on your lips as well as a furrow between your brows when you read Trent’s message. You knew that you kept your distance away from him  for 3 weeks but you had to sort yourself out. He was a magnificent person and yes you two had a thing going on, but how could you be sure that he wouldn’t do exactly the same thing that Tyler had done to you. You could never even in your nightmares imagine Tyler being with someone else, but he did. Speaking of Tyler his message came two minutes after Trent’s which made you want to sink even further into your bed. He wanted to come here. You couldn’t take him being in your home and pleading for some sort of part in your life. Ultimately, you ended up agreeing to let him see you and you instantly felt the regret. You slowly drift off to sleep once again heavy with emotions and thoughts.

Morning came quickly as the sun slowly started to rise and you sat in the chair by your bed watching it as you sipped your coffee slowly. You squint your eyes and look around as you hear the soft knocking on your door. You pull the thin blanket higher around your shoulders and answer the door with your hair messily plopped into a bun and still in your nightie and fluffy bunny slippers. You answer the door and your mouth drops.

“Do you remember when you told me that I should visit New York any time I wanted and you told show me the best of it? Is today a good time?” Trent asks smiling softly.

You stand there in still in shock and close your eyes for a moment. Some deity must be having a proper laugh at your life right now. Your ex boyfriend will be there in a few hours and your maybe-sorta-not so sure boyfriend is standing at your door at 7 am with flowers in his hand. You did the only thing you could think and plant a kiss to his lips slow and sweet hoping that the taste of coffee and toothpaste won’t put him off. He places his hand on the small of your back and walk into your home with you as you kiss him heatedly. He sets down the flowers and lift you into his arms before laying you on the bed. He hovers over you for a moment and push the hair away from your face gently.

“You don’t have to choose. “ he says softly as he cups your chin and run his thumb over your bottom lip.

“What?” you stutter out as you look up at him feeling drunk on lust and ridden with confusion.

“I know that you feel something for him and I don’t want to feel like you’re obligated to choose anyone but yourself.” he says before placing another kiss to your lips before tugging your bottom lip.

*slightly smutty content ahead*

This man was going to be the death of you and in this moment you’d let him. You nod slowly as you feel his lips kissing your chin, your throat, your collarbones slowly nipping over them. He looks up at you as if asking for permission to push down the straps of your nightie and you nod. He takes his time kissing over the tops of each breast before licking over the sensitive little bud. You moan softly with your hands softly running over his beard. He switches to the other before licking between the valley of your breasts and down to your belly button and placing a kiss there. You giggle softly before he kisses on your side to your head and pulling the nightie down as he moves along. Once it is pulled off he sits back on his knees as if he’s admiring a piece of artwork. His hands run all over your body giving you a massage  before he grips the back of your thighs and pull you closer gently. He places a kiss to the inside of each of your thighs that sends a chill through your body. He kisses down your leg to your ankle and then back up and as he’s about plant a kiss between your legs. You grab his face gently and look at him for a moment.

*end of slightly smutty content*

“Can you just hold me for a moment?” you ask and he nods before grabbing the maroon nightie and sliding it back up your body and onto your arms.

“Of course.” he says before he rids himself of his jacket and his shoes. He then wraps his arms around you from behind and places soft kisses onto your shoulder.

“It’s alright. You don’t have to choose. It’s just something about you that makes me want to be here for you. To protect you always. I knew it from the first day. I didn’t know that it’d be in this way. I didn’t care really care which title our relationship took be it platonic or romantic. I just wanted to be in your life in some way.” he admits and you hold onto his hand tighter and roll over to face him.

“You’re a remarkable person and that scares me because so was Tyler up until that point. I know that you’re not him and you two are so different in a lot of ways. It’s not fair of me to compare you to him, but I can’t help it. I have to guard my heart at all times now. Because I wore my heart on my sleeve for a long time and that didn’t do me any good.” you explain to him and he nods along listening to you.

“And does that help you move forward from the hurt? To guard your heart from potential lovers and future romantic relationships that could be something special.” he asks as he draws patterns onto your hip.

“Could. Key word could be or they could come crumbling down in a pile of humiliation and trust issues.” you say as you switch positions and lay your head on his shoulder as he moves you gently into his arms.

“Well, we might as well stop living life then. We would have to stop talking to our families in fear that they could potentially hurt us in some way. Friends just won’t do because they could ultimately betray us. Everyone could do something to humiliate us. It’s true, but you can’t stop living life, poppet. And I’m not saying this because of the thing that we have going on here. I just want you to have clarity.”  he says gently as you massage his side gently.

You knew that you were in for it. You had incredible man in your bed that has been showing you unconditional support and affection. But, you also had your ex boyfriend of 4 years that fucked up big time but that hadn’t fully erased all of the good that he has done in the past. And they are both going to be in New York on the same day. Your life is literally fanfiction coming to life.

Title: In Time Part 2

Character: Clay

Movie: The Losers

Warnings: None

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Once back at their undisclosed location, Aisha lit into Clay, demanding answers.

“How could you do that to her?”

Pouring himself a drink, Clay threw back the shot of tequila before answering, “It’s none of your business, alright?”

“No, it’s not alright Clay! You practically ripped that poor girl’s heart out!”

Clay spun around, flinging the empty shot glass at the brick wall, “Enough!”

The others watched as their Colonel was starting to lose it.

“Aisha, don’t,” Pooch warned.

“Back off,”

Jensen stood and looked between the two, “Look, she’s right, okay?”

“Excuse me?” Clay asked, glaring.

Jensen shifted uncomfortably and cleared his throat, “You really did break her heart Clay… you owe Y/N an apology,”

Aisha scoffed and folded her arms, “He owes her a lot more than that,”
Sighing as she unlocked the door, Y/N entered her temporary home. It wasn’t much but it was quiet and away from the city.

She slipped off her shoes, her toes and ankles popping with relief. After hanging up her jacket, she went to the bathroom where she proceeded to take a shower.

This was a big downfall of working at the strip club. The cigarette smoke was absolutely awful, leaving her feeling like it was embedded in her pores.

As usual with the lack of hot water, her shower was quick, but at least she felt human again.

Y/N wrapped the oversized towel around herself and left the bathroom.

Her ears twitched, hearing shoes shuffling on the linoleum in the kitchen. Quietly, she went back to the bathroom and grabbed her gun from under the sink.

She shivered from the cool air on her wet skin, making her grip shaky.

This was one thing that she hadn’t dealt with yet and Y/N worried that she had been found out.


“Damnit, man!”

“Don’t move!” Y/N shouted, cocking the gun as she turned the corner.

“Don’t shoot! It’s us Y/N!” Jensen yelled, throwing his hands up.

The breath left Y/N in woosh when she saw her full kitchen.

“You guys still don’t know how to use the front door, do you?”

“Chica, you know it’s not our style,” Cougar smiled.

Y/N laughed, but it came to abrupt halt when she saw Clay.

“Um, just let me go get dressed.” she said, not able to look him in the eye.

When she came back from her bedroom, The Losers were all seated in the living room.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“We missed ya!” Jensen said, smiling.

Y/N snorted, “I bet y'all did,”

“What are you doin’ in Scotland, Y/N?” Pooch asked, getting to the point.

“That’s really none of your concern as far as I see,” she said, leaning against the wall.

“C'mon now Chica, don’t do us like that,”

“You can’t be serious right now! I-”

Y/N was cut off by the door being kicked in. Three men entered, their guns drawn; one shot at the ceiling, “Down! Now!”

Clay smiled, nodding his head at the others, “Losers,” They all whipped out their weapons, out numbering the three assailants.

“All we want is the girl,” one said, pointing a gun at Y/N.

“Funny thing,” Clay laughed, scratching his brow with his thumb, “we want her too,”

“No way in hell,” The leader of the trio was quite cocky.

In a quick and quiet fashion, the three fell to the ground, knocked out.

Y/N had slid to the ground from where she was at by the wall, “Son of a bitch,”

“Now will you tell us?” Jensen pleaded.

“I’m looking for Max,” she whispered.

“The hell for?” Clay demanded.

Anger made Y/N’s eyes light up as she finally looked at Clay.

Before she could open her mouth, Aisha jumped between the two and looked at the former couple.

“Enough, okay!” she turned her attention to Y/N, “I get it, you’re mad; I would be too, but right now, we need to get out of here.”


“No Clay. Now is not the time,”
The ride back to The Losers place was uncomfortable, especially with Jensen trying to fill in the silence.

“Soooo any chance I could get that redheads number?” he asked Y/N.

She smiled, rolling her eyes, “You wouldn’t want her number, Jensen. You deserve a good woman,”

Jensen clicked his tongue, thumping his head against the headrest.

Pooch pulled into a dank alleyway and came to a stop in front of a set of metal doors.

Everyone exited the vehicle, keeping a watch as they filed into the hideaway.

There was a chill in the air of the building, making Y/N shiver.

She rubbed her arms to ward off the cold,  when a warm jacket was placed over her shoulders, she froze, inhaling the familiar scent of Clay.

Y/N turned her head, seeing him as he stood off to the right in his barely buttoned white shirt.

She bit her lip as Clay continued to watch her. Truth be told, even after all this time, all the anger and hurt that she felt towards him; she still wanted to be in his arms.

“Y/N?” Pooch called out.

She jumped slightly, turning her gaze from Clay, “Yeah?”

Pooch waved her over to where the rest of the group was seated. She sat, playing with her fingernails.

“What are you wanting with Max?” Clay asked, softly.

Y/N sighed, “I was with Jenny at a bar one night… drowning my sorrows away,” her gaze pierced Clay’s, “I was having a difficult time mourning the loss of the man I love and my dearest friends,”

Everyone looked properly chastised.

“Jenny wound up leaving me. She hooked up with some guy in a suit and a gloved hand.”

Jensen snapped his fingers, “Ohhh, she was the blonde, right?”

Y/N nodded.

“Man, she’s hot,”

“She’s dead,”

“Ohhh… sorry Y/N,”

“Some kids found her body by the river… I talked to a few people, just trying to get some answers, but I didn’t get much. I kept getting stonewalled at every turn when I tried to tell the cops, but no one would listen,”

“You broke into the database, didn’t you?” Jensen asked, a gleeful smile on his face.

“I did,”

He clapped his hands together, “I knew I taught you well!”

She snorted a light laugh, “Dweeb,”

“So you found out that it was Max?” Aisha asked.

“Yeah… he’s one slimy bastard. It seems he’s added human trafficking to his long list. I want to see him dead. No one else deserves to suffer.”

“Do you have any files on him?” Clay asked, finally speaking up.

Y/N nodded, digging in her jean pocket to reveal a portable usb stick, “Everything is on here,”

She rubbed her eyes and tried to stifle a yawn.

“C'mon Chica, let’s get you to bed,”

Without another word, Y/N got up from her seat and followed Cougar to a spare room.

All she wanted right now, was some decent sleep, and knowing that she had her friends there to protect her… she knew she’d be safe.


Hogwarts Rumors

“Have you seen the new DADA professor?”

“He is but…You know what?…”

“From whom? Again one of the Herbology teacher’ stories?”

“And who else?”

“Well, he seem to know him very well…And if I recall correctly…There was a story about prof. Potter when he was twelve…He charmed a teacher so that he went completely dumb…He still is at St. Mungos…And he did it with the help of Ron Weasley …”

“Yes, the one who’s married to that weird Minister employee…”

“Careful! Don’t talk about her like that!”

“That may be true, but I won’t believe a single word from professor Longbottom…Honestly…”

“How about the Potion Master? Professor Malfoy?”

“And not just that…Seems like the DADA teacher, well, He…”

“Nah, bullshit. They weren’t even friends in their school days…And by the way, don’t you know that professor Potter…" 

“More than dating, they were going to get married…But something went wrong…”

“Seems like more than one person suffered for this…For lot of time the professor had problem even with some of his closest friends…”

“But what exactly happened that day?”

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