photo contest submission

The fellowship went on an adventure and of course I wanted to be a Nazgûl… So I skipped around town and adventured into the jewelry department. People scattered quite quickly. (I made this costume myself as well… And that is indeed a foam sword I am holding. DO I FIT THE PROMPT *falls over) Yay Lord of the Rings. You guys are a great blog - congrats on the anniversary!

Hello everyone.

I’ve been away from home for these past couple of days due to some serious family problems. I’m trying to collect myself so I can continue to get work done.

Because I haven’t been able to post photo contest submissions, I will extend the contest for a while. I’m not sure how long, I need to sort everything out.

Right now I’m trying to catch up on work so I can still vend at that art show I signed up for on Saturday and so I can finish custom orders.

I apologize if I’m distant or hard to get ahold of for a while. Any prayers (or whatever you’re comfortable with sending) are much, much appreciated. Thank you everyone.