photo cosplay thing


You can now get Yuri’s ‘Altin’ T shirt on my Redbubble for anyone who wanted it for cosplay etc (you can get it with the text on either the front or the back).


I can’t post today, I’m sorry, so em… Here’s a random photodump of pictures I think I haven’t used, the first being a stranger at a con… I’m so sorry!!!

Look out for an M!A on the 4th of July!!!!

Reach WITH IN To your LOCAL park and you may find A Friend And Boy…

(I did a cosplay test this evening, and I’m feeling pretty good about the results! I’ll be lurking around the con this weekend as this guy and as SCP-049.) 


{ Display photos: Darling Charming from Ever After High }

Dress is altered, but I replicated the pattern for Weiss’s dress and i’m having a lot of success with it \(OuO)/ Jacket, pauldrons, bodice jewels, belt, and other accessories are all entirely hand made. I’m wearing this to Emerald City Comic Con so worn pics are coming soon.


Took photos of my Tadashi while he wasn’t paying attention…mwahahah nice lighting bro <3  He’ll never find me taking creeper stalker photos—


….or not.

aka taking creepy pics of friends while other friends are doing their photoshoot 

Myself as Hiro, eugeneration as Tadashi.  He used that fancy camera to take last pics.