photo cred to my sister


In my quest to be more body confident and overall just feel better in my skin and with all this fat (and in case anyone says anything - yes. I’m fat. That’s okay), I put together a casual rose quartz/rocker (i guess??) rose quartz cosplay for Just Cos Cosplay Supply’s holiday party

I’m usually the type of person that’s cool with like lower cut shirts and showing my legs in skirts and stuff (well sometimes I mean there’s a lots of pictures where I end up hating myself again for wearing whatever - but hey! That’s what I’m trying to work on), buuuut my belly is something I’m pretty self conscious about. Even that little amount of skin showing was a pretty big deal for me and I gotta say…I look pretty awesome!
As much as I love my big poofy dress, this was WAAAY easier to deal with and I’m definitely gonna make sure to wear this cosplay again. But..y’know…maybe I’ll ACTUALLY make different faces in my pictures next time..
(and make a better shield)