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Pictures of You (Luke Hemmings)

warning: this imagine contains a photo of fetus luke. continue at your own risk :)


You were walking around the park with your camera when you heard music coming from your right. You looked over and nothing was there – just a hill – so you decided to investigate. Once you reached the top, you looked around and finally found what you were hearing – a blonde boy with a guitar in his lap, singing softly for the people who took the time to stop and pay him any attention. You snapped a couple shots from the hill before venturing closer to get a better listen yourself.

As he was playing and you were shooting, you couldn’t help but notice the small grin on his face as he sang. It wasn’t because he was being photographed – he hadn’t even looked up to know you were there – he was just smiling because he was doing something he enjoyed.

It suddenly dawned on you that you’d seen this boy before – Luke, if you remembered his name correctly – and this was always a look he had on his face when you saw him playing. He usually had three of his friends with him, but today – for some reason – he was performing alone. You’d gradually gotten closer as the afternoon wore on, but people would keep walking and standing in front of you – either not noticing your camera or not caring – but you were truthfully starting to get ticked off, so you just shut your camera off and moved over to sit on the grass and listen to him play.

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how long has the description said "here's he is" and none of yall told me

im gonna be on desktop for a bit i guess cuz if i dont fix that i Will die
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Mr. white horse, let’s go~~!!
Rice is important \ o /!!after eating rice, we can have enough energy to play around~~Why rice are so white and so yummy…

school idol festival: halloween UR card
Mizuki(me) as Hanayo Koizumi
photo thanks Kwok(bg: white blocks), Ting(bg: garden), and Baibai(bg: merry-go-round & sweets)

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boueibu love! live! - review

translated from this blog

please remember that i DID not go to this event and the blogger above didnt either !!! there may be some incorrect information so if there are any please tell me so ;;

first of all some photos !!

photo credits ( x // x )

do u see tht enatsu one there ni ce !!!! ???

continuing on now w some news from yamamoto kazutomi !!

(( rough translation but ));; “ 5人の新曲制作が決まったっす”

it has been decided that a new song featuring the five will be released soon a new song

pls dont let the boueibu fandom die !!!!! !!!

anyways getting back on t rack lmao

< reports from other bloggers listed in order >

- live show in order -

opening - talk - yumoto/ryuu/atsushi/en/io character solo songs - talk - JUST GOING NOW!! - sugita tomokazu video message - character duet songs (talks between the middle) - talk with all five members - Zettai Mutteki Fall in LOVE! - (encore) JUST GOING NOW !!

- opening -

the five members’ appearance in their usual batonama uniforms ((binan highschool uniforms)) umehara and nishiyama, whitey and massan meet eyes with each other in the pose where they’re singing together (??)

- opening talk - ((aka wow i suck at translating!))

umehara : “nishiyama you were nervous for today weren’t you”
nishiyama : “i was so nervous i couldn’t sleep properly last night… i was anxious for 30 minutes, then i thought everyone’s going to be there so it’s going to fine! so i slept another 30 minutes then i woke up again worrying for another 30 minutes then thinking everything’s going to be fine… then i started to lose my senses slowly’
umehara : “contractions?”
masuda : “ume chan don’t say anything explicit that will raise suspicions w”
nishiyama : “by the end of this live event nishiyama koutarou might be pregnant”
whitey : “that couple again…”
masuda : “hey! who’s child is it!!”
umehara : “(in a cool voice)…what should we name the child?”
nishiyama : “煙史 (enshi)?”
umehara : “what do you mean 煙史 ww”

- during the talk corner there was a flashback (?) of the boueibu love scenes -

1. the shouta episode (episode 4) - when io pushes ryuu and tickles him apparently had the most audience reaction

2. the gay i mean the field trip episode (episode 7) - en and atsushi’s gay i mean backhug brohug scene and en’s sudden statement “atsushi…. your waist is too thin” was played on Zepp Tokyo’s big screen nice

3. (episode 7) - when ryuu and en push down akoya and kusatsu

umehara : “the scene where kusatsu is pushed down, at first it looked too BL so the director warned us to act with more control and caution ww”
nishiyama : “i was so surprised! there was so much power in this scene that i thought kamiya-san and you had something together!” (omfg)
other 4 : “nono ww”

- boueibu character solo performances -

kazutomi : after hearing “now then this is my character song!” the fans turned their lights to red// “im so happy!!!! but it’s kind of scary it has the colour of blood!!!” // kazutomi was overflowing with energy and walked on the stage from one end to the other end multiple times. sang whilst cuddling with a wombat plush in the second verse !!

masuda : apparently massan’s dance was incredible,, he was really in character with ryuu which got the audience’s attention and during the verses he’d take breaths which kind of sounded like whispers n apparently tht sounded rly cool !!

nishiyama : he sang like the lyrics said “I want to cry out until my voice is hoarse” and although atsushi isn’t a very passionate character, on the stage he sang with his maximum emotions and heat. he also used a stand microphone for the performance and when he had to make a high pitch he grabbed the microphone with both his hands which apparently looked v cool im so proud of him aw

umehara : he sang with a low and gentle tone and the audience sang along with him during the performance !! although it was the most i guess gentle, lazy song out of all of them the seiyuu himself and the audience made an excellent combination

whitey : while he was performing he made these hand gestures which no one could understand lmao and during the talk scene kazutomi asked what those gestures were and he answered “i was shaking the wine glass” then kazutomi answers “but io’s a minior!!”..,, whitey replies with “well then oolong tea…”

- during the talk -

during the talk, behind the MC, the screen starts playing the boueibu transformation scene..,,

as soon as the transformation scene is over the five seiyuus appear dressed as the battle lovers !! whilst shouting the usual 

“we are the heirs of the throne of love, battle lovers!!” 

after the seiyuus murmuring abt why they arent bare legged (??????) 

massu : “i actually quite suit this~”
whitey : “i… guess so”

then they reenacted a scene in episode 1 of the anime 

umehara : “this was something yufuin said too, we look like a really poor idol group w”
kazutomi : “because we’re sparkly www”
whitey : “pointless exposure and its pointless decoration, i cannot understand this at all” - quote from naruko io

- duet song performances -

(( which they sang in their battle lovers outfit ))

oh my an chan! - right before yumoto’s duet song, a video message from sugita tomokazu played and sugita was apparently holding a toy axe lmao 

sync a think - they crossed each other’s arms putting their microphones in front of their mouths for each other like on the cd cover !! the part in the song where they say “if we support each other’s backs” they actually put each other’s backs against the other and sing,,.. in their battle lovers outfit

intersection of calm wind - there was a staircase at the stage and umehara sat on the stairs whilst singing and on the opposite side nishiyama sang whilst staring at umehara..,,, at the end they sang with their shoulders side by side with each other …,,,;;; 

- seiyuu talk section featuring all five seiyuus -

whitey shouted ‘masu gorillas(female gorilla)! are you guys enjoying this ~~? (reference to previous batonama lmao) 

umehara : “(after hearing what whitey said) say more~~~”
whitey : “then this time say something tsundere”
nishiyama : “then i’ll say something now. mm,,.. what should i say… so… ah, after the live event today… do you want to come to my house?”
umehara : “yea ♥”
whitey : “that’s a whole different occasion!!”
umehara : “no, i’m going (いくわ)”
nishiyama : “th..that..’s kind of sudden”
umehara : “ah, does your entrance (edit : by entrance i mean his home) smell like sewage? (lmao)”
nishiyama : “stop it!! what do you mean my entrance smells like that i don’t like it !!!”

- after comments made by me which no one gives a shit abt -

im so !!!! proud of my bbys !!!! especiall y nishiyama aw and the umekou scenes i added here weren’t even all of them goodbye + idek if umehara and nishiyama are doing their gay things for fanservice anymore i cant tell if theyre actually really gay or its just them joking around i

also !!! very excited for the n ew song coming soon ahh

i hope u enjoyed this translation and now i shall finished my pile of homework that i have left to translate this

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I had THE most amazing weekend with Jennifer. She was the most adorable, kind, caring and graceful person I have ever met. This picture is the last time I saw her this weekend and it will always remind me of how incredibly sweet she was to everyone all weekend. So thank you jen, for everything. 

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What to do if your art has been re-uploaded onto tumblr (and was originally posted on tumblr) or has had your credit altered

So while figuring out how to report some reposted art of mine, I noticed that there was a new (?) form on tumblr specifically for reporting reposted content (art, photos, gifs(?), etc) for which I havent seen links going around for, and most of the how-to’s on reporting reposted art that I’ve seen have been outdated as well (from what I understand tumblr no longer responds to emails? I’m not 100% sure so please correct me if I’m wrong. regardless, though, this form can be helpful if you dont want to/have trouble with writing emails, and it’s pretty simple) 

I filled out the form and the reposted art in question was removed within ~7 hours, so I know the form does work, though I can’t guarantee the same timeline

you can access the form here

what it says it’s for:

[Reporting the] Stealing [of] something that someone else made and trying to pass it off as [their] own (probably by downloading it and reposting it, instead of reblogging it like a decent human being). This also includes reblogging something and gratuitously injecting a link back to [their] blog. 

it will ask you if the content in question is yours (it must be yours in order to report), then if your work was posted originally on tumblr you select that (the other option will link you to a dmca form)

it will then ask you to select one of two options:

A) Someone reposted it instead of reblogging it

B) Someone reblogged it and injected a link back to their own blog

for (A), it will ask you to provide the link of the original content and a link to the reposted content, as well as your email. Your name is optional. And that’s it! Very simple, no comments/etc required.

for (B), it will ask you for the same things except rather than the repost, it will ask for a link to the reblog

[edit: I’m not sure if (B) includes completely removing a caption/credit from a post, since it’s worded as simply people adding those “follow me for more —-” -esque type things or links to themselves, which is why I changed it to credit ‘altered’ in the title. However, if someone changes the look of your caption/credit it’s worth a shot at trying anyways]

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All I can think about is Sam thinking this ring is for Wes and going home and paceing in a panic thinking “Who the heck is Wes?” And franticly searching threw her year book and being like “Oh my god he’s gay!” “What the fuck why dident he tell me!” “Hes gunna have a lot of explaning to do tomorrow morning!”

Credit for the first photo goes to thatdannyphantommoment

could you guys do me a favour? this person reposted this drawing of mine w/o credit and has ignored both the message i sent and the comment i left on it, could you please ask them to remove it or report the photo or smth bc this is so upsetting and im so pissed rn